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chelsey the champions we double fan Tonio Conte in his first
season as a manager in English football
striving for a trophy to compensate the failing to qualify for the first time in
Aston fingers 20 years for the Champions League
Ramsey who's actually done very well since the change of system
to his best and Sanchez Chelsea complied flag is up
no go carry Bezeq is the man who makes the decision but Sanchez came from deep
Stewart Robson it may still be a goal here insistent referee gave offside for
the player that was standing in front of Sanchez
two officials who are discussing the matter here and it is gold given and
Sanchez is the man again and it's just the start that aster
wanted Ramsey was in an offside position that
he didn't eventually touch the ball it's a good finish in the end from Sanchez
with the outside of his right boat on the move again with Sanchez
it's off the line by Kenny Hill what a chance
still played in a three-pronged attack and Meza özil seem to have got the
better of Courtois so close to being to nil
[Applause] it looked as though it was going to go
in from well back and then the collar awkward day when Ramsey involved and
Chelsea escaped my hair's breadth but he has thrown
himself on it Ramsey by testing it over spun off his chest
[Applause] Padua
[Applause] if Acosta will get that
the screener was needed Mastan don't defend that ball in behind
the particularly world really holding should deal with it cost is spanning
behind molded doesn't judge the flight of the ball world the center back it's a
decent pass by petrol saved by a screener as well
[Applause] his pet rock
and Moses could be into the equalizer here pushed out well by Ospina
and a big call by us and then get to play ah spinner ahead of putter jack is
looking good at the moment [Applause]
oh that's right no bike cynical journeys with Moses he knows
what's coming as up
[Applause] Moses whoa Anthony Taylor now that's a
dive Moses in serious trouble here Victor Moses
for two yellow cards is sent off Chelsey down to ten men and put a second
yellow it's simulation and that will make ill must as many
headlines as they nature the goal now Willie
and this pretend Diego Costa has level 14 the man shall see
second right finish from Diego Costa [Applause]
post his first touch to open it up himself
was brilliant oh they're behind again it's amazing
it's Aaron Ramsey that's the responsive arsenal
and Chelsea simply lost their focus in the joy of equalizing it's when you're
at your most vulnerable and Ramsay totally unmarked stayed in the header
Arsenal to Chelsea one by Conte
and Espina saves otherwise Diego Costa would have lowered it for a second time
and that's what it means to a stall with an opportunity
great first touch on the chest from Diego Costa anywhere but straight at the
goalkeeper we'll be back in the game the plant right here after they'll be in
again to wrap it up with a zero still a zero
oh it's hit the post the corner
[Applause] fine fine margins he does everything
right create the three versus two all the space in which to run into chops it
back on SPD credit goes in at the near post deceive Thibaut Courtois
it's the wrong side of the posting the end
it doesn't matter because I'll still win the FA Cup for a 13th time for seventh
time under arson banger both of those records and they beaten the champions to
do it they've beaten the champions to lift the trophy genuine glory for the
Gunners today you
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