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nothing much in the game so far he needs a lift he has Luke short and
it's from McGuire is up well and told her to stretch and say that's meaningful
effort we've had sure and McGuire to the three who started the last league game
for Manchester United we start here tonight
[Applause] touch on there by McLain now here's
table count well you can't be so creative in astronomy out so I've been
judge here for up Oh its first touch let him down McGuire
block Norwich need to take those sort of opportunities his errands it's not yet
away when deer was in there and finally count well but big opportunity here for
Lucas or up that's the touch that eluded him to knee and McGwire could get the
block it yet to score for the club he spread
[Applause] just United have come out of the Trump's
quickly at the start of the second half and quiet I'm sure in the middle Walmart
oh they haven't got it away god I wonder poor defending by Marik's they stood and
watched so many yellow shirts back in there they should have dealt with the
cross they didn't it's the story of their season well setup they should have
defended from there but look at the hesitancy as the cross comes in two
nights players went for the same born iguanas well on sight he got two in the
last round of Derby and he puts Manchester United ahead in this
quarterfinal tidy finish United in a quarterfinal for a club record six
successive year and edging towards the semi-final they now have the platform to
go on and reach the last four comfortably
[Applause] it's kept away from goal I think there
by been girl free it was deflected off Runa Fernandez a very good whipped in
free-kick comes off Fernandez there then Teti gets a touch or we might have been
going wide anyway luck is not smiling on Norwich City let's see if it was low my
bananas gets a touch sensor she hit him on the shoulder I think is going wide
anyway they cannot buy a goal at the moment Norwich just United have conceded
just three in this unbeaten run of 13 play is when do see more the ball now
[Applause] [Laughter]
[Applause] his seventh of the season's first ever
if they cup long and it was a splendid one and then there's saw the opportunity
to work it to the right hand side Manchester United offensively lopsided
and Cantwell made them pay one one call it an hour ago Romero a bit sluggish
they're getting down could have done better but you can't take the way from
the quality of the strike their actual smiles now and that's been a long time
coming look at the relief that's what he needs overcoming days in the Premier
League survival camp a suddenly the game is spun by you know that was
accomplished and cooled now here's Papa and just United 250
million pounds worth of talent from the benches green with this is a good rap
but no finish promising therefore Manchester United and a couple of the
matter a bit of a glare at Greenwood having got into this position
he was wasteful to be honest there was nothing on for in the square he had to
go forgot [Applause]
fifty goals between Greenwood and Marshall and Rushford this season and
chess United's extra quality from the bench win it count he's a promising move
for Norwich it's derma ch he has cap willing in the second position and he's
pulled it back here for 20 yeah an Avenue certainly opened up in front of
him he was onside played on by and Brandon Williams hip damage set it up
for Wendy up too much space [Applause]
his bike really misses are waiting on the right
touch line through the middle Isis foul they're up another foul as well closer
could be in trouble here he's pulled DiCarlo back the referee let the first
one go on and closer sent off a minute to go and just as Norwich got themselves
into a strong position in the game this could undo them he was rusty their
closest on his third appearance it's a long injury lay-off and they're
fernandez city's gone back into the heart of defense now after the sending
off Rochefort but could stop by crow oh that's a better one to deny Greenwood
popper with the rabona but he's off side that's a splendid save the second one
from froth save with his legs and then he got done really well there to thwart
young Greenwood you caught it well a dropping ball there was a big deflection
got down quickly crawl pushed it away [Applause]
MAGIX now for Manchester United Rachele they hope it goes to penalties
was foolish such an expert at that his rash but smart stop by the Norwich keep
up saved two penalties here in the league against Manchester United early
in the season one of them was from Rochefort if he goes to spot kicks he is
the master hog back and the useful cameo from him coming back from injury
probable course now mattock and in a space for Bruna Fernandez sees
palpable with the hit when it was leering and it was dipping the cruelest
deserved the bounce of the ball and a little bit of luck their viciously move
me through the air from papa look at that wobble in the dip and in Fernandez
[Applause] that's the best shape of the gate with
Jim Crow and McGwire certainly thought he'd won it there that's a really good
say that's a stretch and claw sure Rushford Matic we know Fernandez with
the hit and it's manchester united against Tim Cole at the moment is
desperate foot to go to penalties say from Rushford and Moscow from the stop
here in the league Jim Crow and he's keeping Manchester United at bay it's
Bruna Fernandez McGuire's up as a makeshift center for he's in there now
by these look for a penile he's not going to get that rush if it keeps it in
Y is still in there look top back Rushford the top but
I think ball in that's a good setup Marci hours in that hesitant or except
don't think the story of their season so many yellow and green kits in there and
look they fell to get it away one two three four defenders vertically
and McGuire pouches and McGuire surely now is said man chest you know he threw
to a record thirtieth FA Cup semi-final it squirmed it was loose and McGuire
swiveled and broke Norwich hearts [Applause]
unbeaten in 14 Manchester United unless Norwich can pull off a miracle
now Papa a little dummy ma hsiao good block by orange it's the last look of
the game Manchester United are through to the last four of the FA Cup with
Harry McGuire's late late goal and in the last four they
rarely lose 20 wins in 29 FA Cup semi-finals so far only good a social
side too good for Norwich the closest sending off had an effect certainly but
what despair once more but Daniel Farkas eyes manchester United have won it by
two goals two one
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