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egon looking to head towards the far
post having come up from defense and it's aimed towards John Egan and it's
headed over the line for John Landstrom and Sheffield United strike first and
take the great start for Chris want this side Pulteney the referee waits for the
word in his ear so it looks as if we're still going to be lab faced by Stevens
now Kieran Tierney lack a set down right on the edge of the penalty area in fact
according to the referee just inside it penalty for arsenal moment then here in
this Emirates FA Cup quarter-final tie Nicola Pepe for Arsenal and they lead by
one goal to nil perfectly placed into the bottom court now there be expecting
luck is it to have taken it but what a cool finish really kept his head nicely
kept it simple nice and low [Applause]
in the 87 they finally have reward austin center-backs not to cope with
this ball it hits all Mustafi as well it just pops up for McGoldrick it's a
simple finish but an absolutely shambled pet paced touch is a nice ball here from
Minka ta this touch from Pepe is not great can't
manufacture onto his left foot but survives his great support work from him
has a lovely top row winning for either for chef or United which will concern
him also there goes the final whistle Mikayla Teta and Arsenal are through to
the last four of the you
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