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here's the birthday boy Rudy get here it's an error and the Riggi tries to
punish him for it let's pull the feather coming back to
try and help but Liverpool are still going
Amane concentrating on his weaker side and
getting the shot away that's the problem claim from the right you come in on your
left they say one mistake from zoom over now
see one from rudy Gay actually look so he gets back here and defends it quite
well he just gets away from the lalana does
brilliantly used to bring it back into that danger area just to us hit through
the back of the ball really had to take the corner
little flick in the end just needed to touch at the far post really good was
the fire coming in they do use a spill a quitter the near post
[Applause] his flippin beaver captain great flick
as well he does well in the air but well that's not particularly big room as
close to it so was rooting up [Applause]
rhaggy it's an interesting challenge by Alonzo
and I looking for a bit of support from the officials it looked as though Sammy
O'Malley was ahead of Marcus Alonzo ball over the top from Van Dyke and rekey
making the run good in the one big one against this bill equated not too many
people beat him that's a decent cross played in they had two players in there
they just runs beyond it is there a felt and I think there was in the end Lavinia
speculative minamino me again
Petra on the outside he's looking to work when she wrote comes back to Pedro
weird married by Aegean Court by IGN
it was in the end excellent goalkeeping Chelsea suddenly found a bit more
firepower after being on the receiving end in the early minutes well Adrian
goes short he caught one or two of his team mates out his 15 y/o he's only
given it to William that's another shot goal all this time he's got it
had Leon says he didn't see it in the 13th minute to number 13 in the
Liverpool goal it's a horrible moment and Chelsea have
the lead here and William is the scorer on a night where you felt the first goal
would be of immense importance here it is and it's a very strange one
[Applause] [Music]
Lila it's over the wall that has chest over the bar only just certainly his
sight set hasn't he in this passage of the season Marcus Alonso what a solid
spin on it takes it away from the goal in the end
response and Williams it's a decent cross I mean I wanted too long and then
great stop by Arisa vlogger not once but twice
Liverpool had a real opportunity to equalize
reinforcing that claim so there we eyes the tale of two goalkeepers so past
Europe but it may have even been three save set good build-up from Liverpool
Williams with a good ball into the box here's the first one
here's the second and there's the third in trouble here though visible lager
again makes the save and they follow up Williams is way off target Ruettiger
gets too tight it's rolled and he gets away from the next challenge of coverage
hitch nice height for Keppler on that occasion
probably pushes it out into a dangerous area
[Applause] Jones Abby Nia
Jones can take you dog Nino's touch and the space for Robertson here never pull
her in [Applause]
it hits they really don't have much control as the Boomers flash back in
again Jones is playing a big part in the game
now good run timing of the pass was right
and he looks with the cut back sparkly love to bury one in the
Liverpool net his background and he leaves it the match all when it bounces
up up the top of the bar [Applause]
come down in time to fix the top of that crossbar and you see it
is it a topspin on it right enough
and had it been on target or underneath the crosswalk probably would have got
his fingertips to it and that said it only drops
but barclays got a bit to do but he's got petrol to the right
he plays him now not gonna play now he's going to bang into the back of the net
and the Liverpudlian puts liverpool still behind in the FA Cup fifth round
at Stamford Bridge X Everton very much in the blue now of Chelsea and win it
back here in a good position s pillock widget then dike heads it straight to
Ross Barkley they back off everybody expecting the parson at some point to
come to pit road no miss doesn't get tidied up but it just hits it with great
power here's the header by Van Dyck straight sir Barclays Peppino's not
going to catch him here so he cuts back across him Williams can't get there go
miss doesn't come and close the ball down and as you can see from behind that
block there and it doesn't see it until it's too late the goalkeeper Adrian but
it's a brilliant finish and a brilliant run by Ross Barkley
- Andy Robertson corner [Applause]
to get onto the [Applause]
sir petrol he's in the clear Petro for 3 but Afghan he took it early
could hear the hooves behind him he does well here Nicky enough Gomez Gomez is
the player catching up Williams isn't going to get there but he also tries
that's the goalkeepers on balance and trying to come out and close it down hit
it early actually a moved his feet were [Applause]
slightly out of order left and I mean I was too played through the middle and
here's you rode through the middle here it's turned onto the bar where they was
on side or not we probably will find out soon
boys he's probably on site Robertson is playing him on side that such as a good
one mentioned it falls to him on his left foot could say from @vn
[Applause] and I put one on Van Dyke said here
[Applause] across the face the goal
by Roberto Firmino don't really go for go here so just heads it back into what
should be a dangerous area Chelsea this season that played well
twice against Liverpool but lost on both occasions penalties in the Super Cup
marisa ways to lose and two one here in the lead but they've won here tonight
and they've won well the Frank Lampard and Jurgen Klopp has to take a third
defeat in four and it started really on a mistake by Adrien the second-string
goalkeeper allowed the Williams admittedly hard shot the bouncing off
him and then Ross Barkley lasted in the second which would be special for the
Xzibit own Ian another poor poor midfield player and what a night for
Teresa Malaga recalled the clean sheet the stupor saying a triple save of some
real significance probably one of his best contributions to a Chelsea game and
they are dancing here [Applause]
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