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great cross bill pass from Berkeley and
the Liverpudlian puts Liverpool Trudell behind in the FA Cup fifth round at
Stamford Bridge [Music]
some aggrieved in ribeirão sent to Tesla Berkeley
we're the first goal you scored [Applause]
[Music] what's in the door inside ribeiro again
the one complain a second go [Applause]
[Music] what's in the door
can cross shut the toast Berkeley denied by the woodwork
[Applause] you just don't close it down forest and
wide Aries you've got to stop across [Music]
there giving it so much trim to play those crucial passes it's partly wrong
[Music] Berkeley well they certainly can
brilliantly take him back to Maury the former Hull City player with a pinpoint
header for only his second Chelsea goal and with their first attack of the
second half they have broken whole city hearts desperate appeals for handball
there's the full time we saw and Chelsea it through to the fifth round of the FA
Cup [Music]
at all including him tonight because his work in training and then the games
where he has featured his pedra no fact here's a brilliant touch from the
experienced Spaniard couldn't get the shot away Williams was
quick little ball court square here right cross bill pastor Barkley live you
first ten minutes in their own heart
and Berkeley over Adri and a few more problems than perhaps a shot from that
distance we expected to do thanks header only drops the barclays got a bit to do
but he's got petrol to the right she plays him now we're gonna play him now
he's going to bang into the back of the net and the Liverpudlian what's
Liverpool slow down behind in the FA Cup fifth round at Stamford Bridge X Everton
very much in the blue now Chelsea it's a special moment for him
with a pool in deeper trouble ways to lose and to one here in the lead they've
won here tonight and they've won well to stake by Adria and the second-string
goalkeeper Williams admittedly hard shot the bouncing and then rough Barkley
lasted in the second [Music]
[Applause] [Music]
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