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first mate 42 years ago in the effect
we lost one mill authorized his return
could be important or we can just stands up
this correct Miguel
left-hand side start he's got a challenge here first
chance at the front No far post
let me switch it out to cuddle what's going toward it inside full-back
police he doesn't get down on the cover doesn't get tighten up exactly what he's
trying to do could he have got the shut away with his right then he doesn't get
it out of his feet it's stuck under his feet and that's why he can't get the
whip on it but good for the flight wide right
client with always going for a jog
very much of the city in fact across the Bell FIFA
like the great say from John with his jaded leg
thirty-five years favorite we've seen so far
wonder why roberto mancini is being seen as
is the case but there is Espinosa so dime
that her acid
this place his info wicked the difficult angle and he set up anyone
to go himself want to go sometime enough
cause we took about so let plays out that right-hand side
that he went to one ball and he beat the staszek I think does the right thing
here too many other options only could have played it back
no paper twice in the coming late games these days sometimes wonder when the
abducts place a well in that store Sophie's tribe
a portion here took one for the team couple of passes
on and he got to the bull McManaman no no
the first to go and we're going to survive that the
cabbage silver coming in zabaleta involved
go Manchester City are in trouble here
company feeling that too much of it but um he's got grants
for that the second letter
as you get to the ball first yes he does and there's no question about it it's a
foul on the poor one from Zabaleta not going to ground here he knows he's
being booked maloney takes
protection surely one day after the cup the Dave Whelan the Roberto Martinez
you just cannot write straps like this war
it was into the box Ben Watson man Cydia trying to zonal mark but nobody attacks
the ball Ben Watson makes his run to the near post Lord Rahl has to be guarding
that near post there he has to be another two or three yards CLE she has
to be another two or three odd you can't allow players to run across the front
about water leap and what a good technical header it was from Ben Watson
tonight choices bring the Ducks
Dave Whelan for Roberto Martinez Jania in his bed
the late Lego has made here the man with the ginger hair got his
head to the corner Manchester City then down to ten men
with Zabaleta sending off but Wiggins certainly deserved it it's
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