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so here come the players Sheffield
United in those so so familiar red white striped jerseys filed in their
traditional all-white what an occasion for them to live by Luke prima news
Robinson again on the turn and in the bottom corner Sheffield United half the
lead inside eight minutes it's just the start
Chris Warner wanted just the start Jim Matt begins too much space for Freeman
to get the crossing but I have to say this an excellent turn and finish set
from da Robinson it's a really well taken goal from the Sheppard United
striker which nice it'd look great on his weaker
white box against the box [Applause]
little push it [Music]
we shampoo Janaki so now in this third round time
we put into play from shepherd united went through the gears and file can get
anywhere near the boat big girl now his father's side in this second half
Frank stays down children William
applause for the manager jim Bentley Jordan Williams go sing it but it's a
really really well taking gold air from Jordan Williams supremely weighted
through ball there from Dan Bradley and it's a real quality finish as well from
Jordan Williams chance saloon the Jim Bentley
it's all over it'd have to be deeper than that
Awesome's of chaplin artists including signs of come true final score from
Elaine Shepard 92 they have seen finally what familiar fixture in recent seasons
played out in leaf 1 then the championship now their woman Sheffield
United are reacquainted in the Emirates FA Cup
[Music] it is eighth in the championship against
8-pin the Premier League the place in round five of the Emirates FA Cup at
stake so the ball didn't play with a simple
gun I did skip up a nice step really well to keep hold of it
message just up in here
[Applause] more visits to the place the
with just about the Britta and he's given up his birth goal for the
club in some style when the games been staying in the
something you need this to really step forward and take responsibility
mobis does it better than anybody [Applause]
middle school considering in Berkeley attack
[Applause] the second goal might just feel it but
Sheffield United certainly got out of that Oliver Norwood
they're just an Optima going to effort from distance doing the damage after
dead and the Premier League side insane turning through still trying into all
this final whistle by that way they attack solid showing from shackle denied
its earthly as they progress without too much alarm in the end in southeast
London today through to round five early [Applause]
no replays fifth round onwards so if we are level at the end of 90 minutes to be
30 minutes extra time and possibility of a penalty shootout for a place in the
last eight this is Luke Freeman rare start for him so two for Osborne's and
summer from Nottingham Forest great cross girl dating the garlic
really fine cross Hamas born you have to question the reading defending and
McGoldrick was unmarked to Plante's hitter tasked a standard Corral reading
nails Sheffield United 1 through transfer when he joined Sheffield United
by the reaction well there were two shepherded under players for the worn
ball there what a boost this would be for Marvin's team if they
could equalize 1:1 absolutely no mistake
[Applause] from George Bush gas
[Applause] here Robinson needs onside
shop should have delivered repel shipping for now
because there is billy sharp sharp as a blade as the blades take the lead in
this Emirates fifth round FA Cup tie the modeski
then they sharp showing you can be at your most dangerous by almost standing
still referee Brenda's have to looks at the
watch probably won't be the third
he is adding a few extra seconds on here for railings cause to try and find this
link late late equalizer but they run at a time the children's inside it's Chris
Walla who seasoned his magnificent season with Sheffield United continues
eighth in the Premier League now in the last eight of the Emirates FA Cup
you you
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