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and so welcome from Molyneux this is
last season's beaten semi-finalists Wolverhampton Wanderers against the
12-time FA Cup winners Manchester United by train to veteran actor got the shot
away from era with the same the first test of Romero's
straight active it was little feeds the ball or disfavored left side is a fierce
drive but it is straight that the united people petro Neto takes the corner kick
brilliant Sabo Romero to deny dougherty absolutely magnificent same fantastic
reaction safe from Barrera Dougherty is completely free on the
corner at a six yard box what a save [Applause]
they were so close to getting a go it takes a touch he just set himself to
try to wind it into the far corner at Connor Cody comes from nowhere to make
the block Freud himself across the pas de French
and up onto the crossbar [Applause]
yes he's blown his whistle daddy and they will do it again at old
trafford to see who will progress to the fourth round
it's a fake up [Music]
rose's whistle and wolves get the game underway
bending the scoreboard end of Old Trafford James
[Applause] it gets attached but rowdy gets a good
right hand on the ball Williams nicely done James Sok Russ
as if it was hangin from James just ended up brushing the foot of the post
[Applause] tomahto
town finish
oh great turn and then as he slides the ball though he decides ago he's
definitely on side Romain trading on yeah there's a brilliant finish from
metal [Applause]
this is it now for wolves score now orange in the FA Cup rau Jimenez forward
for limits were indicated the fourth round is where Manchester
United on a corner soldier are headed welcome to Prenton Park for this fourth
round Emirates FA Cup tie between Tranmere Rovers and Manchester United a
sellout crowd licking their lips and anticipation
[Applause] the way and he got the shot away
[Applause] results
[Applause] it was stronger over still Manchester
United won you get shot
[Applause] he's gonna slaughter shitty lonely no
they lock plays it in and continues his round and well played Marcial flick
round that got a great first touch then chops it back onto his right foot what
an excellent strike that is run forward Lindelof plays Jesse lingard
based in diverse in a quarter of an hour gone it's three for Manchester United
nest over here this is all about man's United switch in the play and Harry
Maguire driving forward with the ball and he said the back position he wants
to return pass but he opens everything up the Jessie Linga which is passes it
beyond the goalkeeper good finish of him a little bit of bumping and barching in
there at the boxes [Applause]
got to go first often times smiley and last sure
and the shots second time he received the ball in that
move there and the finishing has been of the highest quality from Manchester
United [Music]
[Applause] [Music]
Tokita penalty Manchester United Chong does well just
ad-lib it away from it basically with got bored and sent the penalty for
Manchester United of course Massey Ali went up a hard time
civility on the unmanned shoulders you'd have be taken and Manchester you know
you have a signature just rolls it into the opposite corner
they throw in two minutes a big man came to town today and bigger
than Manchester United in this competition over the years but it's
Manchester United to rock through winning by six goals today it's all
about the Emirates FA Cup Derby County hosting Manchester United
to Norwich City to Cairo in the quarterfinals who works the
winners of this one - great but as you can see Louis Sidney
very much on his own as Mitchell dives in Rooney for Darby County
[Applause] smart save at the near post over America
comes creeping in over the top of it [Applause]
[Music] Luke sure who's got the gold look sure
the United goal scorer in our possession and flitting around sure into Eagle Oh
trying to find a way through [Applause]
to know in the closing minutes of the first half
nicely done measured play here thank Roberta the barber
[Applause] two goals for him on the night three for
Manchester United and they are surely now heading into the quarterfinals of
the FA Cup Darby nil Manchester 93 mobile playing
in infield Mitama nay wins it back and a job well done by only gonna soldiers
side Manchester United into the quarterfinals of the FA Cup for the
sixth season in a row it wasn't to be Rooney's night
[Music] [Music]
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