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we've Anderson thank you very much for
your company in the build-up settle back with us now please wherever you're
watching and enjoy this special occasion in the company of Ray Clemence and tea
table rattling crunch Cup final but may be an all-time classic
over the decades has been many a mouth-watering matchup on this
celebrated occasion and this today surely is right up there with the pick
of them huge rivals bitter rivals but enormous mutual respect as well of
course Chelsea's meteoric writers to
Premiership supremacy way of stolen much of the domestic light light for those
football commences in this palatial and so atmospheric football arena Arsenal
and Manchester United in chest antic fashion will pull their respective
talents in full bubble gaze safe in the knowledge and they have the armoury they
have the wherewithal to produce a truly memorable final
[Music] today's Casa Loma to group the new teams
at the two teams at a moment miss Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent
chose the national anthem [Music]
it's being a week need your attention that's producer
posted comfortability fighting opinion
reasoning and my goings you take perhaps with a pistol short but
the bottom line remains at these two sides our first team to gain the upper
hand so anxious to get run over the old enemy they will take a very brave man
indeed to forecast the outcome delighted to say that alongside me today
Lin as a man who himself so much respected football the world over I know
all of you tuning in will join me in saying how relieved we are then he's on
the road to recovery after illness broken after the ordeal welcome back Ray
Clemence yes it's great to be back here at this wonderful Stadium and what a
match as well what an atmosphere two sides that are absolutely desperate to
win something this year and two managers who are extremely keyed up before this
game so great gaming prospects some great players out there I just hope it
is a great game it doesn't turn into a battle
well for these teams what quest is their only consideration failure is not an
option Premiership at European disappointments forgotten now as
hostilities are in you United winners a record 11 times
Arsene Wenger's arsenal their victory is fall only two short of that the FA Cup
has so many fond memories for these juggernauts of English football United
of course the holders hoping for their first of her back-to-back trials the
nostrils own love affair were the world's most famous Cup competition
since they're pursuing a third win in five seasons and their fourth in all up
the vent go to teams so desperate to rescue their season as it will be sister
Alex Ferguson pretty feisty early off I think you will win of course we've had a
bit of rain in the last hour and certainly that's brushing the pitch up
and the ball will zip around early on and that will encourage pace in the game
and also wanted to slide in tackles which might make physical contact with
one or two players well what styles is today is
man-in-the-middle the first time that he has refereed and asked for matches
united gate for no question there's a fair amount of pressure on here both
teams and the managers in particular calling on the referee to offer the
right protection and step down on any attempts to soften players up we shall
see right yes as much steel try and do that I imagine the first ten or fifteen
minutes we'll see one or two crunching tackles and we just hope that Rob style
doesn't book too many people early on because he'll put himself under pressure
then for a possible sending off further in the game it will be Manchester United
in their black strip their away strip to kick off some of the fans in black today
of course as their protest to the Malcolm Glazer takeover
this is United's trip I think they do with a protest
fantastic atmosphere no love lost between the two clubs you can't really
pretend otherwise based on recent catches anyway and in particular the
acrimony surrounding the seasons League meeting at Old Trafford seemed to rumble
on interminably but this promises to be a pulsating FA
Cup final here's Paul skulls
where's Brown Starla got right back and Oshea on the left
it's Ferdinand and Sylvester in the center oh yes well OSHA is very very
versatile he's played central he's played central midfield he's played
right back and left back but obviously silvestri and and ryofu have formed a
very group partnership in the middle layer and therefore Sir Alex Ferguson
feels that's the strongest pairing to make sure that Bergkamp and rays don't
get any and enjoyed through the middle the potentially explosive Cup final that
has been so eagerly awaited a store take well and the back end of the season and
seeking revenge United have won the last three encounters this season but Sir
Alex Ferguson sides so keen to underline his belief that the best of his sport is
still to come he is Rio Ferdinand a spectator last
year of course he was serving his ban at the time when United kept through by
three goals to nil against Millwall and he said watching was a very strange
experience for him skulls 2/3 an hour
[Applause] Darren Fletcher
in ahead of Ryan Giggs and today what do you make of that selection well for a
massive game like this it is a strange selection but having said that you know
Gareth question as an excellent season played extremely well in this came last
year so certainly it's one that - like Ferguson picks for the future
Ryan Giggs that you signed a new contract but maybe he's going to have to
not play all the games as he used to but I'm sure if and when he comes on that he
will have an influence on the game Fletcher with the free kick here's whate
Rooney [Applause]
having poor Sylvester the French front make nuit that
lore on the right-hand side of the hostel back line with the unset Neuros
intact that with kolo touré at the center
Sentosa what he has to collect well lately since coming into the team he
must have been to keep out Sol Campbell is fàbregas when a season he has at only
18 years old and if he scores today he'll be the
youngest ever to do so in an FA Cup final
younger than Norman Whiteside was back in
early 1980s for Manchester United that Easter Roy
we can see moving at the center of so many of the flash points between these
two teams in recent meetings an elbow on through the middle the flag is up for
offside raised by assistant referee Jim Devine
the other system is called Kanna dine and the fourth official today is deal
berry yes done I think now he was just about offside he was trying to step back
on and keep himself on onside but just over the mark and rising on the far side
or a system that we as I keep making a mistake is certainly correct on that
decision here is Tory
al Perez such a key man fluoroscope he's found Laura
now fuel Berto that midfield enforcer up by Viera
repair cap do you realize that we've actually
nearly had four minutes of the game and hasn't been that's the first frequent
heart to all that height
it will be competitive don't you worry about their his fàbregas on their back
to his lovely ball as well Ashley Cole just took a bobble win is he trying to
throw the ball in John O'Shea under lighting his
versatility by playing on the left the absence of Neville and gabbro head say
the argent type there's other fabulous but misses out in the final
because of injury Gilberto invisible wall they call it back at
Brazil does the same sort of job relief or a still that Mecca lowly does for
Chelsea I was just looking there before when
Ashley Cole went down the left-hand side and cross the ball is the box it said
possibly a problem with Bergkamp up the front on his own there that he he
doesn't like me in the first person in the box and certainly MIT was a good
ball in by Ashley Cole but Bergkamp was a good five or six yards off getting in
there to attack it you know he likes to be that second striker arriving in the
box and that may be a problem for Aston as the game goes on stern expression on
the face of Swarek Ferguson who's got the FA Cup a record five times
got it United in a set of final now under here
here's Ronaldo full of tricks full of sorcery some lovely footwork and over
the top Oh dropped all scores false goals will be disappointed with that
because Ronaldo did fantastic outs on the left hand side tease it tease Lauren
got it onto his left foot here and sculls pulls off he gets a free header
there and really for somebody who scores his quality you really should have hit
the target there because that's half a chance for Monday night it Paul skulls
will know that it does say buy his own high standards he's had a disappointing
season truly Paul's goals no longer of course on the England see
[Applause] I'm very much a fixture with Manchester
United he got a couple of goals against Southampton in the sixth round he also
scored in the semi-final against Newcastle but he Knight had really
turned on the style and they haven't always done that this season here's Jill
Berto now let's set the Ross such a big day for here but they have no doubts
about his temperament they feel they have another Tony Adams in the making
people Tadros that first woody came into the team that he really has Excel over
the past few weeks [Applause]
the banker has gone to youth today over experience by leaving out sole Cabell
antennas catalyst hardly played since coming back from injury
well United certainly going to make it very difficult for a school to play
through them because they're back for is pushing up a good ten yards outside the
penalty area the front two were dropping into the defensive half of the field and
is very little space for for a school to actually play in but Reyes is through
here from center otters pass now it's fàbregas
gilberto and the momentum dies away but terrific
spread through the second for the set of it got Reyes a start proving again and
it's Viera mashing it over the bar
this down on the 2003 FA Cup final success against Southampton through
injury well as you see with one United pushing up as I talked about it leaves
that space in behind and Reyes has got such pace cause he's Roy Carroll an
embarrassment and really a for took from fàbregas there really allows the Astle
to get back so I nice to get but Roy Carroll totally
stranded there and I thought ray has actually might try and chipping in the
net from there why Carol in the head of Jim Powell
though there was a strong suggestion during the rails this morning but how it
was going to stop don't know who began that room
Ceramics probably did the believe Autry wasn't gonna be on the steamship that he
for Ascot so dirty mind games here's ray ass now
bearing down on gold it was Keaton in the way cult appearance
[Applause] here's the fridge for the game Torres
ilysm it seems and some doubt about his future with Arsenal terrors he's only
got one year to go on his contract he says had no clear vibes yet not they
want to keep him which gives extraordinary well it would be amazing
because although he hasn't played every game this year again when he's played or
when he's come on as a substitute he's had a big influence on the game and
therefore he would think something like him would be vital to awesome Venga
either in the team well certainly as a squad member centre us
we could kill to the game in the first 10 minutes
that was touring when getting the better of Dennis
Bergkamp will this be a wonder his last game for Arsenal
so how I think not now again is a world-class player you
may be 36 years of age but certainly players like that don't lose their class
and again maybe not playing every week as he hasn't done this year but he'll
certainly be a big influence and that's why he's playing today I'm sure it's
such a young side and his experience to be vital out there today
well they will misty Ariat Maria there are no two ways about that but the
medications lately when asked will trade that been bit better without him so much
when I got him and when he's not there the others come out on the shadows of it
yes certainly I think the likes of Reyes and people like that certainly have
enjoyed the extra responsibility of when honoree is not in decide but let's not
forget honoree is one of the world's greatest for there's swelling Ferguson
said he still expected it to play and he probably planned for Tony Adams I didn't
yeah right being up there as well knowing to Alec he's somewhat cautious
by nature he was interested why wasn't it because honorees is probably not
fully fit but certainly as a level of quickness because he played what last
week in a league game but maybe the experience of put them on the bench in
the semi-final and doing nothing in that semi-final
maivia's influence when jurors not to take a chance of not having a bully foot
and he did rule about early in the week too
his Sylvester now that to Rio Ferdinand
slotty his play lately has applied to Manchester United in
general those are saying they did so so well in
the semi-final is Fletcher can't keep the light over browz pass
[Applause] the manager has singled him out better
along with Rudy and Renaldo's protecting world-class players it's really highly a
Fletcher that's do you prefer it over Ryan Giggs
Ferdinand now that to clean [Applause]
without question a key issue in this going
[Applause] the shake
as Ronaldo slips on the greasy surface we've had a fair bit of rain here a
bright start to the day and some trickling football here for up scores
he spotted the movement there a rube at me so I couldn't quite find it Duras way
from Rooney now fàbregas
took it up to deny Ashley Cole here's the era
Nana Torres the Spaniard [Applause]
very camp losing out gilberto gonna get on to Lauren the Cameroon international
[Applause] now set the Ross
moving to be the further ii swiss international to at the FA Cup after our
show of Liverpool to rest our wait run by here Beckett
and if anything there he had rares rip to the st. board the misunderstanding
between the two yes it was a marvelous setup there 40
rows down that left-hand side and I think Bergkamp was actually probably
trying to stop it for Rhea's to comment on hit it but sir it's a wonderful touch
the robbery areas foul but good play by Robb Stowell select play player
and then the ball that came into the box well
try to control it her heirs would just didn't manage that violence of scores
and then for rude that Easter Roy maneuver though by kolo touré gilberto
lovely ball here's bear cap Kilburn hose continuing
his run he's got Perez to his left he was infected anyway by so fast
just a free-kick Stiles does have a reputation for
shipping records no one in the Premiership has brandish more than his
seventh this season no action taken against Sylvester I'd
like to give the free kick it was good to see skulls and bird cut get up and
shake hands afterwards as well so maybe that's a sign of good times
we'll see if the managers do later sure they will
it will be done as per cap sizing this one up
as it's called yet in the FA Cup this season
Houston hasn't keen I think was trip there by Bearcat
despite his protests to the country keen who will relish the occasion such a
winner since the only finals he really remembers are the two that he lost good
morning I'm forests of course a black claw fight right path back in 1991
in 95 with United when Everton got the better of them at Wembley
[Applause] his Bokar Silvestre Ferdinand
it's the first choice Turing really and focus on the stuff of that today
despite losing devil and head say [Applause]
prepare to Oscar as Vieira took a topple he was the meat
in the sandwich there against that nice Arroyo and Fletcher they can also see
thunder story holding on to his shirt as well didn't you
taury [Applause]
Swagger's and has stopped at seditions at his team Mike Bowie are still today
any thoughts of their disciplinary record which is the exact except for is
it I think both sides have a reputation that if they're going gets tough they
our players in the side we're capable of dealing with that
now we're just saying Silvestre down there you had to clash
with [Music]
didn't the fits been up there but certainly it may be his elbow has just
caught him on the side but certainly no intent of just lifting his self up there
I don't think there's any intent in that and he's just caught the point of his
elbow he doesn't look a lot of contact there certainly Scott Reister thinks
that it's a painful well there is hostility between the two teams as well
as so much respect much Christmas cards will take between these two clubs the
chances of swapping the two managers out socializing well other bells like is Roy
clean and Viera sharing a summer hoodie together I think
the best will be okay I'm sure quite it is best lately
as he was sent off in the second League meeting of the season Highbury when
United played so impressively and deservedly want for two with Ronaldo
getting a couple of goals [Applause]
there is Sylvester [Applause]
Mastan defending a highlight against McNeese d'alroy but he won it well and
this is Rooney shattered by coal they will be booking
the really heavy challenge by Ashley toll
yeah I don't think there's anything to be - tick off could argue about that it
was late Rooney had knocked the ball past him there he committed himself he
couldn't stop himself and certainly it's a rush challenge
first one in the book but his manager was saying beforehand he
had no qualms about Frank Cole today despite all his chewing and throwing
from the disciplinary hearing over the the chatting out inquiry this week
the result of which won't be announced incidentally I told you the first week
Ellen here's Rinaldo was tore a corner that to United
which skulls has gone across to take stationed himself on the near post
[Applause] that destroy also at the six-yard box
locked up well we expected it to be tight ray and
it clearly is going to be there no I've got so much respect for each other that
so when the opposition has got the wall boat that the other side just drops back
gets itself into a settle system which makes it very difficult to play through
and the way this game started here is
obviously as we thought before it might be a set play it might be a piece of
individual brilliance which actually gets the first goal and then it might
open up a little bit more though a truly global affair this final nine
different nations represented in the astral starting 11 and 7 in matches
United's [Applause]
dealer is Rudy
and scored three times in the FA Cup this season is first in the competition
didn't get any parameter he got two gems I remember
and the fourth round was lit middlesbrough
Silvestre now Alfred Annette
as Fletcher has made a run well calves although by sender us
Stocki figure back there only 20 we get started eight of the last nine in
the Premiership and he's really caught the I will take
that top bear cap will you seek gel Berto
no coincidence of Astral's for me proved when he returned from injury
Rob Styles has given a free kick here to United an offense presumably mike
terrors Arsenal with 87 goals in the Premiership
majus an ID with only 58 their worst season
in the Premier League in terms of goals like work there by Keane
Scholz doctor Rinaldo that nice to Roy's up with it so is
Rooney and Darren Fletcher will never go from here
super drop oh maybe Vieira maybe fàbregas are still so quick to close up
down it is Rooney and outs ties patrick vieira
nothing - is right Freya's through the middle typing
handball thereby O'Shea not given keep the scores will ah be touched by
here militant fàbregas and the advantage taken up by rares that back
who's the Antonio Ria's again this was x5 Fletcher good we're for it
no my rock star T kept play flowing there
rather than give the free-kick he's doing his best to keep this game moving
Dave of such potential bear captor Laura mental then he was roughed up on keen
and Sylvester between them it was asked this week why keen what's
little gave me thought it might be and he said totally deadpan it might be a
bit explosive well he hasn't got out of hand yet but
you know that was a rush challenge for I still question he's also in the book and
I think Roy Keane was looking to get a foul as well to be honest because he'd
picked up an injury just before flashing with fàbregas and certainly I think it's
only an injury as he was just winded but certainly as you see him bent over there
I think he's I think he's taking the blow and as they say the lower pit of
the stomach I think he's having a breather
you'll be looking after somebody 1d rares hovering with intent alongside
Dennis Bearcat as it was such a good finisher
it seems to be settled at Highbury again now
[Applause] he was Reyes
but it did seem earlier in the season that he might be heading straight back
to Spain but apparently now it's far more likely he will stay doubt about his
talent no no and it's it's interesting isn't it he wanted to go back to Spain
when he wasn't playing regular all of a sudden he's playing every week and now
he's a happy boy new footballers [Applause]
confirmation they are the booking for the car still vest
I wouldn't go near Roy Keane for a while I was asked
Rinaldo for challenge by Lauren
has been suffering with food poisoning lately
it was ok get now his Ronaldo John O'Shea the Irishman to Sylvester
[Applause] now Fletcher the Scottish international
by Rudy for that dissipation by Cole his Viera
such a pivotal figure in the midfield for Arsenal but he can't quite link up
with rares [Applause]
touré the find of lasses maybe has had
something of the second season syndrome quite as effective in this one lost his
way a little bit when Cowboys out [Applause]
who's an outstanding athlete [Applause]
Center us thoughts of real steel to that back line
it'd be much tighter defensively lately if you keep treats for years layman who
seems have got his form and his confidence back
[Applause] taury
captain I'll stop all at the moment from Arsenal here's Vieira
they squeezed up into that central third for a moment
but here's Vieira now dear cap not my tears great border cult likewise two
rares it's giving away from still breast but can't keep it alive
good passage of clay though they are still very patient didn't play it
forward till they knew there was an opportunities again if that last third
the field and I think that's something that the wound sides going to have to do
here today because if you keep giving the ball away then certainly no sides or
Punisher on the counter that was a crash between keen and Fabregas which winded
the United captain Renaldo
straight to Phillips Center us look cool and composed so far is where's brow put
under pressure by Pires and forced it to the error to
[Applause] and question when he plays Perez he adds
an extra dimension to arsons attacking play
he's rested last week at the defeated firm ago
first for some time in the Premiership and they really don't put the same team
this is a billet attending cop Vieira Arya's sponeck Lauren here
[Applause] actually Kohl's made a dash into the box
so address but United neatly playing themselves out
of trouble and maybe into a threatening position now with Cristiano Ronaldo to
quit the Vieira that comes to your Berto
Walter leak up sticks out reads the situations so well Jill Berto
well you have to say that Ronaldo has looked Manchester United's biggest
threat in this open in 25 minutes whatever he's got the ball is looked
threatening and really he's the only player at the moment in Man United's
idea was actually looked for Italy hoping to do so again here against
Gilberto and it's off the Brazilian for a corner kick
gilberto who scored here in the Community Shield game at the start of
the season it was then injured in the first league game against Everton and
has only recently come back so school of the Community Shield in his
debut against little tool is Fletcher laid off to Rooney all great stop put an
engine never a flat top it worked Rio Ferdinand denied his first ever
mantas United goal by the referees assistant over on that far side JIP
divine as a well worked corner kick here you can see you in the ball still it's a
great save by layman but Ferdinand he's just offside as the ball is struck there
it's a hairline decision really but it's a wonderful work creaking moon is so
deadly from their Lehmann saw it late got a foot to it Ferdinand thought he'd
got glory but just outside you see on that left hand side though he's just
outside him and probably built upon destroy as well I tell you what that his
shucks sup so from Viet Minh his reaction sir well he saw it so late
there's no way his answer is an instant it
put some how nice to get the first German to play in the FA Cup
finals it's Bert Troutman back in 1956 and he played on with a broken neck is
it about you goalkeepers all mad is Terrence
[Applause] now it's warming up
Sierra [Applause]
thought about a strike on goal but servicing gilberto instead
prepare to be patient kolo touré sniffing Joe Berto tuviera
[Applause] the content just to back off hope you
soak it up and they have succeeded as Dennis Bergkamp hooks to all the
referee for sympathy but gets none [Applause]
hundred appearances now in the United Jersey for Rio Ferdinand
yet to score what fleeting moment he thought he had
and in the cup title - that means to write great run by him is Rudy
fantastic save by en slake really stretched himself as such elasticity to
deny ruining the wonderful play moment but nursery Ashley Cole just slipped
there but bam mr. wine race Pat stood Rudy pulled off that is a great strike
by Rudy but an equally good say boil over straight acid but it still coming
out in the face such an instinctive strike such outstanding technique from
Rooney at this time is false to corner
since that opportunity again but this thrill it looks off and Rudy has no
hesitation hitting that first time in a good position they're just farms
that over the Barbara took drug reflexes to get that over there
he has his critics against laymen and he reminded us there really is a a class
goalkeeper Rooney don't give it a second thought
well it's amazing as that we've seen nothing more
thirty minutes in the last two minutes these are three
or four shots and that difficult ball to strike what is it it tremendous and it's
just over that crossbar their butts a broody loves a shot from outside the box
and we've just seen three efforts there any one of them could have finished up
in the net for one United it is natural talent but what it also is raise hours
and hours of practice on the training ground from ruining it certainly is and
having worked in England level you are totally right you have to sometimes drag
him off the training ground because he wants to keep practicing his shooting
all you could drag him off of him hardly
Rebelde his fàbregas gilberto
Lauren let's come so che
[Applause] it's feisty just a ceramic Ferguson told
us it will be but already some memorable moments
in the 2005 FA Cup final [Applause]
Matis United nil [Applause]
the chances at both ends key to West Brown
and his Fletcher may be asking too much though Vande story gets the taste of
Tori who's been saying he feels much fresher
now he's reduced his training program didn't soak let him flip down the team a
while back his way back to find his form again as
he's already emphasized in this game now O'Shea
to cruiser go last week in Southampton Fletcher
[Applause] really started the semi-final winner
last season when schools here got the only goal between these two clubs
to remember that his Rooney sort of battle his way
he was looking for that there so thank you
new yachts the ball there and just went down hoping that it just might get a
free kick but certainly no real contact rating my mind
no question of the occasion getting to wait Rooney nothing it seems to faze him
[Applause] he's loaded 19
for ages his kid who's a little older now scold us
[Applause] three times of FA cup without
we're now dough now it's Rooney Scrolls is up with it
guess who's their job Bert to break it up
yes it's been a strong spell fermentis
united as yet without reward Laura prayers to fàbregas
time to know the season fàbregas some of the other regulars slightly
taking a breather he's been very very impressive Tourette's
well when you think for us all this year they've got something Ross at the back
in photographs in the midfield two young players to start the season if they'd
have had a cup the games each people would have thought what progress for
them the pair of them have really put their names on the team sheet to be you
know big players for us till next year as well Vieira
[Applause] alturas
[Applause] wait on soybean that goes fetcher
they must manhandled Isis fàbregas
[Applause] that we seem to play without any burden
of treasure on his shoulders [Applause]
also good for home styles he's been spot-on
Oh Shay [Applause]
the wisdom for textiles he's answered is critic sofa
that's after corner I think that the lines bent over the far
side there he looked at layman when he grabbed the ball
fold it back from behind was deflected by
you can just see that to me she shows in the inflamed
from the far side can actually say that wasn't I'm not off
here's Reynaldo outcomes women it's the right decision too
equity release increment alerts he's on his way here for Arsenal
only rares was right up top was Rudy to win it back for United or
rather keen initiative now it's Rudy he's going nowhere
his plot Ashley Cole as expected so little the tools between
these two teams gladiators slugging it out rest there's
been no goals yet but if it's a wonderful place and good attacking tries
was seen by Rudy who sees some good defensive players develop from some
there are some people like that so there's lots out there to see even
though we haven't yet seen a goal what odds would we give you on a
goalless draw let's do the big man in a good try
I really do might take the second half until maybe towards the last third of
the game one or two might just get a little bit
tired and all of a sudden lots of gaps appear but you know I think there's too
much talent out there you would think for somebody not to produce a little bit
of magic little ghetto god yes Brown we've got his first in the
Premiership recently win over Newcastle
[Applause] now select yeah
find headed goal by them to get Southampton last week scores thread it
through to wardrobe at Easter Roy maybe isolated up there a type is found
these two Roy but such a threat to go it's got some record and the FA Cup has
got 48 goals and they've all been doubles
fooding to last year of course at the final
when sven-göran eriksson medium man-of-the-match needed degree made the
trophy to Ronaldo [Applause]
really come on tonight as soon as his boss
it's for a very good judge
now Cole [Applause]
it goes Fletcher the tenacious tigress at the midfield
[Applause] but there is a lot more to United's play
a lot more today gave them just being merely physical
Sylvester to Ferdinand [Applause]
the mini role of course for him to be it right back
he prefers to be in the center [Applause]
Philippe Senderos from survey in Switzerland at home
glasses the boy easy way to didn't like me in
this one [Applause]
and school the winner against Southampton back in 2003 here
now it's Laura [Applause]
with anticipation by Rio Ferdinand what I spoke vieira
to us in Paris becomes Ferdinand
which still hasn't signed his new contract offer
Taal well with the United fans who feel should be showing more loyalty
[Applause] to bide his time
[Applause] with the ability to think about that
ten seconds that log [Applause]
is a difference between 110 220 which is awesome
and to kind of tactics of courses as well as bodies
something to think about she tries to outfox the old enemy es key
[Applause] now bro
wait Rudy those two fearsome strikes on goal
Oh Shay up to Ronaldo always a danger you feel he's bent that
one too far for that a story [Applause]
made a charge into the box [Applause]
and I'd be disappointed with that cross as hero with another
for ever but certainly a show that he's got the ability to cause Laura
a problem or two this afternoon I think the hall
get the ball to him the more opportunity I'll have fun
tapping situations and the sun's out now in Cardiff in the
Millennium Stadium this game is so evenly poised
these Jets of the English game [Applause]
who take still smarting the pair of them Chelsey's who the world domination this
season in the Premiership right next season O'Shea
it's A to Z ball but layman the flag was up anyway
such a tough one to call given their intense rivalry
wake up 10 degrees pick reputations on the line today all over the field
new personal vehicles [Applause]
nice toy is safe before hacking hope you would turn into personal vendettas
simply been evolving a few his problem
[Applause] discuss Atlanta Lewin Carol
we shade somewhat fortuitously finding for an elder
[Applause] but he was having none of it
[Applause] looking to pick up the trophy for the
third time [Applause]
it was Kate now [Applause]
time's a winner overall biscuit or twice westrom
[Applause] now Pete
[Applause] the taste is slacking off level right
now get that last two or three minutes before half-time where neither side
wants to make a mistake they'll know how close it is therefore they will not
commit quite so much happy to go in at halftime nil nil
the two visors could not let say it maybe change one or two things
Pete nice to Royal to splint it turn
behind the shot though [Applause]
back into fort lately at least or ROI certainly has been disappoint their
returns something else really and then gets himself a good shooting position
but certainly wraps his foot around the ball and takes all the paste out of it
disappointed by that because it did create a good opportunity for himself
off the back of the uses sundresses body weight to turn
two goals in the Senate to the east Arroyo forgot to aberrant spells its
returning from injury maybe he brought it back too soon
at the last few games that's more like his old self
[Applause] almost into storage time at the end of
the first half [Applause]
we just a one extra minute Center us to kolo touré
and for the Ivory Coast is tre today's final
like focus until he still doesn't believe it
[Applause] did say if he doesn't appear I will hold
my hands up admit I was wrong you're not doing it you know miss Perez
Rooney Center us well aware of the presence
arrive at least alright just low-tech behind him
[Applause] finisher extraordinary animal read 30
goals this season [Applause]
[Music] three-three from injury
then there was her accounts of the problem
Duras Vieira's pass the vision shown by Viera
[Applause] hinged at the back Sylvester to that
nice to Roy [Applause]
scoop it away Thor was confronted first out my vieira set the Ross
[Applause] now Rudy this trick there great crop by
Rooney support tracking back glycol
Down Goes Rudy advantage there
[Applause] he didn't buy their lobster that winter
Scrolls that looked as though the scores might have a chance but this is a
fantastic run by rune and this is what he's capable got first three players
there it takes a great tackle from Ashley Cole to be fair we still doesn't
give up he still keeps going there's the foul they didn't break correctly his
goals [Applause]
the other improving I went with it well that's worth terrific stuff
right at the end of the first half a chance here for matches United maybe for
Rudy maybe for skulls I was not interested
[Applause] [Music]
newest united's leading scorer of the season was 17 in all
[Applause] now return on his first campaign for
Manchester United the FA cup holders here is Rudy
but it didn't live up to the Builder [Applause]
and that is the last piece of action from absorbing first half that certainly
had its moments Rio Ferdinand thorny different United the lead
well that was talked off for offside some terrific shooting from Wayne Rooney
but equally so some outstanding goalkeeping from the ends labor to keep
him out to halftime the FA Cup final in the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff
it is Arsenal Lille Manchester United milk
[Music] [Music]
[Music] [Music]
[Music] [Music]
[Applause] [Music]
so here we go then the second installment of this year's FA Cup final
match s United nil at the halfway stage Bray Clements alongside me I'm hearing
there are no changes for either team so how do you think it's going to shape up
from here on doesn't surprise me no change because they told me out there
are the 22 us had a particularly poor game it's just been very very
competitive and there has been some outstanding borrowers and individual
brilliance we actually haven't seen the ball go in the back of the net yet I
think it'll probably stay the same earlier I just think the bird cap in the
first half has got isolated are still not getting enough support into the box
when they do get bored and there's something we talked about early on in
the game and although are still in the first 25 minutes had the best amount of
possession it was United you looked in the last 20 minutes aside it were going
to score nobody real favorites for this game
although arsenal was saying you know I didn't have to be because of course
they've had this good run against the Gunners lately people have beat
Manchester Nidal every once in the last nine competitive Matix
to choose between them so far of course those successes included the
double in the Premiership thrilling for to win at Highbury to
follow the to nil victory by United Lord Trafford in the Battle of the buffer as
it was known one side of the Old Trafford Corral
the food truck afterwards of various other instance as well good food
we'll never hear the end of it his Reyes on his way here for Arsenal
now bear cap says fàbregas to the era there's lucky there he's seen that run
of Ashley Cole but now the England poor backs out of position can United
capitalize on it that nice to Roy wait Rudy
who came as close as anyone to scoring in the first half
massive investment in him of course by Manchester United
twenty-seven brilliant the manager will tell you two or three
years he expects him to be worth double that
[Applause] and tell sounded averse but he considers
it to be Viera
fascinating struggle between guaranteed at central midfield
[Applause] not try to dog away from skulls we did
bring him down [Applause]
now fàbregas probing with Burkett now Perez has made itself available they
kept the head of it [Applause]
keep it going though [Applause]
and who is still waiting to hear then it has a finger
another years contract the fat set we want him to stay his teammates want him
to and the feeling is that he will be at
Highbury for that extra year
Renaldo [Applause]
they will forward at the side of so many chains the season Rinaldo
Marvis cup final year ago against Millwall
the scourge of Austin down at this second path
[Applause] but it's so nearly top to the boil
maybe needs one major moment to ignite it Rooney who could oblige trying to
take up coal that's correct defending though by coal
ruining again still wait Rudy and it spins away on sitting Ross for a corner
but he's in the mood is ruining my smartness platter between him and Ashley
Cole is there really is one minute moon is in India census tendency and the call
gets in a great tackle and he's having to go inside it right and get away from
cords and fifth grades bit of space for himself
for now those corner it's not a good Butler straight to Paris
and if he is distracted Ashley Cole find that disciplinary hearing this week they
inquire into the tipping up the so called tapping up he's not showing it
reminding us yet again that he has one of the best left backs now in world
football put it out what's he doing up there
still ryofu - that suits are up by hip
broken up by Jill Berto [Applause]
he's suffered that back injury no gilberto back in the opening wiggle to
leave season I still lost their backbone and now that he's back they do look so
much stronger so much better organized at midfield who does get that back line
some protection to is he underlined again
is Roy Keane [Applause]
now Renaldo Portuguese international on two schools
[Applause] heavily weighted pass for where's Brown
Fletcher when Aldo her but nice to Roy here right
up top it goes scores surely it needs to work within an offside position there
get the service anyway quick feet from prayers
now as he got more acceleration in it they kept trying to stay outside but he
failed he's guilty sometimes of not looking up
rares but he did they're weighing up the options around him Bergkamp had just got
too soon his brow
that nice - Royce setting off into the middle
took quite that talked to it Lauren to spare our defensive blushes
certainly Spungen actually started the first five minutes this second half as
they finished the end of the first half really indie ascendancy pushing Arsenal
back when a slur can't get any quality possession of all to all the moments
Derrick fetcher to Rooney [Applause]
that you again it's covered so much ground you can see wise manager rates
him so highly oh great poker buddies - Roy - keen
[Applause] the opportunity fantastic defending by
Tori there though walking gets around the back and Tori's somehow just gets in
front of Wayne Rooney there it really is great play for Roy Keane there gets
around the back of Ashley Cole and just to get Tori suckled so quick into the
ball first Stahl's will take this corner looking
for likes of that mr. Roy and Rinaldo and where's Briana's come up for the
back turn so we're still vest this is keen
[Applause] all the way back to John O'Shea
now Fletcher to really cook football of us better
this back of their genius Ronaldo well this manager thinks he can go on to
be an even better player than Figo and you can see why with some of the
football he comes up with oh yes got a marvelous ability really
hasn't it's just that finishing ball at times
and that shot they're just off the outside his foot and therefore it just
managed to slice wide there and didn't really fully underlayment but certainly
the ability the lads got immunity you and how
with experiences final ball will become better his final shot will become better
and if it does then you have got a amazing play on your hands four goals
drop Ronaldo in the FA Cup so far this season
one more and you'll be into double figures overall in competitive games for
United ruin the campaign two goals remember
four minutes to Piper at the for - with rudy' now
bearing down on goals don't wait Rooney didn't quite fall for scores but his
Fletcher [Applause]
United in the ascendancy but can't they find a goal does Vieira's church that
Toure happy just a plan
but certainly moments have concerned for the Gunners
and now they've conceded a free-kick as well
- Lawrence discussed that rice they all Arsenal fall back like that Bantu asset
beggar sitting his team under a little bit of pressure here now
[Applause] we now know it beat himself at the
corner flag each
little flash point there with Lauren well it was over nothing as well I
wasn't it you know the tumor flash there Laurens trying very hard to get the ball
I would just bitch them it's a nun felt that I've had
but there's no need for it to react like that after it
and hopefully that isn't the start of things to come because this game has
been played and a wonderful spirit can consider in how competitive it has be
Patricia Gary Neville going to his paces there behind the goal I know one was up
I thought he was gonna tackle it as well then
he's keen daredevil was missing out on the game so
part because of a groin injury but among the United selves
others include rock dicks pterence Roscoe
almost ten minutes into the second half and now this final is coming to life
the first time was a bird I'll tell you what it's going to get better
yes I think we've seen more free kicks giving them this first 10 minutes in the
second half than we saw off the first half so certainly it is warming up and
players need to keep their heads otherwise is going to be silly bookings
and maybe you know maybe ascending off the less hope now let's look at the
positive things that have happened in this game
they haven't been too many first-half goals in if they Cup finals in Cardiff
most of them have come in the last 20 minutes or so so sit tight don't go away
and fasten your seat belts here's Dennis Beck cap
[Applause] Rinaldo back on the fedsep duty now
sniffing away from Lorne and left his lectern again
so he knew to stop there were three styles but he's given the free kick
against Lauren I think he's going to speak to Lauren
and say look I saw your tackle in the corner before and I've let you away with
that that's another rushed challenge there
which you've got away with and that's the last time I'm going to be warned you
know the next time you're going to be in the book without a shadow of a doubt
I think you're absolutely right that's just what we will say
Becker says he wants protection for his clothes
there was certainly Lauren show an awesome Bangura civic
what we go who will break through here passed on
will not just United know this Clash of the Titans
football's very own Star Wars [Applause]
I'm afraid cake [Applause]
Farrah's shop by Braille now Gilberto
mr. Natori to learn [Applause]
[Music] going away from Ronaldo
now yep fàbregas [Applause]
heating up the ground now as he ventures forward for our store but by Torres to
coal that trays are going up this now thought to his head
I mean Ashley Cole has not got forward money signs in this game and after
realigning to get down that left hand side particular imperious pushes him
inside from her on the left and when he gets in those buildings he really does
need to deliver a quality ball and that was by anybody's standards awful well
fitting for rugby supply Brookwood in the crown today I'm so now mr. Campbell
in this Jonny Wilkinson to [Applause]
Scholz - where's brown [Applause]
you know hoping to get a last all throats again it's actually cold on the
way Brown
by patrick vieira the linchpin in Arsenal's midfield step
the mark here [Applause]
I think it shows an Aston are ruffled by Man United's possession and arson
because yeah because it's a still that are giving away all the silly free kicks
at the moment and inviting the United to come onto them the game neither team
dare lose finish the season without a trophy it's
unthinkable not too often
gain labor unruffled in that Arsenal goal
[Applause] think I said in the first half it was
the first German since a bookshop and of course Savino out filters of it because
goalkeeper first
Markus Babbel for a Duke
he has news for the u-boat it wouldn't surprise me if in the next five or ten
minutes that arson doesn't make a change because man United are getting fortunate
possession of all really is not getting the game is
setting off and rousers chased it around not getting on
the ball those wide positions and maybe he might just do better up the front
it's a strip tennis ball that from the castle best to Wayne Rooney who
certainly keep it cold fully occupied back there for Arsenal
[Applause] what their terrors a stand still on the
back foot where's brown bat nice tall right
the end of its Android cane but a couple of goals this season 21 in
the FA Cup at Southampton O'Shea
the pace is quickening go to Rooney
that least arose in the middle with skulls that destroy
always seem to be slightly on balance there it would have been something on
as incisive attack wasn't it Ronaldo show him paste here fix our Unni on that
right hand side and I think the ball in serve understand Roy obviously behind
there is a little bit of balancing would have been a fantastic goalie really got
that on target but he's all off-balance those you can see when he's trying to do
it he can never get his foot rough around the ball to get it down on target
but good a snappy move again Byron Allen but United a clicking imposing
themselves on Arsenal ceteris Reyes this is founded again Jose Antonio red
on the back captain further that forcing him out there
[Applause] where's China ripping his way through
did not hit havoc none of it Rooney
people took pleasure now Cristiano Ronaldo taking not Laura
is too quick for it too much still too much Schuyler and it's a booking for
Laura we're upstairs warned it won't more
tackle and you're in the book and that again was attacked Lee that he just
doesn't seem to rather cope with the renowned those pace and trickery and
he's in a fog with him all the gay and now he's on the knife's edge now he
can't afford an old mistake for the wise he's going to have that long walk to the
dressing room with two FA cup wets behind them but his
team are up against it now you feel United sensing a goal
sensing a breakthrough Keaton is there on skulls at Ronaldo
[Applause] here's Ronaldo
get it closer they're not close enough it's a good effort though ugly hands
laymen stretching for it the enslavement wasn't sure that was going over he had
to go after it he gets it over there it's dipping but it just won't come down
enough he ends layman was certainly worried by the face and the dip on that
ball past the hour mark now still wear weight the first goal
it's fun so dick gate now cryptic viewing the FA Cup may not have been a
priority for these two teams at the start of the season it certainly is now
Wayne Rooney struck challenge though by Viera now on SIL vest
not to Ferdinand [Applause]
as how to play yes sprout well behind the line and the ball was over as well
for canine flagging down on this near side
fàbregas [Applause]
- Nicole national I think pretend to bring on the
up Berg in a moment or two then you just come back from injury
[Applause] have been a major scare about that
[Applause] don't have to be too serious
that's a foul by John O'Shea shots in for Arsenal may
not have too many in this second half it's been mainly United
crashing to the ground Dennis Bergkamp taking on the
responsibility for this set piece as Tory and set the Ross make their way
into the box the arrows up as well at your daughter
those are there by back here for the Perez
I just have one now and have been sneaked in round the back you know that
dropped off he was in a threatening position been a poor finish yes it was
the story for his hands his face there cause he knows at this level of game
this is an opportunity in Soho they come shredding it doesn't surprise
me this you know bird comes doing a good job but it's not really his position
play up the field on his own he likes to come as a second strike here I'm sure
now Reyes I'll go up and do that job and also with Freddy Youngberg coming on now
he's one then I'll break forward and get and joined the front player and he's how
many times have we seen him getting beyond back Falls and certainly in the
first half and certainly the start of the second half I still have not had
anybody getting beyond Man United's back for
when he prove his fitness a week ago he had the defeated arming up for a new
they've been out for a month or so [Music]
[Applause] if he scores today will become only the
second man to score in three FA Cup finals
Ian rush on target five times for Liverpool
Ronaldo who scored last year but nice toy wolf
good charts good jobs just flicked on it as it flew tastin Fletcher that needs to
Roy again it's hacked away by kolo touré arsenal
wobbling Cain
ought to Oh shame [Applause]
now Renaldo Natasha Sylvester a good one is it's to
picking out Rudy he's hit the post comes Fletcher
the speed that was close I'd like to think that Rudy saw leave
they're posting I'm not sure you don't think it was a missed kick but it might
have sneaked in but rude is involved in everything at the moment you see lemur
leave that gap there and ruin his try to drive it in there like his body language
said yesterday he wasn't going for girl what's going for that angle anyway it's
sort of turned away didn't they yeah is it to say I'll know one of my job
and it will certainly sit the boost [Applause]
a scare and let off for Arsenal back up United again Cristiano Ronaldo
might over the way here but Easter only inches away
United as who said start this second off starting rolling now they're creating
chance after chance now robbery for United funds I would think
is that a since you remember a game against West Brom recently where they
had loads and loads of chances and finished up not winning the game but
certainly renow though now Lauren is scared to death to tackle him because he
knows one mistimed tackle and he's going off the field and if they keep getting
the balls Reynaldo there's going to be more and more
opportunities and as I say Rooney on the right-hand side as well he's getting
more involved and his spelling big trouble for Arsenal at the moment
somehow it remains goalless [Applause]
still on a diverge she's like a doll
this is told but still they'll move it's exciting stuff you know he said to
us Duras
can a still get up ahead of steep here rares
he was sitting on some rough stuff at old trafford Finity up bird
Reyes has got stronger since then since that meeting in october the united that
pointed out there were only three tackles on him hardly the chainsaw The
Texas Chainsaw Massacre said Ferguson Ashley Cole
now Alberto it's a flat class for the up Bert
might be in the clear here freely yet burg and to Reyes
United those slamming the defensive door shut denying them potentially a goal
scoring opportunity offcuts brood and Easter Roy Rooney ahead of him ground in
support down the right here nothing wrong with that challenge from Piero
that was perfectly time and his striking blue boots
for the second best for a spell now arsenal
camera respond fàbregas too short there with the pass without Fletcher had a
boot raised against cold [Applause]
we just wonder in the not-too-distant future of arsène wenger might think
about being an edgy one as well because fàbregas has done well but it's a
massive game I just look at him at the moment and thinking he's losing the
battle in there at the moment and something like a do is it although he's
leaving Arsenal at the end of the year or what does an influence when he comes
off the bench [Applause]
just the bad to find an opening or to with it is flair
as Brazilian player fàbregas [Applause]
now your butt setting off D on the right this is
fàbregas Gilberto [Applause]
Nora Ashley colds made a run into the box ray
airs to chill Berto collision right on the edge of that box where a fair
distance away from our vantage point up in the Contra box
what really sure from here but the protests weren't too strong were they
now I think it was a 50/50 challenge and the suit got tangled up and it looked
oddly but I don't think there was our justification for a penalty there
Viera coaching it on that your Berto
is deceiving O'Shea initially it will vendor to redeem itself the Irishman
here's another one Keane ought to O'Shea really gives it away Roy
Keane Rinaldo at his presence allows the likes of Rinaldo to express himself as
he was certainly doing there he's got a free-kick
[Applause] too much for touring now though doesn't
need any excuse to fall and the slightest touch their knee was down and
but it gives United again the free kick in a very dangerous position one that
we've just seen not too far away from the position that Ronaldo just put it
over before but I would imagine munille fanciest chances here
robbing him as a go here Renaldo says he's curb his tendency for diving we've
seen too much evidence collected it's not the first time it's happened in
it matches in this last part of the season
silly there was one of the Newcastle semi-final remember
anyway his way Trudy Scholz on the seating as well but all
eyes on Rooney sup force routine tape for yet laymen
yes if you happy with that because Rudy hits it exactly where he was stolen it
was a very simple safe for him Ashley Cole punch that Foley
referee saw nothing Rock rocks tiles was only one hand
here's Osho use just struggling at the moment maybe with an injury
[Applause] not moving too freely just now
car trouble found out here to the sidelights
[Applause] has more cause for concern
tell you what Gary Neville will be champing at the bit to get out they will
tee you know
because they lost a goalkeeper never wanna come on
well I won success in the focus of family through
daran of course is in the wreck sub-team about the LD
that's trophy but who's going to pick up the real one
at the end of this fixture this meeting of juggernauts
[Applause] well if I show you has to come off it
would be interesting you they do bring on because Quinn's and fortunes played
left back to bring Gary Neville uneven with all his experience it would mean
disrupting the whole back for so I would have thought if he does come off bring
the fortune might be the one at the replacing yep Berg giving a stance up
width here race fun yacht Burke can he pull it back
[Applause] it was a new thing
[Applause] gratefully accepts possession well us
that we talked about getting him behind them it just can't
pick out Ashley : in a golden opportunity but it's now
asking in his last two or three minutes they're starting to get in the
ascendancy the pendulum has swung the era he knows Fletcher
now my foot and at Dubrow now Viera
go tech to Manchester United just a quarter now to go
but fortune is go to come on kazumi then in place of John our show
he's coming to the Tate for chair solid performer
real consistency when given the chance South African international
here's O Shaykh his final contribution it's not about one it's released Rinaldo
schools get a connection before the era Silvestre we certainly no slouch back
there all the state of the mark of rares
mr. Betts heaven dishing it out cartoon Perez
yeah it was a stupid challenge by Rhea's really he was never going to get the
ball so best is all was the favorite look he's always going to be late and
flutters into the buckets of us drink really is a silly challenge and a silly
booking really [Applause]
says he wants to hi brick makers commitment to the clock
torture they did well you just slotted down that
left side Ferdinand to Fletcher that new story staying offside
for the bullish challenge from sender us unite here for the moment can make no
headway let's see what further dad could do here because he'll burst and to quit
at fortune [Applause]
Fletch up [Applause]
Rudy taking on coal but shoving it
it's a fascinating struggle between these two is that Rudy and Cole
whereas because I say one minute ones in the ascendancy then the other ones in
Dias and it's really been a fantastic battle between the two certainly has
first spire the referee isn't it a little bit impressed by
well there's a lot of criticism of his his appointment and his viola that
he might have well control it and he might finish up booking players
willy-nilly and getting people sent off but certainly so far for me Rob
excellent game and put the ones that he should have done
flow as much as he possibly can Jeff winter who refereed last season's Cup
final so a couple of meetings recently Arsenal
gets going to know me they were variable I think I know what he means but
stopping the case today they have kept emotions in check at least at the top I
have it boiled over here's Rudy for this game a few twists
at the tail [Applause]
70 players out there capable of coming up for the match winning contribution
see this fellow Rooney well he's so dangerous when he runs out
you like that and he commits people and he commits he puts the ball in areas
where you've got us try and tackle him and he's so quick with his feet that
he'll get free kicks like that everybody back defending for a stop
Renaldo fat sick his chances again [Applause]
Darren Fletcher a lochside but I'm sure it will be Ronaldo
[Applause] such a mercurial footballer what can he
come up with here five at that Arsenal war here is to an
elder clocking it right
that one didn't trouble a man at all this closes another effort that's a
certainty if you keep giving free kicks away Center like that eventually one of
them's one of these quality strikers will get his range and will cause layman
a problem generally as I was saying early the
hip-hop and scoring goals in the Premiership miss United only Rudi
actually got into double figures here is Rudy now
[Applause] maybe I set the Ross
jurors to chill Berto turning his 17th appearance of the
season gilberto the neck please fill out an engine
Ronaldo looking to create some problems some havoc again lacrosse comes fàbregas
now he's giving it away two for two [Applause]
Renaldo learn to the rescue for Arsenal
in the car I'm sunshine in the Millennium Stadium there were 70,000
here at totally totally immersed in this Cup Final which dude could still yet go
either way Jose Antonio Reyes
[Applause] walked out by skulls
krytus match from scholar sofa yes we haven't seen a lot of him to be fair but
he's done his job in the middle of the film like so many players you know that
they're working so hard against each other it's difficult to actually shine
and certainly Scholz has done his more than his fair share of working there and
we've seen a few of those wonderful long balls that he can play who we haven't
seen him being and that last third of the field where he can be deadly and
breaking into the box he hasn't I don't think he's arrived in
the books on one occasion so far I tell alive from the first Henry had and apart
from that the memories gone he scores rookies after it checking where prowlers
might not need it still Rooney the power there that's Appel
how do you stop him maybe something when he comes up when he
gets his full strength goodness knows and times he has illuminated the season
is first of course with matches United some wonderfully inspire moments
- unsavory ones as well but there's no doubt
he's going to be if he's not a very very highest class
[Applause] don't use wrinkled ass
further nap [Applause]
flags up against Mountain Easter Roy [Applause]
and we're heading towards extra time it has to be settled today of course next
to time and a penalty shootout if need be available
[Applause] and has never a goalless draw as I was
saying earlier on Wembley there was one before that 1912
Barnsley at West Brom some game I think Ray wasn't that day you were telling me
about it is Gilberto Tara's now citrus
[Applause] one of these two great teams find a
winner Patrick Vieira [Applause]
now have your bird Lauren on the overlap véra
faced by that masked United defense Lauren
I'm still prepared to be patient here Viera only that new store left up field
for United I think they can take their defensive
shape nobody wants to make a mistake now
Tierra Perez
client Ricochet though diptych possession back to united
touré now Renaldo
was a buzz of anticipation reroute Carnot would ease on the ball so back to
the corner will be the signal for brow to advance and
and Sylvester [Applause]
and for Arsenal to pull back their defensive troops
and they have all come back Reynaldo will take him
the chechen mounting now here is Ronaldo will the key wouldn't get there
wavin luster his Roy Keane would have batter it too
and it was tragic vieira the opposing skipper who was walking his way
it's the first time Elena's made a little slip they didn't get to the ball
and I thought boy coin she was going to hit that first time he might have had
more chance because having that touch it allowed Vieira's are getting behind lane
when actually get the block a miscalculation by the goalkeeper but
he's got away with it once of a tendency to do that from time
to time for schools gently want to come off his lion-o
the Kendall Amon was nowhere schools [Applause]
wavered so lucky there got himself in no-man's land and Van
Ness roy heads a young bird on the line makes a fantastic save an absolute
fantastic same as father but Nestor was concerned this is a nun Shawn Shawn now
Lumbergh gets hit up onto the crossbar well he bailed his caterer out there
[Music] very awkward underlining there the value
of having a man of the goal line [Music]
robin van persie coming on here for Arsenal with extra time looming only
four minutes to go in the 90 replacing says fàbregas who was hoping to become
the youngest man ever to score at a cup final not to be moving baptists you've
got to of course had a late shot in the semi-final
we win over Blackburn first he'll go up the front now and
Reyes will come out on this left-hand side
and Perez on move into it bill verso and Vieira that's what they'll try and do
Brown is cut out that I set the Ross Brown again now Rooney three in the box
for United strop challenge my settler us
[Applause] a savior again that Percy knows outside
come to see the flag are on that far side
[Applause] but he wants clearly off
Fletcher looking for Rooney Center opsins with it
just brushed him aside Rooney and that's not easy
the real muscular presence back there [Applause]
then this young fellow has some physic to
he's so strong on the ball as sunglasses what the stonk
the strongest said the house in the I'm simply reading
tall skulls two and a half minutes on the clock
food and outgoing it is handed out though by that Percy wrath which calls
it first quit at fortune
now Kate [Applause]
onto fortune again fresher than most Rudy's in the middle so is that nice -
Roy just for a moment I thought he was going to go to ground there he thought
better of it Robin that Percy diera dr. s Paris he's got new bird toys right
[Applause] a real chance of getting there
before fortune for them to corner
his assistant I think it did come off fortunately
anything in my abdomen and the referees assistant didn't wanna know about it he
just looked at the referee and that him like that is that you decide
take more than me that's a fella Rooney [Applause]
there'll be three added minutes minimum all
but 90 almost up Fletcher to schools
[Applause] well maybe one final night would have
drawn my hair normal time has ended
Silvestre - ruff stars or stains
the era [Applause]
Perez territory
[Applause] nail-biting final moments here
[Applause] gilberto confirmation there will be
three minutes and I've just started Cola Tori
[Applause] something for Carol to do
wait Rooney ruled nothing out while he's on the
scene Rinaldo going to company don't think you did still Renaldo
[Applause] good recovery by Laura the very
necessary want to nut cups team mr. enforcer to Rudy
what that just a bit typical and he took that one away well I would have sort of
a wonderful season for me that they got in because that's his sort of range he
can cause goalkeepers serious problems from that rain it just gets underneath
it slightly and again no problems for layman litter as they ask them look a
tired side at this moment I have to say [Applause]
anybody's going to score you have to say it's going to be United because Roy
Carroll's had probably one of his easiest days in a united shirt I would
think so far halfway through those three added
minutes United in general have been very tight
defensively in the Premiership the gody Chelsea have conceded less
and they've had the measure for the most part against Aston today but you'd never
know not for the likes of Perez around Fiera to jail Berto
we are again you can't take your eyes off this guy
Renaldo trying to stay with it is not easy
more in frustration despair than anything else he just couldn't let it
through there now I use the last man he's got his hand on the top of his
shoulder there pull his shirt he knows that he's got to do something
and he's rich no picking up a book in which it looks like rock stars
certainly he would have he was out running new
got the place to deliver an Aldo and he didn't what a lot of professionals would
have done brought him down there we could take it to elect focus and thought
that warranted a caution from his expression I think so yes now think up
here as well we thought there would be a [Applause]
lo mein sensor Alex here's fortune
22-8 poor in the middle of the era packet by bad nice to Roy
Rudy couldn't get to it where's Brown we've now played those three extra
minutes but it's Rio Ferdinand to Braille what final assault here maybe
from Manchester United a biscuit if I call that he couldn't
care at the moment it was all about getting it away United finishing normal
time much the stronger team Fletcher to brown
Rudi's in the middle so is Renaldo maybe caught in two minds there
that is the final contribution it's finished nil-nil
breathtaking football at times no goals unite it without question the Ray had
the better chances and I think over the 90 minutes were lamella to the exception
of first 25 minutes when Arsenal for me certainly had more possession of the
ball very patient with their possession but never look like they were gonna rope
not the man United defense but after that first 25 minutes then Maya Mannion
eyes have been in control there a little spell in the second half of about 10
minutes when how on earth they did in the score I don't know and then of
course they had that miraculous head off the line from Freddy Youngberg when
certainly looked to all intensive and asteroids scored but they haven't are
still are still in it and they'll still think they've got a chance but United
must feel very very confidence stood down there at the moment because they
have been the best side and they have been the side that looks like they can
score goals here whereas our still haven't
when we looked at the United bench and see Ryan Giggs there would you now be
thinking about him also Alan Smith among the sobs well I saw Alan Smith warming
up quite vigorously in the last 10 minutes there is it as though he thought
he might have a chance of coming on but you know United at this moment in time
there in the ascendancy they are the side it's creating the opportunities and
you would think that probably at this moment they'll leave it as it is because
they are decide that looked like creating where as asked another side
that looked tired they're all laid down on the floor there on the far side
they're being massaged and stretched out and you just wonder where their
inspiration can come from and I think you look at the astral side and you look
at array as reeling for me has been very disappointed fàbregas found it hard
going I think I think I think that's he's having to lift them there isn't he
their opportunities are plenty really for that just unite I mean look back at
one or two of them now certainly at this second half
this I think was the is it's the Roy came back and think this month we will
have the toaster short let the folks from Rudy yeah
but this was the spellman United was so in charge and was just amazing
[Applause] mr. speaker what probably when he speaks
away enough to a cement that but I think we know we look at the you see the
layman committed the cardinal sin of leaving your near close before a ball
struck and he could have paid heavily for it
and he did have a spell here lady when he was all over the show and made like
[Applause] for moments in the second half any one
of them could have cost him the gold you thought we might have hit that one first
time I thought Keene there should have hit it first time because once when the
ball arrives at Kane here he hits it now he's in he got labeled a cut the
defenders by having that touch allowed Vieira to get in behind layman and he
was the one who got the block in this is the chance I mean our Albrecht Berg on
the goal line and then it was an incredible save on the goal line it
really was Marcus William Burke to deprive prove
that mr. Roy of a goal reiax is so quickly than Youngberg he
had to just affected her onto the crossbar
I'm sure Ponder's - I thought he'd scored here because you've got loads of
power on it and he had reactions of Youngberg on the line just how it you
know how on earth you got it was hit on the crossbar and got over the bar oh
don't push gonna be honest just looking out there now though body language says
to me United a still fired up arson I've got I mean we've got to lift themselves
Becker is still tapping his hand so say come on we can still do this
and obviously they care but you know I think without question finished they're
getting stronger they did and the interesting thing looking down there on
that Gibbs has got his his chopped off he's been warming up vigorously there
and I think it's going to be Darren Fletcher who's actually going to go off
and that Gibbs is going to come on in this list in this extra time
no respite that for our store not the dicks coming on
the memory is still fresh really of 1999 that fantastic run but what the game for
United in the semi-final replay one of the great goals of all time I would
think if I was Lauren it that Giggs will be the last person I'd want to see
coming up I've seen on for an hour though he's thinking who's coming on
their vault no kicks he's a hat tall for anyone
to sign a two-year contract extension till 2008 ryan giggs that's a change of
policy because normally over 30 that old chap that means you only get one year
they've made an exception of him maybe here at Roy Keane we're looking at a
future manager vote by all accounts righteous on the
st. must feed the interested thing as it looks as though Renaldo is still going
to stay out and his left and kicks is going to play inside with keen and
Scholz and it may bid its goals goes and plays off of Bannister
so here we go it could well be a puppy old ride we shall need a sip of tea
before I continue hang on it's better clear the throat turning out
to United who's your money on right well it has to
be United it really does because they say that about summer projection
and they've looked dangerous but whereas I still have not looked dangerous at all
even been about good possession they haven't tested Roy Carol
that would be very worrying for me if I was an Arsenal supporter the first extra
time and a cup final since 1993 [Applause]
she fell Wednesday in Austin correctly as it wolves
[Applause] the litigator who scored the winning
goal in the replay was enough yep replay yeah
[Applause] I was when told Moreau broke his
collarbone to decently celebrated yes yes
you see they say goalkeepers a full box existed but
oh no that was a League Cup final the memory was going his Rudy
it's an excellent play by him the two officials in from having a good
look at each other goal kick goal kick was the decision
no real protest from Wayne Rudy it's just that material is flagged in
three different positions and he wasn't sure where to put it
[Applause] Erikson raised boss looking on here
waving his food a nap and here tenders for England contention
that's for sure [Applause]
Dunsey don't looking round the article end the supports at the
hostel end have got very quiet in this last Marvin our
and the guys were up got no two ways about it do not write them off yet rares
that Percy can't be deadly in front of gold young Dutchman
if you Dennis Bergkamp they say different qualities maybe
about his potential his kolo touré
there will be spaces now room to the NuvaRing as the game opens up and the
legs get tired Gilberto [Applause]
that Percy [Applause]
Bernadette to King now Tom Scholz
without whose gold the member divided the two teams in last season's
semi-final further now
[Applause] [Music]
dude you can flick my kicks and so Katie's been saying this week the
score and if fake final goal
[Applause] back in his sick final
bread's to Paris now the up Bert [Applause]
another who has an uncertain future of my broken of your Berg nothing's been
settled years ago with his contract
[Applause] SIL best to roof at Easter Roy
stories always see the surface at this time of you about whether or not he'll
be staying certain rhythm last year
[Applause] Braddock's played it towards that nice
to roy center UPS held his nerve though he's playing well beyond
to justify it thank us decision to play hip rather than soul Cabell now rez
we're up schools maybe a little too easily yep bird
there's terrors the match winner in 2003
Lauren to Vieira's got coal to his left
bubi have come back though to close the space down set the Ross the taste has
noticeably slackened [Applause]
as it will do on this stamina septic surface so much at stake
[Applause] where's the coal
his work cut out just containing weight ruining
Joubert Oh plenty of passes being strung around
here by Astle no penetration though exactly there's going nowhere at the
moment Center Ross to jail Berto took a training match at the moment
and somebody started it to life kolo touré to that percy example free kick
with his perseverance there [Applause]
into double figures with his goals for a Scalia Susan
Hudak 3 at the FA Cup he is the top scorer in fact in this competition for
the Gunners [Applause]
they might fancy a piece of this Fareway out
[Applause] Freya's has wandered across as well
Torres at Robert Lepper Singh [Applause]
and Bertie who has bounced back really well after
because his conference are being set off [Applause]
you gotta get sound out too very much at the fray here for arsenal
a really dangerous left foot here is van persie good effort to
boy Carole had to burn his car there to feed it away
it's an excellent say particularly because he's had nothing to do all again
versus got it right on the wall in towards that top corner there and rights
the side that Roy Carroll should be defending but he's still defended it
well [Applause]
muscle hopes are raised Perez l Laura nobody's really picked him up
on to Joe Dirt Oh help us food a nap
managing to smuggle it out confronted by scholars
we're in the midfield as his cane let's involve the sucker by Roy Keane he
was talk about commitment it was only ever going to be one winner of that ball
there and that was Roy Keane he's had to go to his teammates as neither season
lack of commitment sometimes lack of work late he said you leave those two
things for all the talent you have yep
this is promising now for Arsenal [Applause]
just cut the hill though of Rio Ferdinand where's Braille some taste
back now they were Silvestre Ferdinand the brown
yes that's why they're allowed to push up the field so much when they want to
because they got so much taste it's very there's only something like in this
Arsenal sideline he's something like rares you could actually get the other
side of him to the face Vieira was for us
[Applause] and has given certainly an herbalist
display back there for Arsenal has been easy at times keeping United at
bay hello Tori
aiming for that Percy that was sill vest now that decrypted courtroom the South
Africa what the Vandy store oil [Applause]
for delivery for gigs enough said
so buddy honors during his time at old cabin right geeks
we've cast him as yet another potential match winner
[Applause] lost in the FA Cups it's Arsenal beat
them back in 2003 [Applause]
that Percy Sylvester was snapping away there
Kien inevitably at the vicinity as well [Applause]
well I can't Roble the third Annette the tempos dropped but the intrigue
certainly hasn't Christiaan Irwin elder
instead fill that by Lauren kita geeks [Applause]
still write cakes batiste or shut the hole
every rock stars wall placed there to see what happens shaking his head
smiling as well not by Tory and goes cane
[Applause] that a steroid
- kicks and now Rudy [Applause]
challenged by Ashley Cole [Applause]
frustration from ruining they were really stretch that in Austin certainly
work here's the handball situation that has never had brought great decision by
Rob Styles first looking look like his hand went towards the ball but obviously
hit him in the stomach lower near [Applause]
has got it right again [Applause]
I think it's got too much rock stupid Empire's goals towards King
never too far away [Applause]
well strippable midfield miss Sylvester Lehmann was tempted for a
moment now Rooney his food a net discuss bricks a
it's laymen once again he's rescued his dream he has
a good height to save but again if you want the ball to come into somebody real
ferdinando's well here slides it into scores first touch and he's in a good
area of him to say but it's still great reflexes it really was but sir if you
want a ball to fall under somebody in the box at this time and again skulls
will be enough and he certainly won't the key for that
[Applause] five little skulls and so nearly
repeated that today mr. Ryan [Applause]
can't believe is missed that one I'm sure what's going through his mind there
are still all that see when this ball comes in and I'm totally free head of
there and somehow manages not to get it on the
target hits the target almost certainly scores down the years and certainly in
his time at Manchester United he has been one of Europe's deadliest finishers
juster today - it cuts his reputation it's fun so far anyway your school's
ticking in that box to geeks [Applause]
since you who knew - right
leave that at the place not to see from here and it was truly
amazing so it'll be a rockstar
you have to say Torah look very tired players at the moment
their body language is awful different people
it is it was to sample
he's a very very lucky man fix was leading the protest there
Rob Stiles [Applause]
[Music] that he will win
heading to the exit and he might just be the man as you were
suggesting earlier it surprises to me that hasn't happened
earlier because for me Perez has been very disappointed has not really we have
not seen the real Robert Pierre is there today and certainly some surprising
Eddie who has not come on early because certainly towards the back end of the
season and he's been used as a substitute he's done extremely well for
asking and finally it's reelect Ferguson will
probably accept now but Erie honoree is not going to come on in this final
[Applause] they're getting talk now
fatigue is setting in Coco wrasse
[Applause] [Music]
which suggests otherwise [Applause]
trap card now Geneseo
different stories converging from libraries to why I do is it staying he
says he was offered the mic contract I'll probably tell you something
completely different it does seem he's on his way that's a show because he's
added a lot of English going on an excellent player is got great
you know he gets around the field well you know and he's forced himself into
Brazilian team as well you know and that's not easy to do on his team
unquestionably rock talk in terms of possession they stay happy
as the end of the first true of extra-time
and it still happens a lot climbing heroes have to be very tough not to call
that's so many chances now well that's the only worrying thing for United about
so many chances that they haven't slipped one of them India
as officers showed in that first our versus arm they they've struggled to
cope that looked disjoint at the back
but it did have a free-kick this for joy Colin
so could say [Applause]
if you look at the two sides at the moment
Man United are by far the better side this is a say by yet slamming and it was
a stunning one too right I certainly was you know Rio Ferdinand
does well to keep that ball alive as such but once it drops to once it drops
here to to false goals he pulls off something Ross there Nick sit around him
good strike but a good save as well also by Elena with his stroke hands behind it
German international goalkeeper [Applause]
would be a manager in situations like this one of these two managers is going
to end the season without a trophy [Applause]
but they have given us such an absorbent game here it's hard to believe it's
goalless so here we go the last 15 minutes if
they still can't settled it down to a penalty shootout
[Applause] just about the only major event around
the world maybe today's the day
compared to watch is that mr. royde optic hecz
pitiful Oh around the back but mr. Roy
[Applause] over-elaborate ik well for me I don't
know what he was trying to do there it was a simple just put me foot through
the wall we kept prayers on the rebound robin van persie I'm still with four up
here including ADA who wants to bow out in style
since he was really moved by the response of the asking fans and what
they will have been his final meager take a tent in the end that's seven gold
thrashing of Everton the great displays I can't see the match but I gather the
great performances since the Premiership started
Everton of course Falls in the Premiership completely
played off the top different story today Fiera
now are putting up bird one of Arsenal got left in the locker
hey do that took a deflection off crowd [Applause]
Renaldo stupid away
whose canister the Portuguese hears that Percy skipping class a lot damn it
not that a realtor Nanette so sturdy so operable effect wait Rooney
now Ronaldo who kicks is outside [Applause]
like eggs anyway he's very brave very quick to
[Applause] part of the mouth moment
it looked like it was pigs is born and this is when Sandra's gets the touch
the committee just gets there in front as a fifty-fifty row on the two of them
clash and it looks a lot worse than what it is and for once layman doesn't made a
song and a dance about it like you know normally if your Pony speech 18 gigs all
over the field but there was a 50/50 war and certainly uncertainly layman showed
his commitment to get there first you used to comb your hair would you
better tackle one watching I do
now Cole Reyes gosh Caprio third a nap
the United fans wanting a strong performance from Rio today throwing in
mind his delay of signing a contract [Applause]
territory [Applause]
and the fairness to fern out he has played very well set the roster later
[Applause] now Viera
away from that Nestor Roy is that Percy yep bird trying to stretch United down
that Arsenal right load off to Patrick Vieira event job Berto
here in the community shield forgets United
this is coal [Applause]
[Music] [Applause]
we kick to Arsenal to his dismay
in disbelief Reyes
that Percy look at the rares again brutchik
collision with the castle vest was sent off at Highbury and the
Premiership this season cecilia and again prayers was bought for
one silly challenge in the second half but now
robbed stars we'll send him off I think is going to be sensing what
bored of silly challenge is not okay well it's the second half of extra time
to cook wanna learn up you're going down the tunnel
only one player in FA Cup history is a bit sent over the final have it more
or patches to United sensible refereeing I think though no it
was yes but I think hopefully is made the pointer a as look you know I've let
you off this time but there won't be a next time
I also thought the Scotsman kind of fly because still fest looked as if he was
about to react and he's been booked as well
of course that mr. Roy with Tory on my keen to Renaldo
[Applause] schools making his way up as well I've
got three in there anyway that whip behind it whipped me like
frustration kuru news just kicked the ball into the crowd
[Applause] quickly acknowledged it was a foolish
thing to do [Applause]
forgotten you know no there's no way that went behind
and it could have been embarrassed layman again because he's come off his
line to embarrass them I know as well down here
challenging with ADA real food in it
inside the final ten minutes Tran spectable Tempe shootout growing
stronger Rooney set the Ross kept his head again
very impressive the young man no he hasn't particularly this part in
time fit for me and the extra time series looked a very very tired player
and son for us has had to keep his wits about him
looks like a stay down more pen factor see he not hit thought he was offside
not so still that Percy it goes key
[Applause] he's been tremendous in Rocky
we talked about it before for the ages
his commitment to the cause and the way it gets other people to fly has been
tremendous I can't think of giving a ball away all again that's why I kicked
his that two more years left in it this one today
[Applause] hey dude attaching the error
now that to Cole [Applause]
Reyes passed it away from schools lyosha
we filled it tired challenged by schools I think
that's what Rob style said I think it's the best not for that challenge it's for
the three challenges you've done before and let you who he with robin van persie
lining up this free kick Tory and set burrows I've got up there
[Applause] gilberto is no slouch in here either
he's at the mix-a-lot with patrick vieira
whoo that is Raptor see four three two
it's a way by key always always leading by example
hey do with that Percy [Applause]
Kate say yes again [Applause]
and again Braille take the safety first
Sylvester to quit at 40 Ronaldo's going on the first out the
left still fool to go is yogurt too
we'll have to step in here before matters get out of that
now the Rana TARDIS
Stivers so atmospheric studio [Applause]
very much in the balance [Applause]
young world item fortunes not
his arm upset liver fortune is coming with a high tackle off
the back of that and as has been said in the build-up this game
this game is always only one serious as the tackle away from a major incident
well we've never had a penalty shootout in an FA Cup final
it's getting near now well there's less than five minutes and
say still can't see arsenal scoring and United have just lost that impetus at
the moment to push forward and go and win this game which they showed they
should have done we've certainly had the chances even an extra time here Lauren -
Jill Berto less than five minutes to go
in extra time in the 2005 FA Cup final a stone mill Metis United nil
this is a doe not the coal we to look like
choice words there [Applause]
[Music] [Applause]
in the back of an argument about that and it could be a costly misdemeanor
[Applause] Levent after C to take this free-kick
that for our store [Applause]
adjusting position for position in there and this is pretty new girl
I was hoping to score at three FA Cup finals was well wide of the mark yes the
ball just wouldn't sit down for it quick enough I think when the ball comes in
here it comes out - Freddie Youngberg and I think we'll finish up seeing him
hit it with his shin his first touch isn't exactly what he wants it to be
just sits up won't drop down he knows he's got to hit it early and it's off
the shin and yes it's an upset about that
just all around you feel that little bit of lack of conviction about a school
today well just send the longer the game's
going on the less belief there has been in them that they can actually beat
Manchester United after initial 25 minutes when they had
good possession article and didn't create anything once hon United got on
top they stayed on top really you know if they're not to win this in
in extra time or even in the 90 minutes they're going to be very very
disappointed and and I'd be a little bit worried now going to penalties because
they've had all the play Tim Howard er the American is behind the goal maybe
just a suggestion that he might come on to a tres Roy cow and pick up defenders
[Applause] Darko's Rinaldo
[Applause] up goes the pulse rate
[Applause] two minutes left
looking to the era well it would be an amazing situation if
they did bring Howard on it so they're going to have to do it very very quickly
if they are his body language that's autistic yes
that he's getting himself ready getting yourself psyched up
meantime there is right kicks [Applause]
can still run Aldo every two more minutes at the end of
extra time the stoppages Ashley Cole rares and ADA
we kick pivot no it's not okay on
racist a down and clearly is in something stress as
Rudy might be now who's wet but a trick the error
when players get tired now this is when the tempers start to pray
and it's showing him one or two players at the moment very quick to United
[Applause] a nerve-wracking finale
we're almost into time added on [Applause]
is there to be a final flourish here from Manchester United was worth so many
chances to have seen off the challenge of Arsenal
maybe this will be the last one all hats to that asshole defensive pal
King over the ball Scholz is there and geeks
Rudi wider there but maybe not getting involved here it is tall schools in
Ravenna but not sufficient accuracy Reynaldo try
to shake off Lauren and nuke Berg it's a good night at work
we're now into those 200 minutes [Music]
pigs [Applause]
Wayne Trudy has been named man of the match a real argument there Sylvester
Canha so that cupcakes Viera got Cornette
possession one more minute
there's no conclusion we're into a penalty shootout
[Applause] terrain
now that Percy [Applause]
you get the call but he's only fair wait but cup stall
scepter us we take for now therefore Arsenal last jobs for their job Berto
- Quintin fortune and now they might be fully extended Ronaldo
whereas on his way back careful
he isn't doing his way off he's been warned
he has been sent off only the second man in FA Cup final
history and as you say it the warnings were there he was told just a few
minutes ago that one more stupid thing and it was stupid he knew that they were
Ronaldo was getting away there and he ran at him arm up in the air and caught
him around net height and he can have no arguments as far as I'm concerned the
young man still learning the game still learning his trade
let's hope he comes back from that experience
the final whistle has been blown and we will need a penalty shootout to divide
these two teams in Cardiff it's finished after extra time
Arsenal Mill Manchester United [Music]
rayann Peter thank you and we will be back with you of course for the
penalties for the first time in the history of this FA Cup Viv Anderson has
watched it all with us and after 120 minutes could you have taken your eye
off that for a second no you didn't take your eyes off it I must admit but since
the second I'll start the second half manchester United have been dominant I
thought I thought they're very unfortunate to get to this stage I
thought they would win it in a normal time who wasn't to be but it's a limit
in next few minutes to see what happens with the penalties almost ugly
the stats there muskan wonder if he's going to be lazy reform in there and the
penalties as well well you just don't want to be the villain of this case now
do you and you would feel that any player
who's miss moment of capricious and this fortune
means that the cup is last man and no way you'd find me you know that toilet
down in the tunnel I'd be down there manager is looking for me was good to
turn that penalty though you won't find me anywhere near taking these things the
people who take they get mire by hand so then time for the conclusion one way
or with Ray and Teeter
so it's all down to the penalty shootout rude that in steroids strode up to the
ten despot key to get off with it clearly he is going to take the first
one for Manchester United gets yes Raymond
we have that maybe Tim Howell would have come on too
kick goal for United that's not to be the case it will be roy carroll it would
have been the most amazing substitution into the decided to have done that i
don't know how roy carroll would have felt we have brought off at the last
minute of extra time for somebody else to try safe penalties but
they'll be very interesting now because it's all the test
straight down Grubin destroyer who scored from the penalty spot in last
season's final I'm del Sol again
[Music] he's had his ups and downs against
Arsenal in recent times he will have enjoyed this moment
so certainly fountain considering such a short run option
thank you too short no chance to that
[Music] against Roy Carol
the internationals of Cameroon the running nice having this game on
surprise you've got respect to walk that far
Carroll doing a Bruce Robin are all ago here is Laura no problem
Paul skulls is next for Manchester United
[Applause] really we'll take a pile or calm as you
like even if the goal people are gone the right way there's no chance he was
going to save that anything it's not a satisfactory way to
end such a big occasion such an important event as this but it has to be
this still has to be a loser will still be
such contrasting emotions at the end of it all Tom Scholz and now the driving
rain sadly died yes Lyman
well that was a fantastic save because Scholz hit that with bags of power
like to the gun a little bit but it's still a tremendous block
[Applause] yet again
such drop hands behind it for all the yet swag
agony and dejection for false girls being consoled by his teammates filling
me up bird steps that's good
[Applause] what a game who says they run in
Occident charge and yet when it comes to filters they're
now behind Cristiano Ronaldo will be next for
United some brilliant overcome
during the match itself that me PETA's composure here
in this bill binding attention pika pika - -
[Applause] well he tried to get Leamington to move
early watching run-up of a little starter tries to get layman to commit he
doesn't commit until it comes up to strike the ball and then chooses to go
the wrong way [Applause]
well if that Percy [Applause]
[Music] [Applause]
Dutchman in stone
come into this final from the semi against Blackburn
it's there have to say article Street penalties
have been absolutely fantastic they're not
a chance whatsoever all in the corners all hit with great taste and it's given
off someone's chance way Trudy [Applause]
I'm sure he's give his mother the match award back if you thought it was gonna
score with this that's it
young England international Pop's it huh
with no mistake [Applause]
and next it will be Ashley cold who's had such trouble we cross the
field with a disciplinary hearing
chanting up by Chelsea and his pardon all that
he's put it all behind him today in terms of his performance during the
hundred and twenty minutes of the match now what last contribution from him
[Applause] the last two
[Applause] all eyes down on Roy Keane if he misses
this hostile with the FA Cup [Applause]
they're inspired performance from the skipper today
you can so normally rely on for just about anything when it comes to football
and that is the point crew a patrick vieira has the charts now
of glory [Applause]
to cut today follow David Seaman in 2003
Tony Adams from 2002 and 98 here who didn't rate the 93 five
[Applause] what is going through his mind now
just trying to chuck everything out and I'm sure
[Applause] patrick vieira / arsenal he's done it
[Applause] turn to the way the rack itselfwe have
wont me if it's amazing isn't it we said in
extra-time their United need to take one of these chances otherwise we could come
back to it has to
that's incredible United supporters of a subpart the lit believe what's happened
yep the United fires can't believe what's happened and I think all er still
Furguson there is absolutely
[Applause] I can't believe what's happened I think
you in the unite the a school fans can't believe that room this but they have
that's the beauty of the FA Cup [Applause]
so it's turned into a glorious afternoon regardez
to the chat time in their history and last a beaming smile from arson
beggar their fourth in seven years Underhill
notable climax to a cease that has failed it would use a reward and the
other major competitions it's a massive heart
that is united and epic their words with the unwanted scenario of having ending
the season without a trophy a little piece of football history the
FA Cup final decided on penalties what will be your your memories of the day
the occasion and the match where we said we're item for early on in the
commentary the two teams that play there today there's very very little in it it
was always going to be a tighter fan whoever took the chances on the day or
did a little bit of skill to get them a result and it's proven today what we've
seen now it's gone right the way down to the wire has been down to penalty so it
tells you there's not much to choose between the two teams and hopefully next
season Manchester had to get a bridge that gap between lemon Chelsea
it must feel like a gaping chasm right now to them as Arsenal celebrate those
who played and those who didn't play by Thanksgiving mandersohn really a Georgia
company viv export and let's rejoin ray anteater for the celebrations and so to
the presentations first to the officials today fine job they did to Rob Styles
the referee some may have doubted the wisdom of his appointment and I think he
proved today it was after the task and also congratulations to his
assistants Jim Devine Paul Kennedy and the fourth official Neal berry
[Music] [Music]
operator United who want the three previous games between these two bitter
rivals this season indeed and not lost in the last seven meaningful meetings
but it's arson Bender's team who have trapped this time just as they did on
the last occasion they met in the finals back in 1979 albeit in different
circumstances as Roy Keane leads up the majesty 90 players
they will feel they did enough in the match itself to talk once again but it
wasn't to be right I was then Roy Keane in particularly he
did as much as anybody to try and give the team the impetus they needed I think
banister Roy was disappointed he had two or three really good chances one in
extra time when he over elaborated when it looked like when the cross came in he
just had to put his left foot to it and it would go in but he didn't do that try
to flick it in and missed it totally and that was a vital miss I have to say so
they know as they walk across there that they should have won it they did have
the chances that all of possession all the pressure all the chances but as
Bimmer said if you don't take them then you can be punished and that's what the
penalty shootout can do to you Alex Ferguson can only look hot now and
wonder what my caffeine Jasper to wit this cup today he always
says every year [Applause]
it happened this time fantastic day in the for Arsenal
and comes spilling the Youngberg on as a substitute he might not appear today at
all because of an injury recently but he came back to claim his place in the
squat and in the end it was tragic big error
the skipper who tucked away the decisive penalty what a season for that like
sender us and also fàbregas who just walked in front of in there I mean two
young lads who have got years and years in front remember Arsenal but what a
fantastic end to a dream season for the two of them and for Dennis Bergkamp
maybe didn't play his best today trying to play in a position that is not really
as best but gave everything for the side it's fitting that what he's gone for are
still this year but he picks up the medals the penalty shootout against
Sheffield United earlier in the competition but a score just about
straight [Music]
Paul's goals have at the end proved so conclusive
[Applause] the FA Cup winners mm
[Applause] [Music]
it should be the last FA Cup final it cut it
and arsal have denied matches united back-to-back Cup final wins the holders
have had to relinquish their grip on the trophy
[Music] thoughts of United's 10 to quote a
famous slide a bit surely greatly exaggerated the United fan to say the
lot watch their team again of only tears for souvenirs for Arsenal
[Applause] Hostel supporters it today to enjoy they
are the FA Cup winners in 2005 [Music]
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