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you good evening 120 minutes of effort a
football couldn't separate majesty knowledge in at Arsenal on Sunday so a
back at Villa Park of red cap semi which of the two teams will
win to this season's
to meet Newcastle on May the 22nd at Wembley no this is Gary bloom ready to
join you through what could be another camp
a fascinating football between the top two teams in England Manchester United
who are hoping to land the European Cup FA Cup and League treble against Arsenal
the current FA cup holder and late champions in I did mother
favorites our school had the best offensive record in the country
there's so little to choose between the two
there has to be a winner tonight and if necessary will be a penalty shootout
of extra time if the scores are still there
full house at Villa Park then his spear camp is ready and waiting
in Arsenal's cause his scored eight goals in his last 13 games can he guide
Arsenal to Wembley stadium for this season's FA Cup final remember Newcastle
have already won through their meeting top them at the weekend who will join
them Manchester United in their change trip will get this football match
underway or Arsenal Palace will have never lost an FA Cup semi-final replay
this is their bidding - we reach their 14th FA Cup one Beckham here for
Manchester United in early ball laid into the penalty area tourneys Flores
Patrick Vieira [Applause]
[Music] [Applause]
Sol shine bird shot the ball by Vienna and the referee spotted there
vacate to Manchester United but
[Music] [Applause]
huge clearance by smackle Vienna
Teddy Sheringham is in for a rough night when today
okay this is Gary another David Beckham
therefore Manchester United sherry you couldn't win the bullets all
rather fast and furious in the opening stages just as you expect as winter
downturns of all that apply Nigel Winterburn a pitiable history
ribbon drink courtesy of David Beckham here on Sunday seems to be fully fit
- this one of the impressive backline and Arsenal
game then your booty trying to snap his way
into the game it's Gary another
brothers playing for dentists technology tonight
team next step
one star here for Manchester United Cup semi-final replays
both teams have a Hyundai impressive record court simply Gary hello mrs.
Beckham banana hammock bear his latex
and this is Bergkamp chased by buds from the pig and Anelka here and that's one
of y'all stay open you better we destroyed
Adams the team in the pillow
and they'll go Nicolas Anelka net
cross looking for Anelka a headache care by stamp Dix
when twist and they should be fine
[Applause] famous Sunday's match
miles an hour James swapping possession with believable face take a while for
him to settle down [Music]
Adams fast and furious
interesting evening Sophie's not flashing too many red guards before the
night is done [Applause]
latex where the threat get the benefit addendum here
one twist it's over here too
she's daredevil the semi-final
kiba prefer to build stairs once again sharing it
[Applause] one over those new feel they had a
massive [Applause]
Sunday controversial dissing hambo
and this could well be the Guinness Monty
when the trophy to us in the 1990s leaving Sheffield Wednesday in 93 and
Newcastle last season and they wanted double
meeting with you castle wanted to get the ball back there to
smite go under as it taken shortly Furguson
he's been producing free time since he's been with the club
[Applause] to start now
the shame of that to ask
the tape [Applause]
but [Applause]
[Music] and they found a cutting edge maybe this
is it but - that's impressive Arsenal defense are
now Tina's thought to not get to the ground
the repetition at the event so is good
[Applause] [Music]
[Applause] this is module intubate
as we're late then on Anelka [Music]
Manchester United and possession [Applause]
that may be and CEO are two players wearing
today the country changes from the gross
oh my goodness OSHA is easy to answer to put the ball over
his shoulder outside of the arson defense
[Applause] sixteen guns this season
[Applause] place of the shadows
the truck [Applause]
it is Michael the seventh silly fun expecting we got the liquor
[Applause] again
just end up the hill [Applause]
for Arsenal and we're in the head up most recent look businesslike idiom
[Music] Dixon
brings Vienna into the gap the taste give it away Carson van Gogh
was saying this week to use
Vmax fit three games because of suspension
so big test this is key
[Applause] he should've given
to Manchester United thank him to take it
ten minutes of the match nykeya but
[Applause] [Music]
teams on Sunday happy to attack
she's back up [Applause]
stamps in young seafood one of those three
[Applause] [Music]
[Applause] [Music]
bekandjesse boards ready Betina
these crosses that Beckham has delivered into the penalty area was very low
[Applause] was bit dangerously he went in with his
stud shape - yep stamp
stammers have any weeks off in the last 14 months of
football guillotine
Manchester United's games the punishing season for both these two
famous football clubs it's 50 second game of the season of his
multicam winter man
lots of that should be a throw-in Jocelyn
though does he [Applause]
[Music] [Applause]
[Music] website
[Applause] whose assistant on the far side Graham
Atkins [Applause]
cool Sunday
[Applause] 13 minutes of the match
[Applause] between skinship cool
mr. Lajeunesse Michael a bit of a mess of it to be honest
as a Swede making bird
that's just too long today we're going to miss that
[Applause] his pals are they gonna sell so freakin
to Manchester United [Applause]
is to get out two three is
one twist and the pressure from their camp
possession away to platinum [Music]
[Applause] and it's been camp you missed our
seasonal flu injury [Music]
is a variable met with him claiming he was good that is shooting
Scott made of us time to shoot maybe it was across
[Applause] and literally kick off today
30 minutes left conceding a goal the couch even after that
[Music] [Applause]
it's going to be for Manchester United we're slightly late into the challenge
[Applause] starting the season
it's Mountain Care with a free-kick cross
Dick's always left the ball behind one twist is very quick and he's very
tricky as well sharing him as possessed by Adams
[Music] [Applause]
[Music] Donna
the best world two options inside him any choice to go
back to the he knows he made a mistake there and
they're just United at the hook [Applause]
my step [Applause]
to detect or no and his laws Beckham his majesty markets
turn to attack sharing it
first blood to majesty wrote a David Beckett breaks the deadlock after 16
minutes David Beckham who schooled an FA Cup
semi-final against Chelsea in 96 could well have
scored a goal which signals Manchester wattage progress to Wembley
lovely touch here by sharing intercity map a lot a decisive finish by beckon
sweeping the ball pastures England colleague David Seaman to make it our
snow nail that just United one [Applause]
so that colossal had a not conceding a goal has
been shattered it comes after a
powers dulles with the
they break at long last and that you make
[Applause] no match in the Newton because I'll have
to come out now and attack Manchester United
can tell that one and that's paid tribute there to Teddy
Sheringham because when he was surrounded by Arsenal defenders he used
his head in more ways than one the board sideways to beckon and that
was then doing an awesome David Beckham's had his critics this
season especially after sending off that the
funnels against Argentina [Applause]
very best that voice says he can hear now not too
surprisingly to the supporters of Manchester United
Vienna this is guts
not just United again [Applause]
twist don't paste again
to get the better of you had an illusion standing
but Ken [Applause]
it's [Applause]
but beckons goal now separates the two teams is it the goal to take Manchester
United to Wembley and fans think so because they're
singing all of that Wembley David Seaman and David Beckham big pals
in the England Center semen could do Nicola bats Beckham's
attempt on go I really would like to see another slow-motion replay of beckham's
go to see where this even this unit folks
correctly positioned we're not - I can say
[Applause] this is a real tester Iceman's
[Applause] say whether they construe this some of
the disagreements have been saying that better to really go
and take this game by the scruff of its neck
funding equalize ago Dennis Bergkamp
is Dutch international filling gaps down this is Bergkamp say bunch Michael
into I think an outstanding game tonight
Beckham's go [Music]
standing safe a piece of skill hand
[Applause] you're watching this game around the
world don't dare move this is going to be incident later
throughout the entirety Regt
Anelka Bergkamp no boats on his way - his name
Arsenal and bait toys
Oh Stephanie captain since January 8 th are adorable
impressed Sharon you
[Applause] one fisherman throws away back in
one twist sharing it but waterblock damn I can
Matt to steer my team absolutely on
look at this passing movement they touch their bio me Billy sunshine
[Applause] he'd saved us more
[Applause] go to get to Manchester United
Bearcat so he's ready for Arsenal Stan tries to get back but that touch was
enough which of it
[Applause] so my voice has been the last out before
90 but there is only this
I think we're witnessing what the classic FA Cup semi-final replays
[Applause] the clubs are one of Julie off
as Majesty like to take a second go [Applause]
he's pulled it back serega [Applause]
Alex Ferguson created one of a sensations of the season with his team
selection for tonight it appears to be paying off
sharing a blog twist the gun I saw shocked on burning effectively for
Ferguson and looking very dangerous in days maybe it'll prove to be a
masterstroke resting : Europe looked at my stopwatch
minutes hit know where those 24 minutes ago
[Applause] the baby-faced only a good and sunshine
believe me shoulder back up place images do not to get that
great deep narrow Majesty religion now this is Becca
oh it's others too Sheringham split
which the number 10 Dean always got that
and hostel being back on the Hales here by Manchester United
searing observing a fallen game that he was as surprised as anybody when
Alex Ferguson told him Janu is playing
[Applause] is a climbing up the motorway
when I received a telephone call the fact that Alex Ferguson have made
these changes Teddy Sheringham was in clear
[Applause] so shot claims Acuna
lots of Winterburn claims ago tip I think the Arsenal man is going to be
favored here that's maybe a tourniquet
there's winter burn definitely got the final touch here just watch
that slow motion replay didn't to extent
the frustration of the Majesty knology player
[Applause] debility since we're just delighted
objectively it's
like the school again
yep stampeding long snouts we take John Smith
[Applause] is reaching for the
[Applause] Stanley's Russia
Dutch the PSP
p'tee [Applause]
HEDIS Michael socha
blood Fisk [Music]
same idea [Applause]
Nikki banks the missus typically Dennis Bergkamp
the referee had it been around the other side that he could have been you know
Canada [Applause]
[Music] [Applause]
Manchester United aren't invincible had conceded girls and fly over there long
six games but can they handled
and be anointed enforcement and to travel
League championship [Music]
right Clarence mo Michael was it tickled away with it
[Applause] city players in the
Ross so Sheila this is sharing in the majesty
lamented [Applause]
the yellow car with you this is one
Tapani shaped the sunshine
that was enough for the referee Tuffle we could go
we sent off again in the space of seven days the design
school had their disciplinary problems this season but yeah
and she was paying him back by up step players disputed possession
the decisions going away two international teammates
[Music] [Applause]
coming opposite sides
[Applause] they had half an hour of the game he
logic one up the team with a free cake teeth really
go to the heart of this football match [Applause]
sitting in [Applause]
Camas minute Martha's offside Elka Smith's time is run by couple of
seconds [Applause]
was offside MZ was fooled into the action again to
adjudicate these are a few sleepless nights in
Sunday [Applause]
nice work colleagues [Applause]
[Music] at this time
[Applause] [Music]
raising his flag tickets for making a salsa
[Applause] [Music]
Ferguson's plan - deceptive eh
[Applause] it's about this one
[Applause] [Music]
[Applause] mr. Berlusconi
defending their one goal advantage [Applause]
standing joke to smooth out the threat
[Applause] which separates the two teams
it's going to look at Siemens position here
sure is a about it because the ball is up - away
from David Seaman mist as if Beckham a hitter curving free-kick
and sweat - I defective semen stove people
[Applause] [Music]
Thank You Akane [Music]
[Applause] what you still here because
[Applause] [Music]
I used to be a player [Music]
[Applause] we're Team Jacinto theory
semi-final [Applause]
to second Manchester United player to be shown here okay
[Applause] let's see why
it's also prepared to take this blanket we'll take it
younger Lindquist
chose Sheridan
Windigo Winterburn
[Applause] items
[Applause] - I know
Donna [Applause]
the takos are doing in thick and fast tonight
damn this
[Applause] mr. Beckham chicks trips Newberg and
another yellowtail after ages as no keepers in okay with
his hand because [Applause]
in amigos there's more players evolution
[Applause] increases among FINA
and a second yellow card Big Show it's three energy players put me
you know what you'd have that all-important goal
[Applause] [Music]
ten minutes to go to home [Applause]
Winterburn items
Dixon [Applause]
Sheringham this is Bert [Applause]
Finnick better Jimmy
[Applause] facts
[Music] and this time it's Birkin
no Comanche right ahead of it I suppose what we do
to use it as outside
just strikes me that Manchester United abeam bits quicker into the tackle
passing has been that the bit sharper and they seem to have that little bit
more than appetites for the fight maybe the four changes that they've made for
this game have freshened up the team and freshen up the holidays
[Applause] just in technique
socha today mid-segment
but mrs. annex
[Applause] but do you want it back
Bharani Vieira's made a run for this is Patrick Vieira
this acceleration here good enough to keep the bullet
with crazy girls yet just seem to find a couple of extra
gears into defense room Red Alert
Ali anointed reaching halftime
that conceding a goal massive psychological advantage
[Applause] [Music]
this is Adams [Applause]
good singing [Applause]
the century picture only substitutes bench tonight
[Applause] yeah
[Applause] just to get the ball to safety
Osmel mess Marc Overmars [Applause]
expulsion of being able to run with the ball
sure arsene wenger would love to have every last fit enough to start this game
they've amassed Ponder's possibility of coming on as a substitute
little war and they spot a it's a buyers market
[Applause] scored a goal
[Applause] [Music]
[Applause] still unknowns about just delighted in
this FA Cup semi-final replay with any chair by bucks
[Applause] International
[Applause] Ricky Jones
but a again sharing him a little people but some
older safety [Music]
Anelka and they've got
one side of the airport some of the supporters on the far side 30 took the
morning tempers
[Music] [Applause]
to pull this ball back once he got into the position he was in
the Azores came to defeat it [Applause]
[Music] there's some four minutes to go to
halftime bitches kill allegedly by dancing
Manchester United yes Baba [Applause]
[Music] and for Chivas noise
and Spencer we have to have a winner on the night
sedately took a piece of history info here
because this is the last ever they kept semi-formal we play next
season them to be these somebody another day
[Applause] amber
poteete p'tee again for arsenal
[Applause] [Music]
clearance [Applause]
standing save in this first half [Applause]
pick the ball go Woodsen that giant frame of Schmeichel unfolded
to safety sure smugglers presence in that majesty
naughty girl must be players like remember when his Livie found
confidence thank you
sherry thank you again Specter
[Applause] [Music]
[Applause] which in the minute
in a bit here [Music]
with international actually feels a new chiller that nearly
Manchester United dole has given us a much better first half than we would
have had if the scoreline mr. blank because it's just in carriage dogs
[Music] Jason put the ham let's give Majesty
launch into space to counter-attack this is Becca
sunshine [Applause]
[Music] sunshine
two minutes of stoppage time to beat it either
manchester United have a cool they can to take it
[Applause] step
defensive beauty Seattle on school [Music]
Anelka superbee done by the youngster
[Music] we'll try and retrieve this one
and just United line that could well be a caution for Paula
and gentlemanly conduct it's a great tackle by Gary Neville who
came across stay to set the pass one
[Applause] salad is for the no minutes of this
heart [Applause]
for the stoppages not in center singing about Wembley
they're singing about Wembley in 45 minutes done but
Vienna [Music]
[Applause] [Music]
[Applause] seconds left now
[Applause] [Music]
Manchester United started the game very strongly
17 minutes for David Beckham it was a quite super strong
look at the goal [Applause]
it's perfect into the pool of the net by David Beckham it was almost like a free
kick back Manchester United know what they're
doing be a simple story
five minutes time when United will go to at the school remains the same the
scoreline Manchester United one
[Music] [Music]
[Music] [Music]
[Music] [Music]
it'll be Arsenal to restart the game this is Arsenal's eleventh FA Cup
semi-final at Villa Park the only loss came in 1983 against yes you guessed it
Manchester United Arsenal and beat in their last six games against Manchester
United they've won four of those but my
goodness they have a battle on their hands now in this second half to turn
around this one goal deficit rather late
arriving man who party with gloves a bit will it be Arsenal to catch a cold in
this second period so it's Arsenal playing from left to
right in the second half a goal down Youngberg was certainly a feeling at
halftime that perhaps Marc Overmars might be introduced into the match at
some stage if things don't go well for Arsenal but maybe they're going well
here with bergkamp's on a turn stamp and now cos almost didn't put to safety by
the ever dependable Peter Schmeichel [Applause]
Tenace tonight just over 30,000 it's not as high
some date we the
capacitor here's more like 45 it's not disappointing attendance but it's
nothing disappointing about the quality of the football it's much better than
Sunday and that was good Vieira [Applause]
we are again poteete
his spacing isn't quite razor shell normally is such an effective pass of
the ball man Appetit he's been out for three matches since is
sending off against Everton and he vowed he was going to turn his back on the
English game and our Manchester United can attack here blumquist
I'm able to keep the ball alive yes but Blomquist we became the first
player in lighted a sign from an Italian club since Denis Law when he came in the
summer [Applause]
Viera now my Bearcat
yes miss last season's semi-final through suspension and injury that was
the semi-final and final but oh my goodness all Shire remains alive to the
possibilities and that Manchester United attack remember three changes imposed by
Alex Ferguson for tonight's game no York and Giggs all dropped sole shy
blumquist and sharing him all start for Manchester United and to be honest they
freshened up the Manchester United team we look full of ideas full of running
and full of problems for Arsenal Viera
I'll still have to change things around a bit they can't carry on the way they
did in the first half they're going to have to try and set
Manchester United new problems [Applause]
maybe they'll leave it as it is for court to an hour but I don't see United
conceding a goal the way things stand at the moment
being a commentator you normally prove wrong when you say things like that but
tomorrow at least United don't look like conceding
but Blair's watch stem at the back if a small bring other players into this
game it could all change but as it is at the moment which enlightens game
[Applause] not a lot between it alright not between
the two sides rather United just have that slight edge I have
that all-important go see them
heels for handball against yet step turned aside this is Beckham
[Applause] and he clear my dear mrs. Adams petite
[Applause] and we're arsenals seem to be lacking is
the ability to get Manchester United down the wings and that's where the mass
is so effective there's no width to the Arsenal attacks and it really is
easy-peasy for Manchester United and here they can with Beckham
last thing I'll smoke can afford to do now is a to make mistakes like that but
be concede another goal and that must be the big worry as far as
Arsenal a concern Hickson was aware of the problem which
Blomqvist posed behind him unforced error the poorly kick to
Manchester United nonetheless which béchamel take
[Applause] Cain it's going to be another corner a
moth Adams no real pair in the shop biking
[Applause] they stop pushing and shoving getting on
here [Applause]
beckham to bend his right boot around the ball
Bergkamp defending by Bergkamp the team has been it away
blumquist [Applause]
ricocheted off Dixie Bergkamp did well there came back helped
out his defense and kept a cool head inside his own penalty area
[Applause] Betina
long twist [Applause]
we've had six minutes of the second half and Arsenal hunt displayed any great
urgency or new ideas their attempt to turn this one around
my Cosette the parlor Schmeichel he'll leave Old Trafford in
the summer so she wants to play in city and Italy next season
[Applause] this is geared
turn back to David Seaman [Applause]
yep Bergkamp dispossessed by Stamp team
or towards only gonna saw shinin so the animus was effectively across to snuff
out the danger throw into Manchester United 52 minutes on the clock
Arsenal nil Manchester United won the winners go to Wembley for this season's
FA Cup final sharing him Beckham Gary Neville the back heel is pretty
effective [Applause]
the Newcastle players have been seeing in the last 24 48 hours they want
Arsenal to win tonight so they have a chance of avenging the season's FA Cup
final defeat moment it's Manchester United
we look favorite to go there this looks better Anelka
Youngberg to his left but each in his right
[Applause] and our small offside
the TV was sent off in the FA Cup early the season arguing with a linesman maybe
he should guard his tongue here [Applause]
it wasn't the player wide here dicks new is offside it was big everything there
is then his the Menace hasn't been too many
sing tonight [Applause]
parla and that's Dixon Jeffrey takes down a whole new Bergkamp
we can't pass all the possession the tape is better Lumbergh
Winterburn [Applause]
the ball towards a number but she'd read it impeccably
and gain thrushes a ball out of play Manchester United need the discipline
performance Conroy team in the remainder of the second month he can keep his head
mantas T limited could be keeping their dates to go to Wembley on May the 22nd
[Applause] but
Bergkamp man for us those are teletext just dead Kerry
menace at the moment [Applause]
I think Youngberg is sued to depart the scene finally talented player but he
hasn't brought any great threat down that left-hand side for our law
the gal Sega will give him five more minutes to make an impact on this game
otherwise he's off this is Blomqvist with Manchester United was a clever idea
but there was no one shotted player behind him and it was a red one should
he player Vieira who picked up possession only as far as Keith
Adams Vieira Cade sharing a cane again
so sure he could have sent Manchester United to Wembley
it was a wonderful passing move on the edge of that Arsenal area I thought
United wrong side here [Applause]
that was marginal to say the least and it was
that referees assistant on the far side Graham Atkins who this alive that one on
Sunday will our play to go on that should have been it
I wonder how costly that missile proved to be directly
[Applause] [Music]
[Applause] I think he made a mistake again there I
think that was offside [Applause]
all very difficult or marginal decisions and out it's wonderful to be able to
judge those with the aid of a slow-motion replay instead little more
than a blur from the naked eye but a right tackle
Nikki batteries have a very solid game now the Manchester United team united
seem to be getting stronger and stronger Sheringham
they're through again and a good say by David Seaman denies yes but blonde face
and that second clinching goal for Manchester United
seems to be getting closer and closer first song hyegyo's close then blonde
twist most will need to make a change
it's back in with a corner Manchester United lead one now
[Applause] they camp
this is Nigel Winterburn many dicks and challenging forward
but it Youngberg who picks out Dixon
a date [Applause]
Beckham was prepared to get back in secured his fair share of defensive
duties this is Dixon this is Vieira just for the moment
arsenal had ring on a lot door [Applause]
I will have to go backwards I found a way forward now dexon get out
by Jaap stam Paulo
Anelka Kien just took the ball off him like
taking sweets from a child TM
perlis cross all to chance ran Elka Ronnie Johnson gets a real rocky from
Peter Schmeichel because an Elka was clean through on dull and unmarked he
had time to catch all this cross when he grabbed hungrily at the chance
and it cleared the crossbar by some distance at the other end
that was so shy going close and this was blonde twist
[Applause] it had three goals in the second half -
for Manchester United one for Arsenal sir Knauer played Manchester United
still in the box seat and now parlor could be in trouble here
right Velma has been cautioned
and just when things are going bad for Arsenal we're about to get a little bit
worse blog this comes off look about that talk about a handy substitute to
come on here for Manchester United its wine geeks similar story for Arsenal
about to happen you're going to bring out and outside left as well
enter mister over Mouse Casilla mrs. Gomberg coming off
[Music] hasn't had a great game said that to
most will not give him an hour in 61 minutes and 30 cents
[Applause] every mass replaces mr snore have to do
with that over mass on the start today because of an ankle injury is on now and
my goodness they need him stabbed if they can get over mass into the game and
over mask and start to run at the United offense who might have a bit more of a
different story straight away over mass wins a free kick
any good thing for Arsenal is that they haven't conceded another goal in the
second half they're still in it just about the Beckham's goal still separates
the teams [Applause]
and here came united again gigs cooling for the board
back in I bet Alex Ferguson whispered and Ryan
Giggs ear before he went on gonna win the game for us was a simple message go
and score a goal for us and there's a sort of player who can
it's when a free kick he was felled there by Patrick Vieira who French
international who plays at the heart of the Arsenal midfield
it had 17 maybe 18 minutes of the second half Manchester United's kool-aid one
nil and I'm just got a new way this is
petite [Applause]
this is a danger for Manchester United this is exactly the danger the
Manchester United over mass has found some room on that wing
he's pulled it inside Bertie suddenly asked to look at better team
Viana [Applause]
the air again they have to get the ball wide to Overmars
dicks the tea once again
and Adams can bring it forward now for our song
and he's going all the way throughout his own Adams great block
one number six denies another stam gotta cross to block the progress of Arsenal's
captain Tony Adams here that was a terrific piece of defendant
this is the best period of the game so far for Arsenal
they've been rejuvenated by the introduction of Omaha's can they score
the t's corner turn back in by Burkett this is Bergkamp again
the team suddenly those Arsenal fans who were
very very quiet indeed have something to infuse over dangerous ball by petit
it's Manchester United who can capture tech here
[Applause] this is a crucial 10 or 15-minute period
for Arsenal because if they can score in that period they can certainly give
themselves chance of winning this game if they can't magister united will close
ranks beckham sharing of that's a clever move by Manchester United but they were
off sorry quite clearly an article topside
Arsenal will give it 15 minutes of intense pressure to try and snatch an
equalizer after that they're going to be fighting with some very tired limbs
indeed [Applause]
and to be chasing the game one-nil down against Manchester United
in the final ten minutes will be very hard they have to score quickly
Anelka and moustache will commit themselves
forward they're always bound to be caught out with a character like this
one look at this are they good a soul Shia Beckham
as good as his first half effort [Applause]
I thought so size should have group driven on towards goal here look at the
space he had and if you'd have cut in here and smoke doing increasingly wide
who knows just bubbled for Beckham just before he hit it wasn't easy for David
Beckham and the United are through here soul Shia what to say by David Seaman
international class the chances are coming thick and fast
Sasha got away from Kia but drove his shot straight at semen
well he just can't take your eyes off this football match
David Seaman escaped our school in the cup here
sangchul has had two or three really good opportunities now that almost
squeezed between his arm and his body at the other end free kick to Arsenal don't
dare take your eyes off this one purty Linderman
we've reached the 3/4 point of the game Arsenal nil Manchester United won the
winners go to Wembley in the FA Cup final it has to be settled tonight
[Applause] Bergkamp
he's got some space he scored the equalising goal and I'll still are right
back in the FA Cup nobody closed him down
he turned away and look at the space he had and the rich irony of all that is
the ball was deflected him by the boot of one Dutchman onto the knee of another
and past Peter Schmeichel [Applause]
snorkel have the original shot covered but not after it hits the apps tab
game on Dennis Bergkamp who scored a priceless
goal for Arsenal just when they seemed to be going out of the cup
this is Sheringham soul shine Beckham man for Manchester United oh dear it
just needed a touch look at this opportunity
Becca was there had Teddy Sheringham beena what a pace
further forward he would have scored now which way this the free-kick gonna
go it goes to ask me I told y'all small net to score they did
it was a crucial period of the match they couldn't go on much longer
a goal down and trust Dennis Bergkamp who missed last season's FA Cup final
success to steer them with the aid of an international colleague back into the FA
Cup Rosina no G possibly
and the Arsenal fans are in absolute delirium but it's not all over yet but a
long way it could be a very long evening but Vieira
Bergkamp and this is Anelka Schmeichel gums sense
Michael gets there by some way what a gamer football
it would be a brave brave man to predict which way this one's going to go
[Applause] my prediction it would end nil-nil after
90 minutes has gone out the window [Applause]
[Applause] Kate
[Applause] Adams
you get these slights feeling that the tide is well and truly
tuned now arsenal had the bit between their teeth
[Applause] have they got the energy Johnson
Bergkamp Bergkamp again Anelka and i'll just
scored a school of school choice and it's Austral now who all the F flags are
they haven't spotted the flag I don't think they know yet
Anelka knows now it's Arsenal 1 Manchester United one and
a repeat of Sunday but this time it's Arsenal who are going to be denied
what's the referee going to do here and now his goal is chopped off it's not
going to count now let's have a look at this one again was an alga of side
well he was there when boot camp kicked the ball
and our Roy Kane he's off oh what's a game it's his
second yellow card and just as in 1995 when he was sent off here Roy Keane has
been dismissed [Applause]
a lunging challenge on over mas it was an arsenal man who went off on Sunday
now it's United man who's off appeals with a ball against capstat
we've had just about everything here if a pantomime also to gallop across the
pitch he wouldn't be surprised hey Kamau school again bootcamp Oh what
to say bus Michael parla and it's a corner
let's just recap all that's going on arsenal of equalized Arsenal have had a
goal disallowed just as Manchester United had a goal disallowed on Sunday
manchester United have had Roy Keane sent off corner to Arsenal p'tee takes
it Guillaume Anelka well this is another terrific scam a
scrap Schmeichel was there feet-first
bull skulls is going to come on now for Manchester United and try steer them
into extra-time United had to bring your Teddy
Sheringham [Applause]
Scholz comes on because manchester united or a midfield player light
sharing him sacrificed oh it was all going so well for Alex Ferguson
[Music] [Applause]
but it never penalized [Applause]
what is left now in this football match 15 minutes of pulsating FA Cup football
to go over Mars I've amassed through the cross Anelka
and it's a goal kick arsenal have looked a completely different team since Marc
Overmars was introduced into the game he has turned this FA captai completely on
its head I know it's not a hundred percent fit but even it may be a 70
percent fit he scores Manchester United a big enough
problem and now Lucas goal was ruled out bergkamp's is here in the authentic goal
Arsenal of score tonight it's Arsenal 1 Manchester United won
[Applause] Viera
[Applause] and this is petit
and this is Paula Dixon
Beckham gigs
socha rare a check here for manchester united gigs
Hostel what the stronger now first ten minutes of the second half
they were doing absolutely nowhere now they could be going to Wembley if they
can seize the advantage of having the extra man 14 stab or on the streets
Bergkamp [Applause]
we're witnessing an absolute stormer in an FA Cup semi-final replay Arsenal won
Manchester United won United down to 10 men
Adams minutes Vieira Winterburn
I've announced / Marcin able to get their looks Michael to come to the edge
of his penalty area we didn't talk much about the sending off it was a reckless
challenge by Roy Keane under the first of his career
[Applause] but who was it on Marc Overmars was just
underlines my point over masses made a significant contribution
[Applause] the era
mamaan goes back to one or two of those chances Manchester United had when it
was one nil to Manchester United but they put a couple of those who I all
this would have been unnecessary Vieira with a cross
[Applause] skulls gigs
I want to just get going now [Applause]
Anelka stalls managed just to stab the ball away but thought
this can be waved off the wave of Arsenal attacks now
push them forward let spend them in thought Burke out saying let's make it
difficult for them and it's certainly difficult enough
[Applause] ten minutes to go
[Applause] and is a strange symmetry about Sunday's
game in tonight's game then it was Manchester United who were left bleating
about their disallowed goal tonight it's Arsenal
then it was Arsenal who had a player sent out tonight it's Manchester United
this is this Monica's bull just as on Sunday we don't separate the
two teams the difference is that tonight we have
to have a winner if necessary a penalty shootout
extra time is eight and a half minutes away
[Applause] I think United was settled for extra
time now gigs
how ironic that our small news season is often been undermined by disciplinary
problems and playing football matches with just 10 men find themselves playing
against 10 men what a chance for them to win this FA Cup semi-final replay
gigs skulls knatoms
Beckham / mas
money yonce waste by Nikki but
the test now for Manchester United and beat in 22 games last team to beat
Manchester United or Middlesbrough at Old Trafford back in December they came
very close to be fatal week ago the hands of Aventis and they needed a Ryan
Giggs equalizer on 91 minutes give them a 1-1 school line some of the fires gone
out of the match now it was impossible for the tempo to be kept so high for so
long we'd like York have a part to play in
this drama Teddy Sheringham has already left the stage
[Applause] here
just at the moment I can't see another goal what in the regulation 90 minutes
anyway now just delighted happy just to have the ball
[Applause] they'll be very tiring for Manchester
United especially playing against an extra man
here's an l-cut and he has party and support at the
moment and now got off [Applause]
to bend that one pass Peter Schmeichel was interesting to watch his face he was
buried it under a sieve Arsenal fans celebrating what he thought was the
second Arsenal goal cemented United fans who are wearing the worried expressions
[Applause] this is Dennis Bergkamp
Viera it's been a long all week the Manchester
United ever mask claimed he was impeded there by Ronnie Johnson no foul
we could go United were toe-to-toe with you Ventus and Old Trafford on Sunday
they were here scrapping out 120 minutes of FA Cup football with Arsenal
now within four minutes of stepping into extra time once again Darla
still right Paula no foul [Applause]
isn't it funny after so many chances at either end of the pitch you had alone
for about five minutes now songs I had two really good chances to
score sandwiched in between very good opportunity for yes / blumquist Oh since
departed the scene [Applause]
I'll cathode each school for all small [Applause]
and our small must fancy if there is extra time they will prove to be the
stronger team Bergkamp skulls
gigs [Applause]
and that Arsenal defense which has looked very wobbly tonight on occasions
looks rock-solid once more ever mouse
genuine fatigue is setting him tempo the game has gone down so many notches
[Applause] so shop
[Applause] free kick to Arsenal
now by philip neville who got a bit of a scratch died in the processes he tangled
there with parlor [Applause]
sports goals England's hero in there International against Finland when he
hits a hatchet and Internet recover England but you're
not assured of a place when the starting eleven at Manchester United
which of these two managers and ex Ferguson arsène Venga will be striding
out in the sunshine at Wembley on the 22nd of May we still don't know and
we've played another 90 minutes I've been in the half anyway FA Cup football
here once again [Applause]
is there to be a dramatic ending to the 90 minutes we shall see
[Applause] the one to get on with a game quickly
foul on Adams by but this is over mass over mass was tripped up himself and it
was looking to be tripped up skulls
Beckham but inside the final minute of the 19 Perla
was the great ball to Anelka and stem read it perfectly this is Giggs
it's Parma Oh picks it up Oh Tomas this could be Arsenal's last chance to win it
in normal time winter BRR Beckham
or is it United beckham outweighed gigs he'll need
support sunshine
as far as Adams who brings some order to that Arsenal defense
as we move into stoppage time at the end of the 90 minutes
three minutes to be added on skulls and it's gigs
I would do that we might have a long night ahead of us at the start of our
program and they'll get
Bergkamp the TM it was offside
there any socks off tonight he's been on the sidelines for such a long period of
time he was on side Ossining that was an error by the referees assistant
[Applause] two years play very materially for
asking you know the pace of the game is finding him out this is Ronnie Johnson
and Elka puddling after arsenal
oh that's a penalty surely it is a penalty and stoppage time at the end of
the game Oh Philip Neville's distraught [Applause]
Perla cut inside him and he fell under his challenge and astral now are going
to be one tick away from Wembley how United need Peter Schmeichel to
rescue them now Dennis Bergkamp can take out slaughter Wembley
[Applause] I told you the Venus Michel and they did
unbelievable he saves an IG first minute penalty to
keep Manchester United in the FA Cup if he'd have written the script there
will be those who say it was improbable Arsenal won Manchester United won
and smile and superhero and now what's going on here
Neverland polar school this has been of the afters from that's
an incident where Philip Neville brought down ray parlour for the penalty what to
say this is an exceptional save Bergkamp hit it well right in the corner was it a
good penalty was it a bit close to Schmeichel that's a good say let's give
Michael the credit [Applause]
extra time water 19 minutes we've had brown with that marvelous penalty save
by Peter Schmeichel we've had a penalty save we've had us sending off we've had
a goal from days Bergkamp we've had a goal from David Beckham of the highest
quality and it ain't over yet don't go away extra time is coming the
score after 90 minutes of this extraordinary football match is Arsenal
[Applause] welcome back to Villa Park
one one after 90 minutes of pulsating FA Cup football still to come another 30
minutes of extra time and use it Dwight Yorke has replaced all a gunner sole shy
at the internal so thirty minutes of extra time still to
be played 'no crystal level then we'll have penalties it surely can't be any
more dramatic that we've had so far remember Peter Schmeichel saved the 91st
minute penalty for Manchester United [Applause]
poteete over mas
Marcel ping the ball back here towards Jenny Adams
Vienna I just wondered err how much that
penalty save will lift Manchester United because I imagine several the Blair's
must have thought well that's it for another year
those can be defining moments in football matches especially cap ties
Vienna / marce that was disappointing defending by Ronnie
Johnson who holds his hand over to say yep my fault sorry boys
I want the ball with his right foot direct to Rosie never mind the gentle
tap back which gifts arsenal a daughter [Applause]
it's beti to take it [Applause]
pulled away from gold great headed by yet stem has had an absolute giant of
again Vienna it's David Beckham who appeared to
handle the ball but I will win it back remember you light it down to ten man
they have Roy team sent off in the second half so United have Dwight Yoakam
now this is burka just came to an ELCA then 400 other
tuviera from an Elka's cross this is over mas round Giggs low cross in there
towards breakout but it was stabbed here by one Yeltsin
and it's booty who gets a ball out of play
[Applause] Vienna
and this is Qian [Applause]
United have such an impressive FA Cup record this decade they've lost just
fine out of 50 FA Cup ties they've played in the nineteen nineties they're
in the pressure here though over mass and Bergkamp oh what's another brilliant
shame and Schmeichel could one have injured
himself in making it [Applause]
I thought this is a goal and it left the boot of Bergkamp he might have pulled a
hamstring there Peter Schmeichel well if mentis united go to Wembley
and I can thank this man seems to be a growing problem here for
- Michael there's Raymond van de thoux was just in conversation with this
manager [Applause]
I think Manchester United have already made three substitutions
they can't make another one this would be very very cool indeed if
this captain I was decided for an injury to this giant hero of a man that's the
only way to describe it especially if it would go to penalties
immunity debtor could a rookie keeper between the posts this is over mass
Ben [Applause]
well not Adams was forward there that's why I
meant astir United had to dispatch them all into harm's way they're all claiming
that we've got a touch off the Arsenal map
it didn't it's a good
so this petite [Applause]
smoking look like he's about to do a rather complicated robbery or burglary
[Applause] jool snap to the house
it's not snatcher vital goal here [Applause]
yuck maybe an auntie can break Beckham
like that Arsenal will continue to have this stranglehold in midfield Paula
[Applause] our ghetto can avoid people getting
forward he seemed to be slightly surprised the
speed at which the ball arrived towards his head
and he was unable to keep his head down six and a half minutes of the first
period stop each time
we're getting around the problem that you goalkeepers injured
[Applause] ever mas
their camp feels for handball
[Applause] a lot gonna get another penalty
under how effective Michael is now is obviously injured but to what extent
the tape naptime's he was tough the ball by Gary
Neville cycle to be rather and easily there
let's look happy to see and all the newspaper headlines will be
about this man here if you watch it go through
even if they don't even with half a Dickey lather the ball three-quarters of
the length of the field and here scolson matches to United
grabbed at the chance but not be many chances of men just
united in this period of extra time that they do not have any miracles a
Paris superiority [Applause]
Vienna [Applause]
good [Applause]
skulls yo
[Applause] skills
Nikki but [Applause]
skills Beckham
but don't keep that one in play -
Adams I smell definitely the hungry of the two
teams now Bergkamp he's pulled it back in his pick tap Gary
Neville the three Arsenal players in one
Manchester United player inside of the penalty area a poor old Dennis Bergkamp
he picked out the Ron Keller shirt [Applause]
I'll still do another corner kick there it's a small one Manchester United won
the tea drives it in ah in almost was a known goal there Ronnie Yongsan got a
rather peculiar touch to the mall [Applause]
it's turned all the way back towards David Seaman he nearly scored an own
goal just a minute or so ago seems to be a slight hesitancy now and
you would expect Michael to camphor one or two of these 50/50 balls but not now
he's injured [Applause]
a topsy-turvy story we've had Beckham scoring that delightful opening goal for
Manchester United my small almost gun seating again before
burr caps response Anelka having a goal ruled out King getting sent off and a
penalty for our small that Schmeichel say Michaels now injured
to chapter 54 Adams Anelka uber boss
[Applause] now it could be as a problem of crap
perhaps or neon sir was it just a whack on his ankle
here's our Manchester United ormiston sitting around all their off when he
Yongsan them beaten away by smart girl who was down on one knee this is where
you expect your goalkeeper to come and claim the ball
poor old smartly known and he has to save from the likes of Bergkamp he's
having to say from his own players as well
[Applause] Vienna
and it's parlor was ask we'll continue to take the game to Manchester United
Bergkamp it's a great checker that lapsed em York has hardly got a
kick so far 12 minutes into the first period of stoppage time still 1 1 this
is Bergkamp that's only 2 Gary Neville [Applause]
ticked around to 10:00 p.m. in England it's a late night once again you know
expected that given these two teams when you were in for a long long evening
ever mouse [Applause]
my fiancee dwight yorke to give turning adams a bit
of a chasing here [Applause]
Bergkamp [Applause]
Adams went to bed take some Beckham
and that to save by either Schmeichel throg rani onsen the closest we've come
to a goal in this first period of stoppage time ken who were about to come
on here for Arsenal his arsenal increase the pressure on Manchester United to try
and win the game before we have the lottery of a penalty shootout that's
what it could take tonight [Applause]
Dixon it's a very long cross indeed [Applause]
Donna's coming off cheerin international Knut chose to play
the hostel on Sunday instead of his country we were facing Senegal
resume because it play at the center that
Fairplay controversy in the game against Sheffield United and he did school the
winner in less controversial circumstances against Darby in round six
[Applause] what York
[Applause] very close to half time in extra time
gathered correctly we should turn round straightaway this should be no stoppages
all the time between the first second period of extra time
[Applause] the whistle is very very close now
[Applause] maybe there was a bit of a stoppage to
Peter Schmeichel elongate this first period of stoppage
time this is an Alka over the mast matzo ball played forward it wasn't a great
ball to over mass but want to speak out Winterburn here
[Applause] this is good yeah
but a when she was found
there's all smiles but all skulls would have been smiling if referee David owner
and said penalty kick there was certainly contact between skulls who
extended his right arm there [Applause]
scales again and over masses on his way here for Arsenal there came to his left
Hamas Arsenal on to corner over master user run of Bergkamp to his left to try
win some space for himself but United held firm Ronnie Olson disclosed him
down and side of the shin the Johnson diverted the ball wide for a corner
I'm doing them [Applause]
gigs now by lead ex-new claims he won the
ball [Applause]
his referee says yeah but you sight the way the legs of your opponent to win the
war cricket or football for that matter
you know I should have a free-kick in a rat chance to put some players forward
now Beckham takes it Eddy clear by Keanu and we've reached the
overall since this semi-final started on Sunday 225 minutes and still no closer
to knowing who is doing to Wembley at the Arsenal Manchester United the score
at halftime and extra time 1-1 [Applause]
should be few stoppages now we should be underway very shortly
they 15 minutes away from a penalty shootout
and maybe David Seaman who's seen one or two penalty shootouts in his time not
any with his club but also his country might be involved
chance to stamp his personality on this football mentioned away Peter Schmeichel
already has [Applause]
the imagine our Manchester United and holding on because one suspect penalties
would be their best chance given that they were playing against 11 men and
just United and they have ten Beckham
[Applause] over mass takes on Gary Neville
[Applause] such a tricky winger that's not a tricky
cross [Applause]
the mimosas scored in the FA Cup final last season against Newcastle and scored
a vital winner against Manchester United at Old Trafford in the Premier League
last season it'sh michael has surrendered the gold
kicking responsibilities here now to Gary Neville
he needs to conserve his energy for the penalty shootout
[Applause] Ganu
this is Lee Dixon [Applause]
and mouse [Applause]
a new the arrow claims you on the ball fair
and square but every fool he cuffed
digs on the back of his head [Applause]
remains one one this is the second period of extra time
[Applause] the two worried faces there even at this
stage they've gone through the whole range of emotion whichever team they
support expect plenty of this in the remainder
of the match they're not sure Michael would have until we're doing all that
running and chasing [Applause]
Adams small reminding Manchester United at
least while the champions of England these two the occupy first and second in
the Premier League table gigs
great run here by Ryan Giggs Oh to go would you believe it Ryan Giggs could
have taken Matt just United to Emily only ten men
and just as he did a week ago against Juventus gig strikes after a hundred and
nine minutes of football some fans are on the pitch and they
think it's all over but it ain't over by a long
yet Arsenal will have plenty to say about this water run by geeks it's one
of the goals of his career he scored 76 goals now for Manchester United but I
wonder how important this one more proved to be in the final reckoning
like a knife through butter [Applause]
a school charter response Michael claims of all
the fighting gigs couldn't even get a place of the starting eleven
gig sues 112 major honors with Manchester United since 1991
is he on course for number 30 [Applause]
Arsenal once again for themselves chasing and equalizer over mass
ten minutes to rescue this one York
Beckham skulls do I go to Manchester United
what an extraordinary game we've seen it's beckoned for Manchester United and
I'll still have to commit a lot of players forward now as they try and
chase this game United offside here that is one of the goals of this season
what a finish look at X Bergesen
let me just to make sure I'm not dreaming
[Applause] it just gets better and better for
Manchester United although wait Bergkamp it's behind
would you believe that this evening Chelsea had the chance to leapfrog over
Manchester United at the head of the table through nil nil at Middlesbrough
[Applause] Manchester United
we will have a patched-up goalkeeper who saved a penalty after 91 minutes down to
ten men we really are fighting with one hand
tied behind their backs I've still managed to land what could be the
knockout punch [Applause]
Bekka [Applause]
Winterburn gets it clear towards the team there's a bit of nonsense here
between Beckham and poutine that's the lens and a handshake thank goodness for
that and thankfully seems to have learned his
lesson after what happened in the World Cup against
Argentina [Applause]
what odds would you have got when Bergkamp was stepping up to take a
penalty after 91 minutes of Manchester United winning this FA Cup semi-final
replay [Applause]
Becca move up the wall out of harm's way [Applause]
Marcin vengo seen virtually every conceivable possibility tonight arsenal
seemingly scoring a second goal than having it chalked off Arsenal having a
penalty and Schmeichel saving it then united reduced to ten men as most will
couldn't score [Applause]
and less than seven minutes to go I need to be a newspaper reporter to sum
up this game in a couple of paragraphs behold the back seat in the national
newspaper and a few more [Applause]
but a i spoiling there's a twist to cover this
one I don't think it's all over yet Viera
Kenna Nixon tries to keep the ball alive he
hasn't done that well Ryan Giggs is Kevin
absolutely turn this semi-final replay on its head
[Applause] poor girl who supports Arsenal it is
check back now [Applause]
p'tee [Applause]
Adams over mass is a C equalizer No and United
fans are torching their arsenal counterparts now with preserve we've
only got 10 men that camp
make that only got ten men and a dodgy goalkeeper Bikash michael is
injured there are five minutes to go
pitchy with a corner it might come out to Bergkamp here he's
been cheating and they've put that chance wife
Aran's goes close but not close enough it was a wonderful cross by Bergkamp two
of them were unmarked you just needed one of them
[Applause] they put each other off in the end I'm
not sure Michael would have got there [Applause]
I've commentated on some exciting football matches in my time but for
sheer drama this must beat the lot [Applause]
stay with the foul and I don't think it's over yet by a long way
his arsenal will throw just about everything forward now in a desperate
attempt to find an equaliser to take this to a penalty shootout p'tee
the header is for Adam's well hell boys Michael but he didn't have to move his
frame half an inch
[Applause] you
a free kick to Manchester United why party had to give away if we keep them
I'm not sure all that's unnecessary as well
[Music] [Applause]
three minutes to go [Applause]
Teno as a JSON here
Sunday of its Michaels leg feels a whole lot better
you don't need a physio and either go [Music]
backing off side here [Applause]
it's a very premature whistling going on another two and a half minutes separate
Manchester United and a place in the FA Cup final and it's Giggs again the
Tormentor of Arsenal lyrics and bumps him over and Giggs not too impressed
the attentions of latex less than two minutes to go Steve ball
is coming on and it's booty coming off I don't think
they want to risk any more disciplinary problems here form a new party or maybe
it's picked up an injury [Applause]
the tears stunted just to in Arsenal's last 12 games
see the [Applause]
substitution hold now the oldest players at the club
in the unstable 36 years old [Applause]
and United in time-wasting mode [Applause]
we're inside the final minutes of the match Manchester United
very close to their fifth FA Cup final of the decade
final number 15 is in touching distance now Giggs
we'll just have to get the ball forward to the other end quickly
it can't be fancy now it has to be dramatic
Bergkamp anywhere will do for Manchester United
on this extraordinary night of football [Applause]
Ryan Giggs has picked up an injury he's limping that he will soldier on for a
few more seconds yet else we'll have to school now
the referee is looking at his watch this is Viera
ball block by Dwight Yorke it's quatre they just have to get the ball in bold
Anelka and it's turned back to Peter Schmeichel and that could well be it
the United fans urged AV galerie to blow the full-time whistle and bring this
titanic struggle to an end winter burn
Oh a challenge for Anelka that could give us
could have given us such a dramatic enemy
well life and I suspect when this ball is kicked
by David Seaman and it leaves his boot referee Damon Ellery will signal
Manchester United's progress to the 1999 FA Cup final
on May the 22nd and it's there they gonna play Newcastle United he might end
up back at Wembley and the most bizarre circumstances the most unlikely
circumstances and Ryan Giggs has scored one of the goals of his
career to send 10 Man Manchester United through Schmeichel was a hero himself
saving a penalty of 91 minutes shrugging aside the pain Alex Ferguson who's never
lost an FA Cup semi-final keeps that record intact and even he who seems some
marvellous days as Manchester United's manager must be absolutely delighted
arson Venga can hardly believe it I'll try briefly sum up the game 1 nil G
alighted David Beckham with a superb goal 1 1 Dennis Bergkamp equalized and
now gay had a goal disallowed then Roy Keane got himself sent off penalty to
Arsenal in the 91st minute Schmeichel saved it into extra time and
10 man Manchester United their goalkeeper injured saw an utter
disbelief ryan giggs run through the entire arsenal defense and slam the ball
into the roof of the net it's one of those nights for Arsenal but one of
those Ryan Giggs days for Manchester United the final score in this FA Cup
semi-final replay on a memorable night at Villa Park his arsenal one Manchester
United to [Applause]
[Music] [Music]
[Music] [Music]
[Music] [Music]
[Music] [Music]
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