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a warm welcome to Watford against
Wolverhampton Wanderers at Wembley two clubs fighting for European football
via a league place but also of course it's something that on offer should they
win the FA Cup and they are battling specifically to face Manchester City in
the FA Cup final on May the 18th what furs big injury doubt was attacking
midfielder Roberto Pereira who scored at Bulls in the league in October he has
made it but only just and Wolverhampton bull Andre gray is preferred to Jared
daily fail in attack second Trent goalkeeper Aurelio Gomez has played in
all the FA Cup ties this season he does keep his place Gomez defender Chloe
Cathcart en capper in midfield in the captain Troy Deeney all featured in what
was last FA Cup semi-final three years ago when they were beat here by Crystal
Palace this time a win over Palace in the sixth round has brought them to
Wembley wolves have given game times throughout
this faker [Applause]
he's betrayed the post again injury concerns for them they have
knocked out the Liverpool Manchester United and beat United again in the
Premier League on Tuesday since when top scorer Ralph he - has turned his load
move into a four-year permanent deal that's great news for the world fans and
indeed for the club [Applause]
mr. Johnny and jata staying on his feet
[Applause] so you click on the edge well here's
this good but Jutta caused it for the first challenge here and again
Jodi file in a bit of space plays the ball in that's the file that was given
just unbalanced in this Mary at Peru came out threw himself at the ball
shower martini oh he's played at Wembley before for Portugal here he goes watched
maybe hoped and his hopes for answered Latinos more created with his right but
medications just could get it down in time
is misjudged hiya Cody
very nearly in behind walls then they're still on the attack and it's touched
over the end [Applause]
by an on the side on dry gray I think he's going to go with his head here
and he throws himself on it good he stays on side
they start to come up stays on side these not picked up when the balls
played if he dives at this with his hand I think he scores really good ball fly
then by Troy Deeney bending it in
[Applause] steve job
Johnny going in field just ahead of it then danke
as the shot work now Gomez pretty decent Drive and acrobatics oh
well most the first time we've mentioned then danke and that bit of spice goodbye
from Johnny again I think it strikes this well this is it may have just taken
a slight deflection as well as it goes towards goal starts to dip just comes
off the head of Cathcart as a good save from Gomes
now with the job of marking a bowling setup slightly differently walls this
time make a set-piece to open up the second
semi-final [Applause]
from the training ground salute perfection as Matt Daugherty heads
warmer Hampton wonderous into the lead at Wembley
absolutely proud on the bench and then loud
into the stadium well I'm not quite sure what they were
looking for to start with I think was to get it back to Latino but the cross came
in left-footed and there's a good cross as well he just
gets in front of his marker to curate it's an easy header for him really well
worked in the end times he's run the Kure goes to sleeps got to be marking
the other side no chance for Gomez and an easy finish
for Doherty well he was the star of the two games against Shrewsbury but this is
the semi-final holds up the board 200 minutes Hema Nia
I'm sure we'll see daily failure question of wet
and here is the Chancellor cry brilliantly set up by Tina
the top two for one fan in tandem there and wolves didn't have an ounce until
the very earth that's a front to flying at their very best that's what you want
if you're gonna play with the front to fini win in the ball setting up his
fellow said the board but he doesn't make the Bourbon connection and good
defend him from Cody eventually to an ear again
and again well they would turn down a position trying to get the boy connected
himself with the fact in position now as Holly bass curls it in and he needed to
be the get a touch for the danger has passed a wheelchair
challenged by crosses from left and right
look at the couch attack Jutta is never shy of doing that
it's reaching Alucard again
bali-ba so had to take one for the team as they say
again to the boss he still gets a good luck
here comes back and he's five up holy bats he's trying to get back at it gets
across him and there's only gonna be one outcome a foul and a yellow card and the
rat no spirit Oh Sato was thinking if he gets the ball to him a nester
those might have a bit of daylight and by Daugherty
[Applause] - no - rules
[Applause] from Mexico
the masked crusader looks like that crusade is going to take
wall back here to the FA Cup by though but that is typical the body done and
it's per season English football magnificent from a sender board it's
been instrumental in most of the good things that orbs have done this season
but it is going to var all depends whether that defenders foot
was playing him on the side it's a tight one a really tight one the goal is given
and rightly so and wolves with that crucial second goal
and what could have got half an hour now to try and sort this out
sniff of a child straightaway but you also have to remember how they
got down from one end of the field to the other it was by jotters rough wooden
the free kick him from that free kick that man their scores the goal look
where he stands Easter I noticed that at the start because obviously not to stay
in there exactly when they changed the angle to move back and it was the
defenders left boot that was just brightening on side them Ania but what
technique judgment of the flight of the ball
gets caught underneath it it's the other side of
all comers can get there it's the brilliant finish
the photos come out here now but that looks to be the threat falls into the
box from wide areas not sure they're going to play through walls they can
have to go around them and get crosses in their LeFay Oh
some say you're recognizing that from the left one sit back again
Karthik Watford shouts thing about Troy Deeney he will not give
he lives and breathes what the football club
they don't believe us [Applause]
maybe the needs will get extra strength into those biceps certainly Deanie
[Applause] it's gonna get Tyler FeO brilliant the
inspiration that they need and walking on out of it
back from the substitute it was left out of the starting lineup
controversially brilliant semi-final goal Watford one
balls do a lot of time on the wall here
don't get tighten up and he just bends it around the first player been gonca
into that bar corner [Applause]
has to get a lot tighter water finish
what an end to the game we're gonna have now
deliberate theft delightful Tyler fire
[Applause] not going to be costly it might be
basic play geminians cross to the rescue again
click go keep it ruddy came a may that his was a decent ball played into the
box it wasn't the perfect catch but he found it into a good position for
himself I think the world expected between these
two clubs are very competitive their pickup semi-final and that's what we've
got Sakura
he jumps into the panttiere again daily fire
Attica - karai
Deenie [Applause]
the 92nd minute for walk foot we reviewed
but it looked a pretty good shout to me wow he was always going to get across
the front of end up here that's all he was looking for so good first touch I'm
not sure then dunker actually sticks her leg out yes he does and he catches Troy
Bailey I'm sure that's going to be a penalty
[Applause] then here's the recognized penalty taker
he usually goes for power [Applause]
such drama in the second semi-final this goes in and we go to extra time
Dean Evans and you can see what it needs
it's benign for the club just up the road to FAO
venti me to noodle walls leaders call [Applause]
police idioms gonna hit him in power he certainly did that
the top of running Bradley chooses the right way but he hits it powerful enough
and high enough [Applause]
maybe a walk puts our best opportunity [Applause]
opportunity [Applause]
le Pretre it's incredible the Hornets have really
come sticking there's the build-up play
ray passes it good Beliveau best bit of play from great another good pass
company car and nor can running
we'll place of what composure at the end of it
touch the texting passcode is vital because it gives him the chance
to stick it away and I think Rudy's caught by surprise how quickly he took
it [Applause]
in fact they say - Gomez [Applause]
Skinner 30 how frustrating is that who knew no could he have struck it here now
he can he gets it stuck under his feet and he gets the touch touch
don't their place in the FA Cup father we're gonna the great comebacks in a
semi father only wonderful occasion at Wembley
between the two WS and walls were leading to nil
and seem to have it in the back but Watford pulled it out of the fire
somehow what an semi-final one two three world - art director time
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