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welcome to all to Wembley Stadium for the second of this weekend's Emrys FA
Cup semi-finals as Arsenal faced Manchester City
[Applause] here's agüero
for forward for City Sun a net needed saving otherwise Sonny would have made
it three and three against Arsenal [Applause]
Fernand Danielle sterling
by holding the burro joining in Stella Guerra cementing
threatening the target novice
into the dangerous de Bruyne up to the speedy Sun a let's come out there over
alliance account that was up straightaway
that's the city frustrated again
[Applause] Ramzi might suit city to claim the break
in the girls in his own half so his on side Sergio agüero in the church pastor
Parcells attack leads to capitulation at the back city sweep upfield
Cuero keeps his wonderful run going and pep guardiola is a step closer to an FA
Cup final in his first season in English football
jacket shoot vessel does
puts it wide so Chamberlain ginger ou're in the
middle Ramsay going to attack in wonderful style was one round what an
equaliser for Arsenal he made the extra man
and he meant it superbly - Brunner
it's alright driving on sterling Toure hit the post
with an extraordinary effort from a player who can pluck a lot out of very
little city guys getting a free run at it that's what could happen
follower office-wide and fernandinho thinking his eyes must have lit up as he
came onto this [Music]
with fresh legs he's modeled his way past after Monday or on a fire it
we had a great angle on that and the bend on the ball took it away from his
target taken my easel Sanchez stole a they turned it around at Wembley
monster today definitely uncomfortable defending the free kick and Alexis
Sanchez was right on the spot are still too much the silly one
more of their feet as the game has gone on virzal very nearly up here halftime
özil and well back going in [Applause]
they win complaints from most the city of the time added on I think it isn't
finished yet because the burners opened after lap down
he thought he was going to stroke it in
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