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failed to score but both clubs can call
themselves FA Cup Giants manchester united have won the trophy on 10
occasions a record arsenal have eight wins and one or other of the clubs have
contested nine of the last thirteen finals he's not or don't have to
remember all of them but some of you at home watching perhaps even in the club
today will no doubt have great recall of some of the meetings between these two
heavyweights of the English game interesting to read Ferguson saying as
he in fact inferred there that this could be a defining moment in both their
seasons and really sever just before the team's come had a word about the
significance of the FA Cup because when we see the lineups certainly United are
taking it very seriously Verona's injured and you know soul shark
comes in and that's probably the only slight variation you can
they're being their strongest side that they wanted December the leave they want
well here as Alan said they work really hard to close in are still down and I
think psychologically they can keep that momentum going they're still going to go
to Highbury later in the season in the Premiership so they'll want to win this
one and still be unbeaten the gates of this season just listen to the noise
67,000 again packed inside old trap and is it ever any other way Arsenal will
wear the all blue strip today not just United making their way out a
little bit more slowly Roy Keane with the young mascot
[Music] Fabian Bart s is back in goal after
missing two matches with a thigh injury that broken toe sustained playing for
Argentina but that policed Fergie rules for on out of midfield Ryan Giggs calf
cleared up paws goals groin injury passed a test
so really with Sochi I play against just about Trevor Ferguson's best team isn't
it how many option would be there on in midfield and skulls the half and half up
front but he's a very attack inside ourselves going under so I really two
out now strikers goals coming from midfield and gigs and Beckham give him
the width to supply that service to the front to Bannister over 27 goals for
Manchester United this season their Arsenal's top scorer isn't on that
caption because Thierry honoree has been left on the bench England goalscorer
Francis Jeffers plays with will torn up front Dennis Bergkamp didn't even travel
neither did Gio Berto silver who played in China of course for Brazil and I
suppose Trevor this is all to do with the Champions League match against IX on
Tuesday night yes we're back ever wanna play against that seem honoree has had a
few games they've lent him on the bench though just in case I think if you look
at the defenses is their first pick really Carl that will give it a very
combated edge in midfield Perez coming back near enough to his very best and
I've brought Jeffers a chance to continue his good form I knew
[Applause] who could come on from the bench and
make a difference for land maybe for Manchester United and obviously on raise
up at the sleeve of arson Venga so to speak
it's all very tactical sometimes the selection nowadays but some of this
point about that the fixture congestion and I blame the Champions League for it
by the way you know my view on that competition but to be fair to the
Champions League this time next year there will be four fewer fixtures so
there'll be four three dates for these managers to stop all this argument about
friendly internationals and so on well I think yeah you've got to have football
authorities all sit down together to make sure when I mean to cancel two
friendlies so the fact that there's only a couple left surely they could select a
week where it's not going to impact whether it's FA Cup the old Champions
League coming up shortly and really gives the international manager the
opportunity to play his best friend side throughout the 90 minutes as you say
next sit with before les matches there shouldn't be that this debate that were
having at the moment we also just clarify that for our viewers that don't
follow us we do the Champions League next season
goes to a knockout competition after the first phase so it'll be just like the
old European Cup in the second half of the season and I wanted to us pretty
pleased about that anyway here we have the lineup today this is about the FA
Cup hopefully a competition that's being revived by a tie like this and
Manchester United who played both their ties at home so far Portsmouth 4-1 West
Ham apologies Trevor 6 nil yeah thanks man
and Arsenal played both airs at home Oxford 2 nil and Farnborough of course
that should have been away but we all know what happened it was played at
Highbury and Farnborough were duly beaten 5-1 so there you go and the 6th
round draw will be on Monday lunchtime we have another live match for you
tomorrow night of course as Gary mentioned but here's Geoff winter there
with a smile on his face Todd Lee before the match he's just been to Dubai for 10
days for a break with his wife and that's why he's looking so tan
I think that was refers back to some words in his direction from a well-known
manager last week any rate I wonder what the two managers will think of his
performance today Manchester United in red of course attacking what we used to
call the Stretford End goes the raw
and off goes this live fifth round cap tie at Old Trafford and straightaway
Lauren / Arsenal in the right back position winds up against the challenge
to take it quickly and winter told him to put it back where it was just seen as
they're lining up to defend this kit with the gigs actually he's going to
start it looks through the middle we've been destroying social has just lining
up on the left-hand side of midfield so you know that's a slight variation to
what we thought well they do play lots of mind games Ferguson and vendor and I
thought maybe one of them would have a surprise up his sleeve for the other and
certainly the way it started as Trevor says and socialized playing wide left
in fact he's just covered in a foul and Jeff winter says call it a bit
vieira was the man who went down he's usually in the thick of it when these
two teams made indeed so is Roy Keane so that's a contest we can look forward to
that was a little uncomfortable shall we say yeah a bit late all Scholz he was in
the end who came through didn't quite follow through the error felt that
contact had probably then rode it round so probably looked a bit worse but there
probably be one or two feisty ones earlier
I don't think tackling is quite the strongest part of course goals game but
there are many other aspects to it which have made him one of the most admired
footballers in the country there's Francis Jeffers who at least gained some
consolation for the England team on Wednesday night the second half team
that was I thought did well he took the goal well he I mean he strength when he
was ever - busy's movement and he's running off the boys betting in the
world knows what with injuries and so forth for a year or two I think this
probably is his biggest game since joining us because it's coming into the
game in form it's a big big match he's not coming into a secondary game but
sometimes he is introduced so let's see if he can actually performed on this
level it's a decent testily for
mr. mr. his first season at Highbury with injury now that's a throwing for
Arsenal Lauren Tyler gets beaten to it it's retrieved
though by a syllable Wiltord who scored the goal here that clinched the double
now here's van Nistelrooy a man in form he's up against Martin Keown and the
near post Jeff went up behind his back
Manchester United's Flyers don't appeal but then there was a follow-up between
skulls and Vieira and it's all gone off Siemens come tearing out of gold to keep
the peace every player comes over BER about to and
that happened well schools in Viera tangling server after this incident in
the [Applause]
through sauce garlic aggravates everyone its goals already remember at the tackle
on very early on followed it up with a second challenge himself so let's see
whether Jeff beam witnesses up on Campbell or skulls
now it is saying no Manchester United player actually appealed for a penalty
the crowd did towards goals is going to get booked that's for certain
and as you say it is his second foul of the match but it just goes to show what
a narrow line this matches always on isn't it between these two clubs
something happens and that there's mayhem what was it three minutes got a
key think assay is pretty competitive cut type at the moment and so Campbell
guys head to the board I think was it was a pen of war what he did do was
follow through just to let soldier know I'm around Neal berry is the fourth
official who Sir Alex Ferguson exchanged words with there on the touchline
back on the pitch it's Gary Neville [Applause]
a lot of cards have been shown in matches between the clubs one recalls
keen this is getting nasty again now Keanu's calm down
that mr. Roy is the man in the thick of it they're surrounding him they're
pushing him and there's real trouble here for Jeff winter he's gotta pick up
the card of some sort mr. Roy for the challenge on Keo
the right foot was really high now don't forget this history here kiona has just
been fined 5000 pounds by the FA for pushing van Nistelrooy in the lead game
this is revenge Gary Neville acting on behalf of his
colleague but it looks to me like well as I said these two did have this
confrontation before Christmas and it's obviously played on van Nistelrooy and
he went for keown early on and he likes skulls he's in the book now then you
want a bit of excitement four minutes gone Trevor well be nice for somebody to
kick the ball down again at the moment but she went for Keough it didn't make a
lot of contact he sort of bundled him over and I think that was probably why
he ended up with just a yellow card the two captains have been called across by
the referee Trevor Viera and Cain while you're watching this again mr. winter
has called the two captains over for a call it chat after only five minutes and
this isn't commonplace actually it and it's significant it's happening in a
match week between two clubs who had such tents and Titanic battles in the
past well he's took two of the captive the two captains are actually two two
were the biggest competitors who I was laughing because I thought well those
those are a good pair to actually say calm down because at the moment there
two got involved and usually are well Scholten van Nistelrooy are now treading
the proverbial line up after only five minutes play
[Applause] don't tell me the FA Cup this memory
bowl here's Lauren
Oh [Applause]
bitch if so shark tries to get Gujarati this weekend
did he say the perfect [Applause]
just bonus right I think it was as bad as whether he did catch Lorna that's why
Stacy they sit on the floor in treatment now I myself don't think that was
another yellow car well of course to follow for that Nistelrooy
I must admit I thought a bit bit like you that Lauren made a lot of that but
he is still on the ground and Gary Lewin the physio doesn't usually leave them
lying there unless there's work to be done
Arsen Venga must surely take his hand here and say just keep your heads look
at this [Applause]
I just don't see the arm on the form come away from the body as if it's in a
Britain doing it I think they're incident here the air is being led back
to the referee by seaman this I think is descent the yellow card has been at has
been taken out again conversation ENS it's a warning
it's another yellow there was a long conversation that's still going on he
would be well-advised I know that the captain's allowed to speak but he's
already had one conversation with Jeff winter then Vieira went back not once
but twice and has been booked but we did mention that it was chatting
to the two captains to calm it down they're very competitive and then within
two minutes the captain for something verbal gets a yellow card himself
yeah Beckham had been fouled but I it was the prolonged conversation when
Vieira went back the second time that forced Jeff winter to get his book out
for the third time in seven minutes well are we going out well I don't want a red
card it would spoil it but it's heading that way
[Applause] there's certainly not been any bit of
football in incident up to now because we were to be too busy talking about the
exchanges and yellow cards yeah never looking for van Nistelrooy Sol
Campbell across adieu challenged by Beckham
and it's Vic Giggs trying to flick it on [Applause]
your sword [Applause]
I was looking forward to watching the football today and just for the moment
you're looking for the next tackle really this is the air a big roundly
booed Torres gets a touch the kind particularly good one
the best escape the rollaway disputing the verdict of the assistant
referee No back to Lauren Vieira
and now Jeffers it's running on Perez chance for Arsenal the back al far -
Nicole not quite how he intended and Gary Neville concedes the corner
and go is a good employee move jeffers not its cross square Pyrenees but his
touch determined him a bit why he tried to macula
he's understanding leg and that met Ashley : got brought down by Neville
well Martin Keown has gone on to the goal line the air is very close to him a
soul Campbell to come from a deeper position just by the penalty spot in
fact Vieira goes oh good punch by Bart Eze back in after his inter it South
Hampton [Applause]
now right on Edo's made a forward run in the center
here deflection on the cross where's Brown
and 39 both covering now mr. Roy
[Applause] well
that that personal battle between Kia and van mr. Royce its surface again so
quickly just after it's been dealt with in the football court so to speak
here's the error Cain finds van mr. Roy David Beckham
Santa hair van Nistelrooy nobody right still
Beckham so cattle strong
Wiltshire looking for power Jeffers in the middle
chuckle bye Sylvester some great exchanges in this
so Lester goes in with Darla they get up and you got to see Roy Keynes coming as
the third man look at those two battling away Roy Keane comes in and says let me
get involved as well to make a challenge certainly it is as competitive and
opening little swell as I've seen all season
well Ferguson did say he didn't need that the windows of this will be in pole
position to win the FA Cup at Cardiff in May and they're playing as if they
really mean it banister Roy gates he lives at the post I think Stephen
actually had the post covered whereas suddenly got two guys wondered
they deserve I got the ball and Lauren doesn't know whether to go Wyatt just a
little bit short which means just took its time and they're so low I had to
drag it a little bit away from Lauren and that took it then to the near boat
elite Davey seemed to be honest would have been beaten with the power but it
came back off that foot on the post yet we'll never know will we
but anyway it was the first really smooth attack of the match
[Applause] don't think Gary never really wanted
that from Keenan there but still he said hurried away and serve Arsenal now with
Edo Scholz back to Beckham and he's gone
down challenged by Ashley Cole [Applause]
[Applause] once there was a red card for keen in
that semi-final replay when Giggs scored his wonder goal
[Applause] and just united up to the first time
went through with ten men here's West Brown
[Applause] plays gone on it still vests cross
soldier is down here's parlor again Jeff winter waited
and let the play go good decision by the referee Kasasa is back on his feet
[Music] Eddie Cole - Reggie central at the
moment this is will tour [Applause]
of a passing exercise by arson for the moment
until Ashley Cole starts to move forward looking for Jeffers
[Applause] Lauren always got away from 39
[Applause] I was trying to bring the ball out then
just over hit it gay possession to Lauren who did well to get past him
coming in made himself the shooting angle but just not his weaker side was
scuffed it a bit and didn't get the venom that Woods needed to be parted it
was a decent flick by Giggs can Beckham keep it in now on 13 and will be wanting
to put behind him the memory of that second goal by Australia but in fairness
to one or two other players who played in the first half it's now pretty much
accepted that a lot of them wanted to go back out for the second period and coach
Eriksson decided to stick to his promise and only play them for 45 minutes
I have to play 490 today unless we get a red card or an injury of course Neville
will take the throne Manchester United [Applause]
if you hear a song booming out around the ground it's the new Manchester
United version of take me home country road
which are not mistaken as offside it was originally recorded by John Denver among
others but it's now called take me home United Road and they've been lustily
giving voice to that for the last few weeks I've noticed
so shy cakes
[Music] winter Sookie said also come forward
with Karla edan vieira skulls in the way to rest
oh they do through the center [Applause]
but soldier is up to the referee straightaway to ask why he wasn't given
one just a moment or two ago I thought that was a good decision and they just
said Jeffords had back healed it there and certainly and who got there just
before Brown and then was brought down a Victor Fuentes Oh both exactly right
mister I think Jeff Winters made a good start here again that's not going to be
easy to handle Eddie has put the ball down Torres is
there as well I think the Brazilian might be
we'll say the rest is also in a shooting position
and it was I do and it came off Paul scolds actually and landed on the roof
of the net for a corner that was the only way he's going to threaten the cold
because it wasn't particularly well here you see a little flicker out of the leg
there that loops it up which could have made it difficult and Bartels there just
watched it go over don't think I was ever going to do a Ronaldinho there do
you anyway it's corner to to Arsenal and again they've got a line of three key
own to flick on Vieira on the line Jeffers behind him but the first head
was David Beckham's and actually I think it was the second
as well it's a corner and surprise parties come all the way out there to
try and get over David back because it was right on the end of the six yard but
it's not particularly dangerous because Beckham had cut out the first heaven
well let's see what happens next time Perez is curling these corners in
Beckham is standing in front of Keown Sol Campbell tried to get a touch but
that has dead it's a corner again this side now the third in a row for Arsenal
[Music] [Applause]
and they get the flick on this time but Manchester United head yeah David
Beckham again he covers the near post that time again just giving off the top
of his head and cleared everyone they don't mind you fix it on as long as it
gives them a second header in there this time close and it's just
nice and easy to part Eze rolls it out very intelligently and scores finding
van Nistelrooy now soldiers sprinting up to his left
were already including gigs [Applause]
Rebecca will toward Jeffers good shot
foreword by Kane van mr. Brightside return
[Applause] you break before that as well really all
coming from the throw out from bar tears it just shows you I can switch from
defense to attack now then do you think he's going to turn well are you shutting
when the with me in this very position when he scored against Greece at that
end how can we ever forget that not quite the same part of the pitch but not
so far away David Seaman will know all about this we've got to give it a go
gotta give it a go Beckham all there was a touch on there and semen punching wall
mouse underneath the bar [Applause]
think it was Sylvester who got up first well 20 minutes gone that old sucker if
you joined us late you can see there's no score but there's been a a rum bust
us start three bookings in seven minutes Cole's van Nistelrooy and Viera have all
been shown the yellow card and that cross for your pass by the error finds
Torres who's been playing much more in the center than you might expect and
he's found well taught and Jeffers has made a run to the far side and will
toward gets the cross in and Manchester United defending again with a little bit
of desperation just a bit of the quality of some of the attack play beginning to
come through now the attack from Sarsgaard just now that was clearly
under saw where I had a chance and then a great break by Perez and built up just
at the other end [Applause]
she's posed [Applause]
so Manchester United they're going to have to pull everybody back again this
most lucker obviously bit further it from the corner flag but eddo looking
for a position in the middle with Campbell cleon's there as well then
again the delivery doesn't really favor the players in the center until eddo
regains possession this is Torres
and now it's Wiltord now it's Perez again oh the back heel was meant for
parlor didn't go there back to Roy Keane
van Nistelrooy trying to flick it on head in for us
taking shape now this cup type forward by Campbell to the era
and the lads of the psuedo said beforehand there's not much to choose
between these teens normally and and it is absolutely even-steven at the moment
after a really frantic opening they've both they're probing away it had a
couple of half openings couple of free kicks like this still nobody quite
country not that clear-cut open to res and will toward round the ball they do
to their right is he going to just lock this up to wilt or to volley looks like
it while they're saying scholars advanced
the he's rolled it to Wiltord Oh came
through a crowd of flies actually coal fell in front of the ball almost there
as it was past him and Perez had to keep his eye on it seemed to go through the
wall didn't that's why he had to use his feet he's definitely saw it late
here's Perez yes he did but he's that kind of goalkeeper isn't he he can
manufacture a save his par leur Oh tie on again good advantage by the referee
key deca
[Applause] well halfway through the first half and
as Trevor said you wouldn't want to separate them too now
Cole it's Perez playing a bit further into
give Cole the freedom of that left-hand side Trevor well he likes to drift in
and sort of what sometimes come in as the playmaker you can see him now just
in front of the front to look in the centre circle that you know that is the
way they play in antara will give them the width on this right-hand side this
is Jettas with brown and the England defender
against the England forward now then Lauren well in fact Sylvain Wiltord had
taken up the left side position here Cole
[Applause] still Wiltord
this pitch has been relayed on numerous occasions including just recently again
Trevor Berbick looks like a good playing surface our pitches excellent now let's
say how long it it lasts on each occasion but certainly for this game a
little bit earlier it looks absolutely perfect so nothing wrong with a pitch
and the game is settled down after that opening 10 minutes a good quality
footballs have strong defending probe in a way
I'm sure please do that because you saw him after about 10 minutes just say to
his guys look let's let's call this well somebody had to
- never to Becca [Applause]
in towards van mr. Roy Campbell's the defender saucer-eyed miss school tour
defending by Campbell and not a very good strike viola gonna well he was
backpedaling so carefully he thought what's behind me I've gotta get some
sort of touch and it just felt kindly the social or on was falling backwards
so sure possibly could have had a touch and then the shot he tried to hit it
first time and sliced it badly or two opportunities of currents or showers way
so far his keen and this is skulls plenty forward here for manchester
united still tall skulls on that occasion very good defending
bicameral for here yet the church they've got an
outnumbered position here arsenal if they play it right this is the era
he's got Lauren 3 the other way that's lawrence krauss Wiltord up its
and some awkward defendant Beckham or so Sean that was a break on
the other end no no outside this is not mister why the
black stayed [Applause]
to the first challenge so gamble back to the second and bad mr. Roy is crowded
out well he did well at this stage you just
took it too far that was a light a little so end of I think you knew then
it uses experience to fall backwards and make it difficult for him to get to the
Bourne Campbell excellent coverage came back to Beckham oh it's over hit by the
England catching no sir I got a lot of space because smarthinking pushed up to
try and play the outside I wasn't sure when the ball was played whether he he
had just drifted off side but he got the the way to play on and then just didn't
quite capitalize on it as you can see just not take a little bit too far
and Keown did well look at that hand come out just to try and make it there
big book or vendor throw well it was Martin Keown whose arm was up looking
for an offside originally didn't get it and it was his arm it was up there just
nudging van Nistelrooy as the second challenge came in from Campbell
it's quite gripping but it needs a goal 27 minutes gone
[Applause] Ferdie now
his gigs away from Eden but not away from coal
[Applause] gigs plan mr. Roy now then Beckham wants
it socialized in the center here comfortable for David Seaman
[Applause] welcome to the boil engine Nevel
and beckham again and neville again now so best
[Applause] Jeff I saw that
brings down Perez and that surely is going to be a yellow card number four
lucky roy key because he got caught out with the ball played back to him but he
didn't get a shout out and he turned into Jeffers lost possession and then
because they break so quickly that's if he felt make that challenger just to
bring players down there was an automatic yellow car
Jettas were smart there got back to make a charlie didn't see him coming
[Applause] [Applause]
now Jeff is in attack soul shot
[Applause] will to it 190° pilot
[Applause] were they much at the moment
Mehcad was back in his own half as his stove on the side it's salsa gigs in the
center with van Nistelrooy others joining but I think so shows overrun
that Oh tour pass by Kane and then Beckham ran into Paulo and then it was
Vieira and Kane giving it everything and to rest now for us and they got a real
chance on the left hand side because Manchester United is still funneling
back this is Ashley Cole to reg the player nearer to the ball but
came very wisely allowed it to fall into partners territory good play
through ball by Beckham or can't stop [Applause]
that has to be mrs. O'Brien gets career how did he put
that over the bar and horrendous era by Martin Keown semen all over the place go
on just sliding in the net that is unbelievable
once he's clear like this you wonder is see we going to bring him down no okay
he just got a dribbling towards the goalies I know it's hit will he come up
but that is absolutely astounding I mean when you think of the golden goal that
we've seen before this match and suddenly to miss that but I mean it's
Fergus another thing II can't even believe it
don't think I've seen one quite like that since Ronnie rosandjohn took one
over the bar at Villa Park a few years ago that was the one I remember anyway
they've probably been others but not from Ryan Giggs very often I shouldn't
think the only thing you'd say did make it he'll be wet past same anywhere past
care but he just i don't you just was looking it to dribble into the empty now
there was no one who could have possibly got near if he did not did and dribble
it towards goal or even just rolled it in along the ground that no one would
have stopped it this is Perez well this cups are be remembered for that if
nothing else here's Vieira it's actually cold are to writing in the
center now for Arsenal have you picked them out well he could pick out Tyler on
this side he's found Viera that shots it Keane
I do good skill can rattle again
harlot in Viera this time finds Jeffers
[Applause] tireless cross will toward up with the
goalkeeper David Beckham didn't see a new coming but he got the ball or what
all he hasn't PRA and Gary Neville both protested to Geoff
winter but the free-kick was given based upon a knife edges there is liable
to bond any moment fear did very well to win
possession on the couple of occasions boy keen just said he he went down too
easily but just probably just caught the back of his leg this is the one but he
gets up he's won two tackles then shields it and he does take away his
standing leg about you know whatever West United said I think that's a good
decision again I think it's a foul by Keane unmistakeably I also think the
error is injured and not just prolonging this
well what happened here to Ryan Giggs so if you ever missed one like this
yourself of course not no I probably would remember if I did anyway but I
wouldn't have been quick enough to get to this one Martin Keown must be
relieved then David see because he could have been a red card Evita caught him
and there I mean I'm not sure who it was it back up running outside him because
but I mean having done to that all he's got to do is dribble it towards go
amazing he's going to halt even it that one for a while well I don't know why
you had to lift it anyway there we go okay thank you we got a free-kick
mr. Alec Ferguson not tell you what in any way whatsoever about that but his
team have got to come all the way back and defend edges closer this time for a
crack at goal torres is also standing in a threatening position my favorite poses
is a bit closer it is a bit more powerful with his shooting but Perez is
a more of a curler I think he might take seniority here who knows right
[Applause] and it was a defect
or in front to a deflected free kick by a do
[Applause] I mean what wasn't the best of three
cakes today Frankie didn't hit it back look at it just takes a really strong of
Scholz I think it was got his head to it and I mean once it hits go let's have a
look how is it no it's almost the BEC this Li it's just on the shoulder of
Beckham there let's have a look in the middle there I think it could be Beckham
you know anyway it's totally wrong footed well ro Bartos no tat
well ed who that Brazilian will certainly do his best to claim it an
Arsenal have taken the lead within minutes of that shocking missed by Ryan
Giggs how costly could that now true they contested the award of the
free-kick anyway [Applause]
Manchester United and Eddowes goal after 35 minutes is his third of the season
I'm not sure you could give him that if I don't think there was any way that was
going to go into the goal it was just there
the massive deflection that totally wrong
Oh [Applause]
this is van Nistelrooy I agree with you I think it was Beckham
shoulder it came up I don't know whether you can call it Beckham on goal although
the way the goals are allocated these days it may well finish up that way I
think you know okay all right well fair enough it's one deal to Arsenal score
for which they went here to clinch the league title last season they're in
front again at Old Trafford and now Manchester United had work to do it's
key who gave away the free kick well no one read not at the moment no
Bergkamp knows your Berto silver but arsenal have the advantage in this fifth
round Cup time [Applause]
no chance for barter as once it was deflected as you say took it in the
other side of the goal now Sylvester's forward here near boast Sol Campbell
jumping with him it's Beckham trying to make amends
so shortest sculls didn't get all of it at all
[Applause] do they deserve to be in front I don't
think either sites done enough this is a goal as you see they get up on me they
all jump in unison they know it's going to try and go over the top so they all
jump up to try and get the block and you know it's a terrible develop port look
at poor elbow Bart says his footing goes and Toki
stranded [Applause]
so the FA cup holders lead by one goal to nil
Arsenal who won the trophy for the eighth time when they beat Chelsea in
Cardiff having been there the year before and thought they'd won the Cup
and then had their pockets picked by Liverpool and Michael Owen so will they
be there for the third year running [Applause]
this is Perez [Applause]
and now Viera with [Applause]
Cole on the far side [Applause]
yeah [Applause]
to stick the error in torez at the mountain holding sway in that central
midfield area Kenan scores can't quite get to them Ferdinand cutting off
Jeffers not that successfully and Braun is put in a little bit of a corner there
after working so hard to close it down putting the back door under pressure
making it very tough for Mitch United to play their way out as normal but they've
done it that's what's making it so absorbing
actually but also in the middle of it awesome some fairly routine mistakes
being made in the classroom this is keen that wasn't one always but it was too
res Beckham was stretching for it yeah they're really making Manchester
United work at the moment Arsenal extraordinary isn't it that gigs will
scored that unbelievable gold against arson in the semi-final replay four
years ago when he beat everybody on the pitch practically should miss a chance
like that today how to verse football can be sculls close it forward
the error done well the last 10 or 15 minutes that
man is really has my sub you talent at all spread the play well pulse goes you
just mentioned just now has been pretty poor with his passing memory had a bit
of a knock whether as a groin during the mid week when the England he was
doubtful and whether he's still feeling that I don't know buddy's not been as
influential as normal [Applause]
mrs. sculls - Beckham cane
[Applause] [Applause]
[Applause] there's Neville stars Viera stretching
22nd Lauren David Seaman still very comfortable in those situations
[Music] [Applause]
so I shall achieve what they failed to do here in December and score amazing
record isn't really 60 nine domestic games now in only once
have they not registered [Applause]
[Applause] [Music]
beckham picked of a good position there and he also picked out neville poor in
the middle of the deflection on the cross which slightly changed the
trajectory arsenal cope with it as they're coping with everything just at
the moment here's the error only three minutes left in the half
it's been an incessant sort of cup tied with very few breaks in
between [Applause]
this is Jeffers I think it's looking very much as though
Arsenal are going to almost roll through to hard time here the man who knocked it
back winners be very clear Jules well at the back can but I think he plays
excellently very strong on talent anticipated any danger well
what he'll be saying in the dressing just a bit we never here
which I'm quite pleased there are a few things we don't hear lunchtime will
probably be bleeped I mean it's a freakish goal let's be frank that the
free kick was desperately unlucky and of course the geeks chance so that the 1
nil score line could have been reversed and it's just as tight as we expected it
to be that's just jealous
now then is there a repast here for Manchester United in the closing stages
of the first half I've got the throw there's going to be three minutes of
added time so the fourth official Neal Berry will inform us and time of plenty
then for Manchester United to get back into it Brown
Oh Sylvester neither side here really wants to
replate have to be postponed until the 5th of March if there wasn't because of
the two weeks of Champions League football coming
a few days before the sixth round after which there's more Champions League Bret
bond the handsome to change his mind there he's found Neville in the end and
of course the Worthington Cup final for Manchester United in a couple of weeks
time against Liverpool his keen to beckon
Neville running on Ryan Hicks had gone to the right and we
lost possession free-kick eddo
bundled over there's the three minutes I just wonder whether just for a little
spell in the second I think mites what soldier and gigs good pace did take him
beyond the back for for the goal but I just think gigs running it at Lauren
down this side and and sort of cells guard and this or in the middle of just
for 15-20 minutes might be worth having a look at yeah so um trucks back in his
more familiar position here is Lauren
john has got Tarlov breathing down his neck
[Applause] skulls now then space down the right to
Gary Neville for others up with information United
[Applause] parla Oh decent ball to res Oh will
toward free to his left Ferdinand in front of him now still will
toward nobody there to help him nobody whatsoever but where is Ashley
Cole I think they were just let them get on
with and they thought period built or we're going to create an opening and and
so nobody had started to join and then they got exposed once the opportunity
died away they were in splendid isolation there the to Arsenal forges
parlor [Applause]
when I guess apart from the flurry of bookings at the start the two major
incidents to debate in this first half well as how suppose about it the gigs
miss and the a do deflected goal Neville Bekka
Jettas so best agree with Jeffers authorities
it's not been given Beckham's brought the ball away to keen
let's Peck him again van Nistelrooy Kitson coal
it's a national ball and it's got to be a national leader I think a hard time
isn't it I just think there isn't much to choose between the one or two of the
better players Pires Vieira Campbell probably adjust in the Astor's so I need
to look at people like Magnus Arroyo Beckham teen and quite impose themselves
in the same ilk well edges free-kick
deflected off the manchester united wall perhaps by Beckham Gibbs asked him the
halftime lead but the most forlorn figure coming off the pitch has to be
Ryan Giggs for that quite out of character when he missed with the goal
gaping and that's really the reason that arson Venga walks off at halftime the
more cheerful manager in this life fifth round Cup tie it's Manchester United nil
the holders Arsenal one well yes if we want to let off steam we look at each
other here but sure there was plenty of steam coming off the pitch in the first
seven minutes Trevor and then I have to say it did calm down a bit after that he
asked the broke well I think Jefferson Milton have been a pretty good outlet
Pires tax inside and sort of their due has been sitting Vera's got some good
tackles if you look at the match united cider via who's sort of had an impact on
the earth game from an attacking point of view that you can't take many out of
their sort of attacking six Sylvester's hasn't got forward as he usually does
with with Tyler out that side and so skulls has been quite deep with clean he
has it sort of it got beyond the front to lots of gigs are still going to start
off alongside snow all over them missile right through the middle so whether they
they do swap him and souls car the only option he's got on the bench really is
for land as an attacking optional or but to come on and push somebody further
forward just a toast grip to that discussion about Sir Bobby Robson of
course it's 25 years this year since the FA Cup was won by to switch town under
his management at Wembley and I know from my own experiences of
talking to mother many years that that period in his life 13 years at Ipswich
Town nine of them in Europe in ten seasons figures very highly and what
made him the manager and in some ways the man that is so as you said today now
there are we going to admire in the second half here Arsenal now playing
from the right a goal to the good and Manchester United with Beckham on the
ball for a moment and if the second half starts like the first watch out for the
fireworks Jettas
this is Sylvester I won't reach that Martin Keene Keown
with a keen eye on him Roy Keane never
and again it's those two and again kyouma comes across as offside flag up
there anyway but lateness that manicure they're not to point to it
they've got a little bit sometimes the defenders wet the balls played in you
can see he is just on that right at the picture when you got that shadow of the
status when the balls coming out into the sunlight I see one or two of the
United their defenders and powders in the first I've got caught by that let's
see if seaman and the his defense could cope okay cherish Lauren to the era
the res now is holding the white position
I'm sorry Becca national certainly haven't hurried
they're passing I've been quite happy at times to stroke it around this is Lauren
[Applause] and not like that cakes to solji our van
Nistelrooy that was a loose bit of play by the champions and Sasha has been
another collision on the near side so there were two Bannister Road was the
second man to go down and a challenge from Edo the what to quit the didn't see
either was so low I got the wrong side and Lauren tugged back by the shirt
that's why he tumbled over to make sure I didn't get clear but no one would have
picked that one up that would have been a card for Lauren if it had been seen
free kicks taken by Beckham so vest comes up far side now Rio Ferdinand
[Applause] beg him to skulls gigs owner Jeff is
able to intercept Tarla keep trying to make up for that now
they've got three round car [Applause]
before dead as how at this time
[Applause] okay
[Applause] so sure
David Beckham's head [Applause]
skulls to get soul shot wicked sighs bicameral skip Manchester unity the call
that can you take it Ferdinand will come forward
[Applause] he's got his armored Rio Ferdinand
Silvestre into the penalty area as well but it's an easy one for a do
and never looking for the captain here keen colds clearance doesn't really do
the job scolds gets it back never [Applause]
can't really see Beckham getting anything out of Jeff winter there could
you being a prey penalty decision I mean
Dave Becca stops running should try and get the header and then reelect I'll it
just continues and the load knocks him over there was there's nothing really on
that at all hello you betcha gnarly not surprising the air getting a good early
bitter spell of pressure without creating anything
[Applause] our head is so now
when it expired that Chester United they realized the question
or they've lost it now Nevada oh I didn't win it because
Ferdinand made a good block [Applause]
taller and again Jeffers ahead of him Vieira
makes a strong forward run as well Jeffers waits in the center
[Applause] but always Orthodox is a
[Applause] tonight as the United skulls was knocked
off the ball then cafe up the tempo United in
go back are some quite happy times to slow it
all down [Applause]
they do to work with him we'll talk good
[Applause] and they made it look very simple head
to twinkle toes really slid the ball through he skipped the challenge Wiltord
and stared at the other side of our test well well done they do they just roll
the ball up Rio Ferdinand cook has built up and behind him went brown there has
to come a commit himself doesn't want to give the penalty away then he just sets
himself he could go either way and he just strokes it wired about it but has
no chance at all delightful little movement by after the first real attack
after six or seven minutes of defending him the second half and what wonderful
cushion that is for the mouth fifty two minutes gone in the fifth round
Manchester United nil Arsenal Choo we'll see what's what a good scoring
record in the FA Cup as well and here's Perez
[Applause] well yes what a cushion it'll need a
comeback a little bit like the 1979 Cup final that we showed a glimpse off to
change this here's will toured again and they're standing off him again and it
just caught Rio Ferdinand did it we're indeed bears not being it but what's
gone on their trail that's a corner is now it's a vacant is he'll there's no
question that look you know this is the girl great little run
you know the two central defenders Ferdinand and West Brown just got caught
by his movement edited excellent because he got the ball initially knocked it
appeareth got it back again Gilberto Silva with Brazil's been arrested today
because he had a long journey to China and letters come in and dump great
alongside the error in midfield yeah well not just your Berto missing bird
Kappa has traveled on way who has been used yet and I shall still find
themselves to up well we made a lot of the two strikers burka and certainly on
Reba Eddie's slotted in really well it is
natural left border says give them good shape and they do keep the ball as they
are here now making missionary worked really hard to try and get it back look
at this now Vieira and it was parla that supplied the parson art must also say
said been some good movement from Jeffers and world so it doesn't seem to
mind whether he plays wide or whether he plays at the middle
he's had an impact here [Applause]
or what do they do there's got to be a little change I think they've had a talk
and shall we go now and he's coming they tell somebody to get one there on
their heels at the moment Carlos Carrie was the Portuguese coat has just come
down as you say to institute some kind of change may befall but there is
surgery needed here by Manchester United and I think you could get butted as well
be good yeah they're winning the midfield at the moment
playing too deep present skip around there it just strokes it and
you don't have to break the map then they're not so we're saying earlier with
gigs anyway yeah you could change it around that when I agree I think that's
where arson have really got hold of the game Vieira and they do have had the
better of Keenan skulls kept on barters didn't really do
Sylvester any favors but anyway here's brown
[Applause] so to just clarify for our younger
viewers that in that 1979 Cup final Arsenal had look what looked like an
unassailable to nil lead with five minutes to go Manchester United then
scored twice to make it 2-2 and then I'll summon up the other end and got the
winning goal with Allen Sunderland and mention our has still got 35 minutes
today but at the moment they're just lost their way and they're giving the
ball away it's a store who looking actually to try and get there we'll
charge down injured but Tyler plays on and here comes Jeffers
or towards picked himself up around the halfway line which is Beckham
well the goal now for Manchester United would really give us a good time
[Applause] Oh Cole is getting himself in a bit of a
tangle there a truth be told and this is Becca
Kien good board soul Shire and Ursula were lurking at the far post
Ashley Sorrell soldier hunting in packs that was a great thing head one-on-one
sauce go against V air and suddenly they had three against one and helped him out
terrific defended yeah the grouping around the ball by Arsenal's defenders
has noticeably been better than that by the Manchester United back players
who've been a little exposed at times had on the second goal but
there's a lot in this match yet over half an hour to go and there is no
question that some history tells us there could be more than one twist in it
still to come skulls
[Applause] the best
mr. Wu up against Kia three Manchester United players to his
right and he's picked out Giggs and skulls is backing him up and he goes
down Jeff when she says no so I've got to give the man with the do
bhai Jan a bid for your mark see I really disagree they're back with about
one decision he's made and probably with try to bundle his way
to prove Thomas cosa get his standing foot clipped but
nobody's tried to let the game flow and when you think of the opening seven or
eight minutes I think is that a pretty good job
Jeffers tuviera here's another management a very good job Edo duress
Cole [Applause]
there's Arsenal's now I'm going to be the first one through to the sixth round
of the cup I can definitely talk back this time go
ahead even though the Brazilian doesn't agree
[Applause] freaka quarters and Rio Ferdinand makes
his way forward into the penalty area Beckham to take Sylvester is there as
well and Sherry's West Brown I went through everybody
goal kick they're all in a cluster work that salesgirl was the the first of the
cluster he just flicked it on and then it cleared everyone and chewing gum at
the moment wolf working furiously because can't be happy as to at the
moment asked of getting the better possession and his side definitely
rocked by the second go and at the moment just can't seem to get the right
shape in the fluid is normally in their play well the cut holders are not going
to have their grip on the trophy loosened
easily there's no question about that and they're in a commanding position
Arsenal at the moment here [Applause]
those gigs and skulls both would consider doubtful yesterday for this
match the substitutions to come this is soldier Beckham
shakes off to recover to England flies there
[Applause] nevels looking for Cain there's the
flick-on there's vanished away big shout terse four hands then for a foul neither
given play goes on Beckham so shall I shoot the big gigs coming in
well he throw that into the ground and it went right across the six-yard box
it's a great chance that cleared everyone look there's nobody going to
challenge him right it's coming out the Sun base on his left foot just
completely miss tides it hits it into the ground it bothers across the face of
the goal then vanish to roy churned there are don't think that was a foul I
think he just well he virtually fell over as he had the shot now as an injury
Martin Keown is down so there'll be a delay now tactical Lala
would call this AB experience man sitting down we're under a bit of
pressure a to Neela let's have a couple of minutes break what it still isn't
really going for United Trevor is it we're a virgin I mean they need to try
and hit back ours I think I must be delighted with that second go but that
was a good chance to ride geeks it's just beautifully clipped over the back
post you know just hanging there on his left foot he missed find it bad it
wasn't close to going him to hit it into the ground as badly as he did and it
bothered across the face of the goal I suppose he could have had a bit of luck
and it ended up going into the stride of somebody but and suffering at the moment
well the timeout that you called is now just about elapsed Martin Keown is the
player off the pitch because he has to come back on formally having been
treated by the physio Gary Lewin understand the wisdom of this moat of
this law sometimes seems to slow the game walk down more than speeded up
which bridges what it was designed to do [Applause]
now I'm just trying to get the ball back he's in no position to defend as it's
turned out there's going to be a free kick for the foul on Perez
now again is a lot of pushing and shoving Goering everybody involved there
Jeff winters right in the thick of it right at the heart of it I mean it was a
bit challenge but vain tears went down swivelling to the floor and he did you
know make a huge meal of that one I think of 3-course well well I think
that's what the United players are saying and this is what annoyed Gary
Neville Martin Keown still what he was the
player off the pitch and he's trying to get back on
[Applause] anyway it's all going to finish up with
Arsenal coming a free-kick squall of activity down there among the subs but
as yet nobody's been cool to the touch line with what sixty three minutes gone
[Applause] [Music]
[Applause] a little tete-a-tete
it's all the captured I want to fail every three minutes it does disrupt the
play but I think from Matt you know his point of view them as you know get to
catchy and appealing brevity they just gotta focus on getting their passing
game together and improve it [Applause]
I would imagine four lands been a bit the shout when it happens but
is actually cold meantime one of those spirited runs down the left-hand side
[Applause] three more
fifth round sighs this afternoon you can see those tonight match of the day
highlights four games tomorrow in this round of the competition at the moment
it doesn't look as though Manchester United are going to be in the next round
unless they can call upon their fabled powers of recovery they're quite capable
of scoring a cut the girls quickly but at the moment they're just haven't got
any understanding or flow to their game so it won't come shortly unless that
improved the air is having a tremendous match look at him now could have gone
down that chose to keep his feet and indeed keep possession for Arsenal this
is Paula Jeffers coming to the near post
[Applause] now keen to gigs he's fouled by Tyler
free-kick to Manchester United I was about to say that I think in the Battle
of the captains if you want to call it that in the middle of the field Vieira's
had the edge over keen so far but that may be a dangerous thing to say
here's Perez well sure he's certainly played well
but he's got dispossessed there and this is Becca and again skulls to his left at
a better ball possibly yes he's found Sylvester and that cross cut out by
Campbell only as far as soul shy though here's Nagel
turning around and said I want it into space sales guy I heard the shout of the
overlap but he knocked it sort of square and so he knocked it outside him and
then he couldn't hook it round and again frustration and a bit of derision from
the özil fans are behind there that goal that there mention earlier attacking
yeah nine thousand have come up from London as indeed they did for for West
Ham in the last row would you chuck well are you store they're slightly different
outcome possibly if I have dates yes let's get back to the no goal
differences eight anyway we will get back in depth in data today
halfway through the second half here at old trafford the holders of the FA Cup -
nil up against the Worthington Cup finalists
both teams still attacking on many fronts this season at the throwing
and they've yet to meet again in the league at Highbury in April the game
that many people think might decide the destiny of the Barclaycard Premiership
so vest van Nistelrooy didn't control that Impala comes away and his usual
work and light passion for Arsenal you always know what you're getting with ray
parlour this is Jeffers its parlor again eddo is in support he finds the arrow
and it moves on to Perez Cole that comes out to cover again
we really do feel arson at times have dictated both the tempo and the shape of
the game his cold - Rhett - good runners from midfield one
of them here is Vieira the other is Paulo but tall skulls got a footing tell
you what he was in there right control
I've made two runs from midfield power through the middle of the arrow to the
right there to Vieira then he just miscued the ball
through the parlor and they were open up again mention I didn't gain is is the
quality of tassels passing in comparison to mention I that's a different he is a
colossus piero and he plays like this isn't Scioscia skulls
Rio Ferdinand Challenger thought they dispossessed him fairly but Manchester
United now have a chance to set something up at the other end Ferdinand
continues his run forward onto the edge of the penalty area Beckham will take
this short and square to brow now skulls Sylvester his left and a line of five
ahead of him Giggs Sylvester ghin may that look quite easy
Ferdinand is coming in ed who their first this is key own gigs again so best
again header out was by coal back in by
Neville this is scolds little ball into van Nistelrooy this is where he's
dangerous keen scold is coming in
[Applause] how did that one miss I lost the flight
of that ball Trevor what happened there well sir sky lost the flying as well
because skulls just got in the way [Applause]
Scholz is going back and then he hears the shout from Seoul ska gets out the
way but Soto has just been distracted enough not to head it on target not sit
into the side netting that was another good chance that one and the gigs volley
to key openness if you get one go suddenly a store on the rack why it
stays to nil they've got a nice little cushion they can pass it around as
they've been doing must be cursing down on the
[Applause] throughout grow a little restless as
well demanding at a Manchester United revival here might have seen one if that
had gone in this is Ferdinand it's going to be fall and the geeks
yes skulls scholarships
his Butler is why clear a bit field always dangerous here
hits it with the outside of his right but always slice it away from go I just
got close down just outside the here they got hurried but there's the
substitution invention yeah Giggs is coming off after what from his point of
view after a week when he's been under treatment has not been one of his more
sparkling displays for LAN comes on having now become compared to what he
used to be quite a regular goalscorer he's scored in the Premiership in Europe
in the Worthington Cup now can he open his account in the FA Cup Manchester
United certainly hope he can well he's gone on to the left-hand side of
midfield and so scars gone through the middle with no sir I thought they just
might have gone that way we were 10 minutes with Giggs out wide on the left
but it hasn't happened in for land now has taken that position on that
left-hand side or the really good news for Manchester United is that Thierry on
ray will come on an email oh that one's gone down
the crowd shouting their duress [Applause]
what a good task really lane waiter is so threads the bull food people through
defenders he actually I think is the one who pulls all the string beer does the
tackle and wins the ball and Perez threads the ball through to the front
men super bleep well the third of the Musketeers is about to join the action
as well so we'll see what happens when Tyrion reappears
this is Neville to Manchester United Jeffers of course did have a half for
England in midweek but then again mostly were played international football of
some sort to some period of time this is for LAN
keen skulls [Applause]
I'm so vest [Applause]
Paula giving away this is where Arsenal really
do kick you in the teeth if you give the ball away there they normally
counter-attack with some Menace miss occasion Wiltord was held up a bit by
Sylvester well here he comes
[Applause] 24 goals this season for the first time
he's appeared in the FA Cup Thierry honoré and looks like Francis Jettas
coming to the touchline straight slot jeffers just applauding the Arsenal
supporters as he goes off what a bonus also on reweave it supplies
Berk I met trebled honorees on the bench third 72 minutes here and he's coming on
and he cider to nail up goodness me an embarrassment of riches you might say
for arson Benga Arsenal supporters quite pleased I think with the contribution of
Jeffers giving him a thank you with a song and chant in his name and he's
worked very hard but always the strong part of his game his work rating than a
bit of aggression and closing down but he's taking the lead from this Arsenal
team and his improved form was was shown there in other areas of his game
now here's Roy Keane across comes Sol Campbell
what's the ball to relative does he's big terrific at the back so strong
and powerful all right sometimes in possession is distribution occasionally
that's in doubt but [Applause]
just bounces off and he's got a good temperament doesn't get involved and
there's been a key factor at the back today fingers frenched forward a little
conversation there while the ball was being retrieved honoree and will toward
doubtless discussing how they're gonna link up which they are doing now in the
attack this is II do and again got it back from will tornado
and this is will toward again laundry makes his way into the penalty area
Terez your child is behind him
hello this control there gives manchester united possession with keen
[Applause] only about 15 minutes left to us
stoppage time here for united to rescue this cup tie and it won't be done quite
like that Diego forlán never had a chance of catching it well if you're
looking at a man of the match you might be torn between the error and edelwood
you each other in the Arsenal midfield I said to midfield of them very very well
I think Perez is up because they've worked hard to gain possession series
and threads the ball through is so incisive with his past but yeah big feed
good performances all the way around Campbell at the back as well free-kick
given there against Andre for the use of the arm on 30 now
still Manchester United not firing on all cylinders not being allowed to
achieve Lisa his skulls to key
for man get cut out here by
as far as Andre from the Manchester United skipper
[Applause] [Applause]
explain to beckon forlán mr. Boyd could take it in stride
gives Cole the chance to count arrays is now been a bit of
a third finding Edo will turn
the best I've seen any licensee to have it in Brazil for us that was the coach
out there on the line 13 and
[Applause] [Applause]
and tied it back into making a challenge has gone down injured
just wretched nerd hurt the ankle of Achilles as he fell they'll just jarred
it a bit as even stretched see those red tats or the tongue on beckham's boots
Trevor he has a new pair for every match in which he plays and his two sons names
are emblazoned on each side Brooklyn and Romeo
now there this is how this match is really swung in Arsenal's fighter Eddie
took the free-kick in the first half couple of deflections one off back and
shoulder and then ed who involved again bill
toward skip Brown West Brown and finished really well and that's where
we're at in this match at the moment that can be still receiving attention
what happens to those boots every time he finishes a game or I gather some of
them go into his loft they'd be worth of it as he gobbles off now and that
doesn't look too good for David Beckham Manchester United will temporarily be
down to ten [Applause]
this is gigs I'm sorry it's not it's done this it's a free kick anyone there
to the penalty Eric it is off I'm sorry van Nistelrooy that was
and just been distracted slightly by the David Beckham injuries of Manchester
United outside the penalty area forlán puts the ball down and Beckham is
walking very gingerly back to the touch line
probably take the free kick before he can get back on I would think
[Applause] and Diego forlán headed away by Patrick
Vieira Scholz headed away by Kia Thierry onry was a brake on here for us if he
plays it to the right there through and he did and it's real toward and it looks
like three nil Oh [Applause]
westbound Fair Chapel
well toured is still beating the ground in disgust we'll deal with that in a
second there's all sorts happening here Beckham is trying to get back on the
field for that has the ball for Manchester United who was split asunder
there but will toward well he's still walking back this is Vieira and now on
Ruiz made a run from left to right the air has got nobody the other side that
hangs on [Applause]
he knew who's going to give it away every bath heads I just come back out at
the terrific it was cold now here is beckon and I
really thought that was going to be three nil and curtains
[Applause] - rez
I got the better of Sylvester his sculls again Jeff winter let's the play float
Andre again Arsenal settling down into this
phase of possession play which has really put you ated their performance
here today the second half you gotta says Ben
they're very very comprehensive have been impressive we've kept the ball well
that broke they've got the second goal alright the two chances of Psaltis go
ahead earned them gigs volley in the second half other than that they've
always looked the better side dish and bought by skulls out towards silver
steep it's the first defender Siemens coming a long way here
rolls it out to the error - Gary honoree we've got Nicki Burt
waiting to come on as a substitute for Manchester United
still on her a brutality to instances that we died and Jeff winter agrees
[Applause] Paula
[Applause] David Beckham's coming off as a
precaution with Juventus coming up on Wednesday here he took a knock a few
minutes ago and he's going to be replaced by Nicky but who hasn't
actually started a match Nicky but for Manchester United since so he was
injured playing for England back in October just coming back in gently as a
Serb in the last three or four games another substitution by arsenal is going
to be imminent Gianni van Bronckhorst who scored the winner for Holland
against Argentina on Wednesday night replaces Robert Perez so well always one
of those who offers it up to receive possession and no one was getting a pat
on the back he's done his job so after those changes
Manchester United resumed this is Neville Louie Keynes well in their van
Nistelrooy but they do with another sensible first time pass out to Pilate
so best gets the tackle in so - it
contented himself they're doing them Lauren deck deck come off forlán one of
the substitutes trying to come in from the far side Nikki but on and for van
bronckhorst and Omri are on as the managers change it around and there goes
Thierry honoré and here comes parties and he was going to bring that all the
way to the halfway line for a moment we might see him forward with six minutes
to go now van Nistelrooy with Kane keown just got the better of him
event Broncos is a straight swap on the left hand side the present now I would
think I just go
Willie was pushed up alongside where this arrived but look at this when
Lauren goes down watch what's goes does next just watch this
he waved his forked name and I suspect Jeff winter has taken the
view that that was just a gesture not a particularly threatening one
the wise Lauren's still on the floor I mean he did sculptable slightly but
there wasn't any contact with the lake this is the challenge initially whether
that's the one that he's feeling sore about the initial challenge but he looks
if he's going to get up at this stage he just clips the ball at his leg and now
then he rolls back it was a stupid thing for Scholz to do with his experience the
fact he's got a yellow card but it does make a meal of it that doesn't look a
very happy man either no I can't quite see what the second there was no contact
the second thing it's the first tackle that he's been treated for by the physio
now then Thierry Andre what a great ball inside
where's Brown and this is Wiltord who looks certain to make it three Brown
actually got his foot round the ball he got a bit of will torn as well and on a
day when they weren't leading to their last and I might have been screaming for
a penalty there now there was a scuff scuff stub that got the ball that was a
final touch he's being helped up the crowd not too
pleased to see him or kin as well but built up just he got away from Brett and
then he just sort of set himself to knock it into the net again a classic
pass Bartos that just enabled brand to make the challenge okay four minutes
plus stoppage time they want to get Lauren back on our
tonight's honoree was underneath this with Ferdinand
[Applause] that's how it's been today the holders
very much in control in this fifth round tired old trapper
now scold has made of four would run Martin Keown with the header back for
land to van Nistelrooy kion there again as a shout
he's been dispatched into the siding in front of the advertising boards so much
indiscriminately Keown I'm not sure there was too much on this one either
Marty good said somebody trying to let it run out and this all right trying to
let wrap his leg round as he does so still that body strength just clips him
good luck men yeah he gets a high jump award there and then roll was down into
that gully there and but again does give a bit out and I
think you could have taken that a bit better there really isn't much love lost
between vanish to Roy and Keo and that's been obvious in both matches here now as
some pushing this time the free-kick goes in Gary Neville's favor on re
backing in Manchester United a couple of minutes too much stoppage time away from
gone out of the FA Cup on their own ground Nikki but the player fouled there
this is skulls and now it's brown touch by honoré back by 13 and soul shy
with coal van Nistelrooy goes in for the header scolds tries to follow up
go cake they're still at it those two Trevor
it'll be interesting in the play I think Highbury still to come before the end of
the season Jeff Winn has done well as they smile in and they actually giving
each other verbal threw him away though fans who I really enjoyed
themselves as either played sexually well particularly the second part they
deserve the they are to those better well they're
really having a good day the Gunners and their supporters
it would seem now that they're safely through to round six of a competition
where they've reached the final for the last two years here's the era there was
a time when they reached the final three years running at the end of the
seventies or beginning of the eighties arsenal fallen sylvestris overlapping
fired in and Keene could get underneath this it's Nevel again they don't clear
the first defender with the cross that out of Plano says the assistant Rio
Ferdinand robbed Thierry honoree the ball stayed in play and then Ashley Cole
kicked it out well yes we're going to have three
minutes about the time I say I do think Jeff winters had a good game here
especially have to buy it started fallen sylvester van Nistelrooy near most goes
behind him call slips driven by a key but
[Applause] unfortunately think about just come on
you can't really criticize him good run by Sylvester's that in the last couple
of minutes as they've gotten in those attacking areas which he's been so for
analytic this season and there's it sort of goes out you've got to see all the
bodies running out actually coal was the near as then threw himself to try and
block any shot but clears it and there's of the satisfied home fans making their
way home well it hasn't been one of the more
memorable days for Manchester United supporters to say the very least
might be harsh to say it but at times they've been out past
[Music] and arsenal may yet bring on kolo touré
who started in fact in the third and fourth round of this competition 21 year
old from the Ivory Coast our test finds Neville
those 9,000 Arsenal fans are making all the noise
here in stop it's time [Music]
it's a very subdued largely because of the way arsenal have
locked up the midfield this is soul shot
now then is the relate rally here Sylvester in a lot of space
van Nistelrooy goes far post good challenge keyonna
leaves his mouth and I shall bring the ball away credit
tackle Sylvester good run just knocked it a little bit too hard on the first
touch of Marty Cain came in with a crutch in tackle and that really just
sums up the commitment ass'll showed throughout the match and throughout the
pitchin have always been that yard or two quicker Vieira Wiltord honoree in
the center the last minute of stoppage time now
quick showing up Trevor well no question that she knows why thoroughly it is an
excellent second-half performance although by essentially knighted
following on from the Darby against Man City when they fell away a bit the
second half only drew and not being able to get their game together the gigs
missed certainly I think will turn out to be pretty girls no because I've got
the minutes up there really the you hit you had the sort of distraction of the
deflection of the free-kick really what's a still got a headband should I
did have not offered too much really John and one or two other players have
been at the best that's absolutely so - Reyes had yes he is coming on just in
time I think for the last few seconds of clay will toward the gold scorer in the
second half looks like the man to come after no he's a long way away at the
moment yes he's seen the board which is some achievement from the sunshine you
can never read the numbers I don't think anyway
here he comes and well-played Wiltord in the absence of Bergkamp and for a long
time honoree he really led the charge was his key squad Magus when little Berg
isn't there he plays white on either flank with Perez was injured used to be
with borrowed more more of a forward player where has been today but you know
again ours and Bengal and developed him as a wide midfield player similar to the
like Lindbergh and Perez where they make those runs and and really is that
excellent today was the strike and there's the celebrations and as the
Manchester United fans get up and leave 9,000 Arsenal supporters celebrate their
clubs passage through into the sixth round Arsenal the holders have won this
one by the standards of these matches quite comfortably they're applauding
particularly ed who had an excellent game in midfield his free-kick was
deflected past parties for the first goal on 35 minutes silver and also had
got the second on 52 the star for me was Vieira and the Arsenal players are going
towards their supporters in that corner and don't ever run away with the idea
that the FA Cup doesn't mean anything to players like arson beggars losers at
Cardiff two years ago winners last year are they on their way there for the
third season running you wouldn't put it past them they're the first name through
finals and Old Trafford it finished Manchester United nil
a celebrating Arsenal - well I would imagine they're quite strong favorites
at the moment with the bookmakers and it it's quite an easy comfortable win for
them in the end up they've played exceptionally well in the second half we
see all the same if you've got talented players that are committed in Hungary
then if you just a simple equation if you've got control of the ball you've
got control of the game and that's what happens in the saying half the class
that they moved they've got multi talented players and
they weren't quite easily in the end disappointed in Manchester United the
two knurled down at home you expect some sort of sobs you expect the ball to be
pinging about the Arsenal's penalty box and you expect the crowd to get behind
the team thought they went out well one point very disappoint yeah awesome I
won't say they've played exceptionally well I thought it was quite boring game
in many ways for what they did really well they controlled the whole game they
never once there were one nil up did you set back and
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