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37 points and 14 places apart in the Premier League table the gap summed up
by the two matches between them in the regular season
Arsenal taking all 6 points scoring 8 conceding none
[Music] the time to hold a very high line
sanchez stemming it across our to put aside by given while water saying it was
from given costly only again is the danger in the box
- well work set plate sanchez hitting the turn in just lifting it into the
danger area Vlaar can't get close to quash early what a great save this is
Delf into trouble there's a Sanchez with him
I think that have been outside but Ramsey
for chance and it was made by us a little nutmeg the cross wasn't
particularly good Vlaar tried to head it but as Ramsay made his run
there was the Nutmeg that's already taken place you're right walk-up may
have just been offside got lucky bounce much block Ron Vlaar tries to head it
Ramsay snatches it he shot read big charts the Arsene Wenger's men
Santa's over back left in her lovely quick pass to the far side
[Applause] her cell water couldn't force it in the
combination of maybe Richardson and the goalkeeper probably more likely
Richardson flinging himself and where he thought Walcott was going to plant it
well he does really well here Richardson again Arsenal made some delightful
football in and around the bot when it comes across he's got a score theo
walcott here as well Sanchez climbing
I woke up the selection please after our son Vanga
the pressure plays up for Arsenal punting tries to get out there and Zog
here decides to go to the ball Hutton doesn't go with the run he's on side
monorail and when it comes to the far post
Sanchez with a good header and what an excellent finish it is from Theo Walcott
on his weaker side he runs off of his ins of beer there he's first to react
and hits through the back of the ball great finish the maskull's center
forward [Applause]
as it various full of vim and vigor as you
would expect Sanchez can hitman through here he's hit
that one and it's totally ripped it past Shay Given
Alexis Sanchez Wembley again
well does it take a deflection or does he just put a lot of swerve on this
shade over the top of you what's a slide
those are all thoughts possession I still pick it back up again the run
from one rail just opens up the space it doesn't take a deflection that's just a
Bruin strike from Alexis Sanchez hit with power and swerve just us deviating
halfway through its course but what a great strike it is up beyond the loop of
the bar but it's a good run from one rail as well
for the third for a start Shirley Curtis [Applause]
Mertesacker our store have completely dominated this
game physically they've been better tactically they've been better and
technically they've been better and here from the set white Mertesacker take
spend decade towards the vault just hold his position it's far too easy in tech a
the top glass prior at one in doesn't defend well enough ends it onto a
shoulder and it just makes the goal look even worse to concede really
here set back on the hall Oh John must says no Stewart Robson well
from our position certainly in the box and ball of all running Coquelin was
struggling to get back there here he makes the challenge he doesn't get the
ball he brings him down but it looks that may have just been outside the box
whichever way it is it was a foul it doesn't get anything in the wall
[Applause] I'm just trying to get across actually
bounce back off him the polo going out is not a shout right - right
John Knauss three forward for us on the break here
[Applause] does he keep the ball in point yes he
does well Marines got his arms all over Grealish here the ball is in play then
that surely has to be a penalty there's not been a bad performance from
an Arsenal player [Applause]
in Peru hey it's full well that does wrap it up three-nil at
Villa Park five nil [Applause]
Arsenal's Emirates Stadium and Fornell now here at Wembley and what a clever
flick he's done this so often in his arsenal career making the run to water
near post this time he doesn't have to run past defenders because they're too
high before actually covers black holes
across they go to sleep as clever play here is
not in front of the boys behind the ball level with the ball but playing offside
but what a good flick oxlade-chamberlain with the pass and it is a pass not
across and there's the flick over Shay Given who's done it time and time again
olivier 0 in near post area over the last couple of
seasons undoubtedly Arsenal's day so many recent Cup Finals have been
decided by a single goal they've done it by the for gold margin and the FA Cup
returns to arsenal
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