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what hasn't changed is the fa cup final weather at this time of year
glorious sunshine a test of the stamina as well as of the skills of arsenal
and chelsea [Applause]
chelsea the champions looking for an extraordinary double for antonio conte
in his first season as a manager in english football
arsenal striving for a trophy to compensate for failing to qualify
for the first time in arsene wenger's lengthy reign of over 20 years for the
champions league hey wembley organizers have been a
little bit more careful with the timetable in the build up there
it's a late kickoff if you were with us a year ago you might remember that
so detail was the pre-match entertainment that it overran
duke of cambridge his royal highness for the second
successive season that's the presentation part he is of course the
president of the football association i think he was here as a supporter a
couple of years ago arsene wenger of course has been here
[Applause] many times arsene did have a very good
record in this stadium they've won on their last seven visits
since they lost against the odds they were strong favourites they lost against
the odds to birmingham in that league cup final back in 2011. they're
the underdogs today stuart aren't they these are the favorites
absolutely chelsea's been magnificent all season they can pick their strongest
lineup antonio conte seems to have got the best
out of every individual in this side but they
do need that man there diego costa to be at his best
it's a really cool arsenal problem and what might be his final
game for chelsea speculation that he might take the trail to china
and the riches that come with it and of course beautiful singer emily
hague oh
[Music] she's
[Music] [Applause]
oh [Music]
[Music] both sides weren't exciting semi-finals
here of course chelsea had to dig deep to shrug off spurs 4-2 the final score
arsenal were underdogs like today but overcame matched the city
2-1 after extra time a lot of team news for you particularly
with arsenal david ospina who was told that the fa cup games were his at
the start of the season and arsene wenger as good as his word in
front of him the veteran german per mertesacker
starts an arsenal game for the first time this season
in the very last game of the season they're very short of senior defenders
koscielny suspended gabrielle injured mustafi not recovered
from concussion but alex oxlade-chamberlain is okay and
he looks like he'll be the left wing back
today and it's danny welbeck up front well arsenal stick with the back three
that served them so well in recent weeks but it does mean that oxlade-chamberlain
will play as a left-wing but he was arsenal's best player against manchester
city in the semi-final but with welbeck up front
it suggests to me that arsenal will try and play on the counter-attack
well who to leave out rather than who to put in was antonio conte's conundrum the
midfield spot alongside of galacante goes to nemanja matic rather than the
former arsenal captain cesc fabregas and one of the three attacking roles is
awarded to pedro who keeps out willian who scored twice here
in the semi-final well key to chelsea's attacking
other positions that pedro and hazard take up by drifting in field between
arsenal's factory and their midfield players
they will ask questions of arsenal's defensive organisation their
communication and their decision-making
[Applause] so we're ready to go at wembley
chelsea to kick off record breaking champions
by virtue of 30 wins from their 38 premier league games 93 points
castle finished 18 adrift back in fifth place
[Applause] anthony taylor has the honor
of taking charge of an fa cup final and chelsea do pride themselves on a
fast start pedro's often pretty much a chelsea
ambition to get onto the front foot straight away
[Applause] by also chamberlain stuart to expect
to dig in as they did at the start against them match the city in the
semi-final i think that's that exactly how they're
going to try and play they're quite deep they'll rely on welbeck to hit balls in
behind when they played in that semi-final
they tried to play up to giroud it didn't really work for them
well that gives them a different option as he's doing here
across comes cahill it's the record 20th final for arsenal
it will also be a record 13th win if they're successful today
overtaking last season's winners manchester united
all considerable experience will be needed by
[Applause] uh
monreal and now granit xhaka
[Applause] both sides won their home games
chelsea beat arsenal 3-1 at stanford bridge in february by then they were
already embedded into a system that had its
origins in a three-nil defeat in september at arsenal's emirates
stadium arsenal raced into a three-nil lead
kante went to three at the back to limit the damage and ended up starting
the next game within a way to hull the first of 13 consecutive
premier league wins which propelled them up the table and eventually to the title
so in a way they have to be grateful to arsenal in a strange way
it's a system he always wanted to play i think that just made his mind up
he didn't have the players to play with it to start with but he made players out
of vascular equator as the right-sided center-back he made a
right wing back out of victor moses he made the left-sided center half out of
cahill arsenal switch to a similar system
happened much more recently up at middlesbrough
after a bad defeat at crystal palace they've played nine games
prior to this in a row with three at the back at least
most of the matches last week because she only got sent off and that
necessitated the change when they're down to ten men
but of those nine games they've won eight
so let's work for arsene wenger and even though he's had difficulties finding
the tenders fit and available to play in the middle of that defense
he um he's gone with it again good bit of possession play by arsenal
sanchez wandering across the field finding space in behind chelsea's
midfield good start by the gunners
murtazaka comes up field he scored in an fa cup finally he scored an fa cup
semi-final and he scored a winning goal for germany
all in this stadium the giant courtois
a little over anxious if that cost a confusing conte
a chance of a quick break is really stopped by their own shortcomings and
here's ramsey who's actually done very well since the change of
system and back to his best and sanchez
chelsea complain flag is up no goal gary bezek is the man who makes the
decision but sanchez came from deep stuart robson it may still be a goal
here consistent referee games offside for the
player that was standing in front of sanchez
sanchez they're trying to claim his handball to start with chelsea it hit
sanchez went in behind chelsea sanchez chased after it but there was an
arsenal player there that was in an offside position
but he didn't touch the ball or he didn't go for the ball either
[Applause] that's a big call from the uh two
officials who are discussing the matter here i mean
you've got it absolutely right the goal given and sanchez is the man again
and it's just the start that arsenal wanted but from chelsea's point of view
contentious they're still following the referee some of the players even arsene
wenger looks confused but he does look confused but here it is
again chelsea should have counter attack they
made a real mess of it she quite rightly said
census tries to play the ball forward louise heads it down kante's slow to
deal with it and there you can see ramsay was in an offside position
but he didn't eventually touch the ball did he interfere with play i think he
has to be interfering play because he starts to go
towards the ball chelsea stopped with it which they shouldn't have done
but what a start for arsenal does it hit him on the hand his arms are up that's
what asperger was asking but it's a good finish in the end
from sanchez with the outside of his right boot
well it's up on the scoreboard arson you're leading
and it's alexis sanchez whose future is as shrouded in mystery as the manager
himself so the favorites are behind it's the fa
cup [Applause]
holding have got the free kick a bit of shirt
tugging also costa the innocent party either in
all that then there's a little kick out at holding
he still has that fiery temper both players are going to get away with it
here it's a foul by holding but costa's
reaction isn't a good one chance to hit back straight away
just a bit too high for diego costa he's got a bit of previous against uh
arsenal just been standing in an offside
position as well when that ball was first played in wasn't given by the
assistant referee but a goal tinged twice with controversy
handball offside both calls went arsenal's way
arsenal won chelsea nil the 2017 fa cup final
has got off to a headline start there's also sloppy play all round from
chelsea first of all victor moses didn't defend the ball well down this right
hand side and a chance to counter attack and two
players got in each other's way then when louise heads it down into a
dangerous area kante wasn't first to it complacency certainly looks like that in
the first seven or eight minutes a lot of talk about pedicek not starting
this game mostly i think because it's against chelsea
as a very capable goalkeeper of course check
doubly disappointed having won the cup four times with chelsea
he might win it but there's a non-playing substitute
with arsenal against chelsea there's a long way to go
ramsay that comes pedro scored in a champions league final
in this stadium no less the referee's absolutely right here it's
not monreal that's going to get the yellow card it's ramsey
shirt tugging certainly not monreal i think it was the last challenge but
he's not the player being booked ramsey was booked for
shirt tugging on pedro as he was trying to run away
[Applause] yes
it's not a situation that chelsea have found themselves in too often this
season one mill down [Applause]
courtois versatility of oxlade-chamberlain put to
the test again irene is the right wing back it's a
position that looks legendary was looking good in
earlier in this switch to the back three and he was injured
kieran gibbs he's not on the bench today he was
down to be a substitute he had recovered his fitness which made him a doubt
and then he was taken ill this morning lucas perez is the player who's
[Applause] when arsenal got the ball it's
interesting to see erzo is coming that little bit deeper to make three
v2 in that centre that's why arsenal had so much possession
one extraordinary fact about this arsenal defense is that
has never [Applause]
hasn't it [Applause]
14 years ago now 14 trophies all the signs this is going to be
number [Applause]
as well sanchez oxlade-chamberlain
[Applause] he's still running with the ball
[Applause] had a bit of time off i've been told by
all and sundry that yeah you've only got to turn up to win the
final i've seen arsenal's injuries as well they'd have thought that this was
right as i thought arsenal were going to drop off and allow chelsea to play
that's not the case here arsenal are in the ascendancy not just in the scoreline
but the way they're playing pedro heading there first against
[Applause] [Applause]
chug back into position [Applause]
chakra is playing very much as the holding midfield player but it's given
license for ramsey just to make further forward runs ozil's coming
deeper so it's almost making a three-man midfield as he's doing now ozil to pick
up the ball in space [Applause]
he's probably playing his best football of the season
last month or so he finally got himself a premier league goal
first of the campaign with virtually the last kick of the league season
the win over everton last sunday eddie just touched the ball yet yeah 12
minutes 13 minutes into the game [Applause]
doing [Applause]
[Music] a bit of play by welbeck making that run
down the side of david luiz setting up the plate alexis sanchez
just doesn't come down in time for him but at the moment arsenal are dominating
the game tactically arsene wenger's out doing
antonio conte with the way he's set up in that
midfield area [Applause]
on the scene comes out to costa heroic block
suddenly chelsea looked one strike of the ball away from an
equalizer a couple of strikes wasn't it it looked
as though i mean hazard was going to get a chance
had the ball taken off him by murtazaka and then a combination i think of
holding jack got out and got the block in
on the move again with sanchez it's off the line by cahill
well what a chance the ozil played in it's a three-pronged
attack and mesut ozil seemed to have got the better of
courtois here come arsenal again they feel they've got chelsea on the ropes
bayern rural for the corner there's they're
still contemplating what might have been he didn't chase after that
before the corner great run from welbeck that just opened up the space for
ursula who kicks it into the ground that's why it goes over courtois
he's in the right place just before welbeck gets there
so close to being two nil [Applause]
gary cahill really sparing chelsea's blushes here it could
have easily been in 2-0 just past the 15-minute mark
i did him an injustice i think he actually got himself underneath the ball
and clipped it over courtois but arsenal winning every 50-50
challenge every loose ball they're making the pitch
look much bigger than chelsea are at the moment
[Applause] the right hand side pedro
another sterling piece of defending by arsenal from monreal
chelsea race the throw sanchez [Music]
[Applause] [Music]
[Applause] victor moses had an absolute shocker in
this first period of the game his throw in there
just goes straight back to an arsenal player
just when they're building up a bit of momentum he'd be absolutely furious
with what he's seen matic has lost every 50 50 ball
on a couple of occasions he hasn't even made the challenge
here on a regular basis sliding in we've got chelsea a little
bit of breathing space but it's another arsenal
corner look at the space that they can pick up
in these sort of areas it's a lovely little ball alonzo defends it well
enough in the end [Applause]
well it looked as though it was going to go in from welbeck and then the follow
up with ramsey involved and chelsea escaped
again by hare's breath could he have thrown himself at it
aaron ramsey quite sure here just gets away from alonso
cutouts of the uh the players we know they are
[Applause] two of the players look as though
they've got mid weights in their boots at the moment
here's the chance again alonso can't get a jump in
comes off the post could he have gone with his head a bit earlier
and ramsey just seemed to want to make extra sure
by chesting it over the line but spun off his chest
there's no exaggeration let's say inside the first 20 minutes outside could be
three in front [Applause]
the left wing back it does mean that alexis sanchez can stay high and wide on
this left hand side he can come in field as
well and go and join he hasn't got too many
defensive responsibilities ozil was then tucking in from the other side to make
that extra man in midfield it's all working arsenal's way at the
moment worked tactically from chelsea's point
of view who's picking up ramsey [Applause]
at some point it's got to be passed on to one of the centre-backs because
they're being outnumbered in that midfield area
okay touched by azar
[Applause] really doesn't work out for moses and
there's a cohort on that occasion and he's picked up all the individual
awards this season and of course we've won the premier
league for the second time with the different kind of consecutive
seasons [Applause]
john terry ladies farewell to stamford bridge
on a sunday orchestrated way and i think there was some
suggestion if chelsea were like three nil up here he'd get another
little outing to say goodbye before leaving the club after this game i don't
think he's gonna be saying bye-bye at the moment
because arsenal totally dominate in the game
north side moses
two more problems being opposed at the north london club
at the moment and the boys in blue [Applause]
with the biggest threat when they start sticking balls in behind arsenal's
factory matic again
[Applause] i also wanted it check because he didn't
come as quickly as he wanted it and then couldn't get there wasn't the best ball
[Applause] the german the two germans back in
tandem again one defending and one trying to create
and this is a great piece of defending by
matasaka to get that absolutely right just as diego costa was going in on goal
a couple of years ago right he was sent off
catching diego costa quite early in the game
with a goal for costa there's a jacket
a bit later [Music]
[Applause] just pass the halfway mark in the first
half it's gonna be finished in 90 minutes it's been a quality first
quarter from arsenal
so many goals down here in fa cup finals [Applause]
absolutely right i'm not sure they got it absolutely right because
it could have been a handball i would have given sanchez the benefit of the
doubt on that occasion the offside i would have given offside
because i think by ramsey going towards the ball and standing almost next to it
he's interfering with play the line in the law being
playing the ball or not of course he didn't i think he would have done if
it had spun to him anyway here's diego costa it's in
the book as they say a goal for alexis sanchez
moses [Applause]
is desperately trying to get his a game going it's been very good this season of
course so many loans out of chelsea's
very much one of the cornerstones of the title success
to win the semi-final he got brought down for a penalty
at the end that he's attacking in this first half here here's gary
lewis [Applause]
will help him out there he's well back a chance to have a run if that's a foul
that sure is a yellow card because well that was breaking away
[Applause] yes he has he's made a lot of those
fouls and just gets away with them
[Applause] was getting away with the ball it seemed
until a community of french midfield player
intervened [Applause]
has his own response he had a great game didn't he against
manchester city as the right wing back oxlade-chamberlain
i think he turned the game in a couple of good runs and a couple of crosses
into the box that's great fishing sanchez
[Applause] taking the snapshot of where ozil was
before the ball arrived [Applause]
pedro [Applause]
looking for costa we'll get that and in the end ospina was needed
lastly don't defend that ball in behind them particularly well
really holding should deal with it cost is spanning
behind holding it doesn't judge the flight of the ball well the center back
yes it's a decent pass by pedro [Applause]
that's a decent save by a spinner as well
a bit of an arm across the back of holding
[Applause] straight
[Applause] is the almost familiar figure without
the protective headguard not quite not quite so instantly recognizable
perhaps i suppose you don't need the head guard to warm up do you no
[Applause] maybe i thought of his head was guarded
sufficiently to make that kind of quick recovery
[Applause] [Music]
[Applause] chelsea
[Applause] here and that spells danger
again scored a few goals this season being the
man on the opposite flank coming in with headers on crosses in that time
[Applause] been a terrific half an hour also
bearing in mind the the heat of saturday the last saturday
in may not quite as warm as yesterday which is
an absolute scorching would have made it very difficult to
have this sort of tempo that we've seen so far
what i would say there's a lot of tempo when the teams are going forward
as we see here danny welbeck also had a four versus three for a
period there tries to cut back inside lovely little one two brilliant passing
behind again from bellary coming to the rescue once again
just going back to work a lot of intensity
when players are racing forward intensity defensively isn't anywhere
near as good particularly from chelsea
[Music] interrupts another dangerous looking run
from danny welbeck [Music]
[Applause] i don't think there's any intent from
that's been equated [Applause]
not going to the so-called script in by sanchez
[Applause] very well effort from granite jack he's
got more shooting power from distance than he's probably shown in his uh
first season on the volley he's got good technique he
has got power in that left foot back away from it just creeping in at
that near post that's why i had to make the save
to take the corner this is what chelsea were trying to do
when they lost the ball for arsenal's turnover arsenal
has out [Applause]
alonso chelsea maybe chasing this equalizer with a
bit too much desperation rather than use that in fact there's a lot of time left
in the game just play their game trying the
difficult things i said to you before the game which team
were the better athletes chelsea at the moment which team would
be the fitter team by the way antonio conte demands the running that
they do in training at chelsea he looked tired and not recovering any
sort of place the midfield players look leggy
straight down austria's throat [Applause]
getting pretty seen so regularly from his team
this season [Applause]
he was in a position to do a league in cup double
with juventus two years back [Applause]
wanted to win the double and switched off
i wanted to make history as well not look that way in this first half
moses [Applause]
as well one or two opportunities maybe they could have
made much more of and that would have come into that category
[Applause] pedro serial winner of course with
barcelona a little risky but successfully that's
typical of arsenal just embraced the role of underdogs as
well guaranteed the ten minutes go to
halftime to bring them the cup but certainly a feather in arsene wenger's
cap to this point tactically he's got it absolutely right
wouldn't it be with his decision to play welbeck for the
way he's got sanchez and there's all to play their roles
sticking with the battery changing oxlade-chamberlain
to this left side rather than just go with the back four
players in their normal position [Applause]
sanchez in behind chelsea again still alexis sanchez trying to catch
chelsea at the near post cahill just allows he gets back
eventually but he just never louise allows sanchez to run off with him
cahill can't see it brilliant pass has to be said but
sanchez have done better probably could have done but he's been
outstanding so far any support he had as well back
[Applause] a second goal
[Applause] [Music]
chelsea can't complete [Applause]
just as he's walking back there his head's down arsenal could take it
quickly it's just not that awareness and urgency
about chelsea's play at the moment this isn't the chelsea we've seen all
season that's probably not the arsenal we've seen all
season certainly the mata sucker we haven't seen all season except for 37
minutes last week as a substitute
sanchez was the last touch of him it was well that's a while ago now it's worth
another look [Applause]
look at sanchez there is it hand boy he lifts his arms it does hit him on the
hand but too much he can do about it david louise
is walking in the wrong direction cahill doesn't get round on the cover
they all stop because they think ramsay's going to go for the ball
[Applause] one thing that was apparent there is how
bright was sanchez's mind he knew what was on for him
[Applause] pedro now moses
[Applause] in terms of their concentration which
has been enormous in the effort the best part of 40 minutes to be in
this position but we're not talking about a team from
another division a team that finished four this is below
the champions a few teams to beat them there was a gap
and that's just a little bit of a worry pedro
really rushing the shot in the end big chance as well
hazard does brutally he's got to pass out why but he doesn't want to play that
he wants to play the more dangerous ball just rush his shot he knows somebody's
coming in from behind i just clipped his heel as well
underneath the ball he's probably the one playing still
showing the energy pedro in this game so far for chelsea
[Applause] he's the
[Applause] significant threat to arsenal's league
before half time [Applause]
as if they expected that to happen on their toes they haven't really been
on their toes for 40 minutes a mistake from ospina
miscommunication with his defender murtazaka
in the end [Applause]
just beginning to get himself in the game now did well there victor moe's he
knew the challenge was coming in actually chamberlain's going to slide
just stuck his leg across it [Applause]
will be absolutely furious with his way his team have played in this first half
and also with the attitude than anything else
[Applause] significant moments this season chelsea
have found the goal just before half time in matches that
they badly needed to find it from there because antoinette
already spotted an infringement into the area
[Applause] because here comes pedro
it's looking dangerous pedro a strange passage to the final for
arsenal including being drawn against non-league opposition in both the last
16 and the last eight never happens not in the modern game
apart from the semi-final really comfortable route for them preston away
and they played against the southampton team that had just got to the final of
the league cup so they played almost a semi-used side here two
non-league teams of course that brilliant victory
to mention the city here in the [Applause]
semi-final [Applause]
[Music] um
[Applause] does he get the ball may just get a bit
of the ball i get a bit of hazard as well let's see
it from this angle and then he does get the ball i think
it's hazard that's taken away with the outside of his boot
trying to play his part ozil is the first to admit he's never quite as good
when the opposition have the ball as [Applause]
chelsea to see him as i'd have to go off for some treatment
[Applause] hasn't been tested that often has he
antonio conte [Applause]
didn't come up with the right tactical changes against match united
of course their last defeat they've won every game since then
[Applause] 30 wins from 38 games
that's not quite like going for an fa cup which is what they're going for
today and they just haven't produced a kind of
focus [Applause]
from behind here at wembley with half time approaching
ricochet mike go to diego costa and it holds off bearing strength
[Music] [Applause]
added time [Applause]
[Music] [Applause]
[Music] pedro played the ball away they were
racing into the box monroe just caught pedro he's got away
from him here plays the ball wide then makes his way
into the box again i think he just runs across him
not too much monreal can do or does he have a little think about it there's the
shove in the back that's not going to push him to the ground
i know it's an interesting call because if the cross had had a bit more devil on
it might have been in a position of having
to deny chelsea a legitimate equaliser as it is
alonso who wrapped the top of the sunderland bar on sunday with
a free kick she led in the end to a chelsea goal
he's certainly got himself up the pecking order for these kind of
situations and with that left foot looks to level
too much height and chelsea still trail i think that would probably sum up
chelsea's first half performance or ever in the end from alonso
[Applause] two words from us church at the end of
the half arsenal been excellent the shape that they've played they've
created three versus two in midfield and from that platform they've been able to
get their front runners like sanchez like welbeck
into the game and cause chelsea problems chelsea have been way off the pace
they've lost a lot of the 50 50 challenges they've been slowing their
recovery runs and it's been really poor performance by
chelsea great from arsenal but they're only one goal down chelsea
alexis sanchez after shout for handball and possible
offside against the teammate then welbeck and ramsey
and close and gary cahill twice rescued his side by getting the ball off the
line but arsenal good value for a lead it
could have been bigger but it's one nil at wembley in the fa
cup final at half time [Music]
[Music] so
[Music] [Music]
[Music] [Music]
[Applause] antonio conte must have been tempted to
make a change at halftime but in if he was he hasn't come to temptation
the suggestion being well we can't really do as badly again to the uh
starting 11. just frightened to put in fabregas on because they've been totally
outrunning midfield he's even less of a defensive player
[Applause] it's also a thought between us that
willian could come on pedro playing in the right wing back spot
moses hasn't been very effective at all but then you've run the risk of sanchez
keep breaking forward and causing problems as he's done throughout the
first half exaggeration to say he's kept his team
in it really with those two clearances right on the goal line
ramsey hitting the post in the same incident
[Applause] [Music]
the teams that have had success against chelsea this year have been the teams
that have stopped the wing back to get in easy possession
that's certainly been the case here [Applause]
antonio conte [Applause]
not really concerned by it okay
it's the fourteenth time the clubs have come together in the fa cup of course
there was a final wenger was the winning manager against
chelsea were guided then by claudio ranieri in
2002. so two nil arsenal win it was played at
cardiff of course while this reconstruction of wembley was going on
a couple of great goals in that final as well ray paula one
freddie lumberg [Applause]
pedro it's another hit
okay nice turn by hazard getting away from ramsey
costa trying to get it back to has a extra central defender
helping arsenal out as it has done just remind you this is
the tenth time they played it under arsene wenger this season
and eight of the other nine games in the sequence up to this
final they've all been arsenal victories pedro costa conte
deflected and that could have completely wrong-footed ospina in the end it made
it a little easier i think for him to stop it
chelsea on the front foot now good link-up play from diego costa
very good hold up play by danny welbeck who
out muscles gary cahill ramsey
sanchez plowing his own furrow and finding ozil
that fly here chooses not to reverse it back to sanchez maybe one past too many
hours they've been accused of doing that of course down the
years pedro
[Applause] he's going at the gunners here in
towards diego costa goalkick
certainly got a second half on their hands here really good defending
murtazaka lego costa tries to get in front of does get in front of him
and he just gets the slide challenge in perfectly
i've been out for quite some while but he's had a good game so far
[Applause] last time they met in the fa cup was
here at wembley eight years ago
[Applause] [Music]
2-1 [Applause]
through to the final event one nil up in that game i think
theo walk up and then just hitting who was then in
charge changed the system slightly pushed
frank lampard further forward prior to that every time they met in the
fa cup in the sequence of seven games since
1947 here's pedro and moses
could be in for the equalizer here pushed out well by ospina
and a big call by arsene wenger to play our spinner ahead of pedicek
and uh it's looking good at the moment it really opened up for moses again good
cinder played diego costa moses did everything right he tried to
go across a screen up a good save by the goalkeeper
david luiz all the way through to diego costa
forced out of the penalty area then gets himself back into the penalty area and
the bulldozing approach nearly paid off gotta be careful here he's got to be
careful [Applause]
but he's becoming an influence on the game we didn't see that much of him in
the first half [Applause]
absolutely right he was just thinking of kicking the ball into the crowd there
punching it into the crowd here's the chance again
good save by ospina step by bailey the temperatures have
been more to the liking of the players as the afternoon becomes evening
[Applause] across initially i was trying to sneak
it away from kaylee did that quite deliberately and very successfully
sanchez cut it in for welbeck it really is a very high level fa cup
final this in terms of tempo and tenacity and talent
i needed a bigger touch there diego costa to take him into the box
just keeps holding a chance with his touch there
he makes no contact with the ball holding it's a good job it's outside the
box and it's a booking for being an awful
defender signed from bolton wanderers had very little opportunity over most of
the season this time coming when the big games have
come around [Applause]
that's what murtazaka can do when he's in the side
he's in that near post zone it's his head that just took it away
trying to get involved arsenal can break here
sanchez recognizing the switch of the play was on and what a switch to the
play it is bayer ring with ozil to try and find in
the middle but the deflection helped courtois now arsenal have five
players upfield which hasn't been the case too often in open
play and chelsea trying to spring forward
a wonderful ball by alexis sanchez in the first place
chelsea weren't able to counter attack again because
a couple of the players that were up front were still the defenders who were
making their way back to chelsea
diego costa had to be part of the chasing pack and he's now making his way
forward very slowly here's the angola contact
[Applause] well but
did that corner a good position that holding took up
really show the determination to get on the end of that when it came in the box
they created a 2v1 down that far side that's going to get
further forward now [Applause]
energy gets him on the ball again well we expected and i'm sure arsenal
would have expected more to the point a storming start to the second half from
chelsea and it's shaping up that way oh that's a
break for welbeck and a cynical challenge for
moses he knows what's coming when you see welbeck lead the line as
he's done in this game killed onto the ball he shot good place
2v1 there lifts it over the leg of moses
i know the injuries have played their part but why he hasn't had such a
bigger impact on arsenal's season since he's been there
certainly has big game experience doesn't he with england and
manchester united [Applause]
and uh he's rising to the challenge posed by the fa cup final here
been an important element in the way arsenal
are going about bringing their game plan into action
[Applause] ramsay wants to be played through here
and uh doesn't quite quite right for the
welshman so you've got the winning goal uh
final against hull city also played in an fa cup final here for cardiff against
portsmouth in his career and he's still a teenager
it's nine years ago now there's still a young man
[Applause] moses had the best chance
in the second half for chelsea there's another one for pedro
his goal record from that kind of position is very good
it's not so much a tap in type forward i think you're going to hit them
from the edge of the day he's trying to wrap his foot round it
here sees that far post open comes out and tries to put him under a
bit of pressure could have been booked in the first half
his book now clever play from ramsey he knows the
challenge is coming in just gets to the ball first make sure
the the tumble's over he knew that
was going [Applause]
like the length of a frame he's got to dive out with
there'll be a few more furrows in the brown lines underneath the eyes from
arsene wenger's was a senior citizen but uh
been a relaxing season for him second goal here and he might start to relax
just a tiny bit [Applause]
it's not [Applause]
here's arsenal's counter-attack santa's doing so well he was pulls back to start
with but there's the great big diagonal
she just tries to whip it round for the run of herself and ramsey
big chance for the right wing back to play the perfect pass there
to make sure he got there before welbeck so it is time for someone well known to
both sets of supporters here [Music]
[Applause] chelsea fans different kind of reception
from those who used to cheer him around the ground in red and white
good score against arsenal in the league in february when he came
on as a substitute then chelsea won three one
certainly a player that can find a pass matic was poor today
understandably that's why the change has been made but it does leave chelsea
vulnerable to arsenal's counter attacks with
fabregas in that center midfield brilliantly time run from aaron ramsey
[Applause] too close to tebow courtois
here's pedro's let's start running right from the off i made that first dart
forward here's that as out three-pronged chelsea attack he was
trying to steer it through to diego costa
no hesitation from cahill ozil will get there first but not in a
position where he could take it straight on goal woods
[Applause] girzel
welbeck forward by fabregas it's a good idea
from diego costa he got pedro running to his right but the deflection
on the touch it's a bit too delicate i must have just getting that bit of
control again jacket
before fabregas to a 50 50. he's probably had his best few weeks
in an arsenal shirt jacker over the last few games
heavily criticized earlier in the season particularly after that performance
against crystal palace sent off too many occasions
saka now moses i really feel we're at the
heart of the matter now if chelsea can get the next goal
and of course that winning habit standing with david luiz
to go on and get the silverware here but if arsenal score next
i'm sure that this chelsea on this day i've got it in it to cut
them back here's welbeck and bayern to try and place it that was
a pretty good bit of placement too but courtois read
it and saved it what an opportunity
in seconds of the bayer in chance scored last sunday in the win over
everton nazar scored against sunderland on the
same day as the 16th premier league goal of the season
moses it was quite invitingly for
fabregas moses is just lifting the ball into the
box pedro was ready to get the volley in he doesn't make the
right connection there there's the effort again welbeck playing
the one suit louise was really struggling to get back at him
he does everything right again trying to just pass it into that far
corner needed a good save from courtois fabregas you can
put it right on the money and diego costa knows that
a little bit short change to striker in the end but it was a
a wise ball into a key area and arsenal would be wise to try and stop
that happening too often otherwise there former player could lead the recovery
here which might include willian limberg up but at the moment i think
chelsea are still far too open defensively still see
arsenal getting a counter-attack from scoring
not being the dominant chelsea [Applause]
tactically physically technically that we've seen for so long
this season there's a player that's had an outstanding game
never understand why he didn't play against spurs going where they
he's had that knee problem but since he's been recovering from that and
rehabilitating and playing from time to time he's had a toe injury as well
and uh you just feel that arsene wenger if he goes by the book he will take him
off and brings your roo but that welbeck's causing so many
problems to chelsea that really should stick with
him i'm sure the player won't want to go off
i haven't got arrested for any other games now
it's the last game of the season [Applause]
he's not involved with england because he does need another period of
rehabilitation [Applause]
moses oh anthony taylor now if that's a dive moses in serious
trouble here victor moses for two yellow cards
he's sent off chelsea down to ten men and for the second
yellow it's simulation and that will make almost as many
headlines as the nature of the goal stuart that's a massive call from
anthony taylor moses comes inside oxlade-chamberlain
and the referee is absolutely right it is a dive there is no contact from
oxlade-chan he pulls his foot away he thinks the change is coming in that's
not a reason to go down anthony taylor has got that right and
it's silly play from victor moses he could have cost his
team the double here that's the walk of shame
made by chris smalling last season but his team
actually won the fa cup man united pablo's up a letter
prior to that jose antonio rose of arsenal in
2005 and kevin moore and way back in 85 it's not a list you want to be on
[Applause] it's gonna be very difficult for chelsea
now even if they get an equaliser they're gonna have to go into
extra time and the player down hold it
alonzo touch by fabregas
because it's a big topic isn't it the simulation with
the regulations being changed next season for retrospective punishment
but this time the punishment was instant swift
and correct unnecessary free kick given away by
welbeck just over 20 minutes to go unless
chelsea can take it to extra time he didn't check
his responsibilities anthony taylor
ramsey jacker
that's certainly been arsenal 70 minutes here
at wembley all that chelsea would do is go to a back four
that's the way they're flying now that's pretty crazy to go to
right back clay hill has gone inside as the right side is set in half and
devin louise is the left and lonzo will go back to a normal
left back position [Applause]
but right from the start to victor moses seemed to be off the pace
and now he's off the pitch [Applause]
to be fair to him he's had an excellent season
[Applause] preventing the shot chamberlain
[Applause] the shot by sanchez kept in by ramsay's
trying to win a corner off alonso he's done more than
that he's got the ball for bailey [Applause]
and you could see exactly what was in chamberlain's mind once scored a winner
here for arsenal against chelsea in the
community shield a couple of years ago was it handball there's nothing you can
do about it certainly not handball i can't see how
chelsea are going to get themselves back into the game now
there's one team that are good playing with against 10 minutes arsenal they can
keep the ball and the pedro has raced his run
in the last season with chelsea when they had very few strong performers
they dropped from top to tenth and now back to top again and
has played a and then this run to the fa cup final of course he
netted twice [Applause]
the win over tottenham here [Applause]
sanchez couldn't really fabricate [Applause]
even more they'll be looking to aid in hazard for
something to make light of being a man down he's capable of playing
like two not this time there's a great deal of
urgency for him to try and win the [Applause]
alonso he found alonso here's william
taking players on the fly to pedro william again
it's always a route for an equaliser arsenal haven't been
the most impressive team defensively although the number of goals they've
considered from corners is relatively few
bad day at west brom not the only team to have suffered in that respect
gets up well that's another threat to ospina's goal
also it's a long way out nobody racing in
i'm gonna play a ball out to that sort of air there stan kroenke
these discussions with arsene wenger will presumably
bring about an outcome that eventually will be made public
but we understand that the owner is a big supporter of the incumbent and the
manager's chair in the dugout to wembley today
not quite in a position to overplay in their own half even with a man
advantage and a goal advantage remember it all went wrong for crystal
palace not too similar circumstances last six
[Applause] william
work by ramsey ozil welbeck's trying to get through david luiz
who as a two really deemed to be good enough by chelsea it's why they
went to the three and david luiz returned to the club
closing down by william but it'll run toward it
that's the ball they're going to look for more and more now says february is
getting a bit of time on the ball playing one ball over the
out top whole arsenal defense diego costa to run onto
luis comes out on top there out fought
[Applause] now willian
and it's crept in and diego costa has leveled for 10 man chelsea
always dangerous never deterred antonio conte's chelsea
have leveled it up it's a great finish from diego costa
they created an overload at the far post his first touch to open it up for
himself was brilliant look at the 2v1 almost a three versus
two at the far post when it comes in fella in goes away from him holding
can't hold him up could osprey have done any better maybe
so the deflection did him really
he said himself set himself there honor these particular look starts to go one
way i think that's a poor effort from the goalkeeper
i think he's got to do better there but what a good finish
from that man then he's been excellent in this second half he's tried to link
up the play oh he had a touch in the first half now
we're going to see a change for arsenal
it is shades of 12 months ago [Applause]
is danny welbeck as i say it's the kind of change that fitness rather than
form is brought about and olivier giroud
there was a score in a fa cup final as a substitute
two years ago when they rocked past aston villa
what's the mindset of chelsea now do they sit that little bit deeper i think
they continue to try and go and get the winner here
oh they're behind again it's amazing it's aaron ramsey
that's the response of arsenal and chelsea simply
lost their focus in the joy of equalizing it's when you're at your most
vulnerable and ramsey totally unmarked stead in the
header arsenal two chelsea one well we were
certain that what a good game he was having and was
it the right decision to put geru on well it turns out to be a great decision
he makes the run he's up against david luiz he goes in behind
cahill no thought about anything else other than cross it into the box and
it's the perfect delivery kante who we've talked about time and
time again tracking runners being a good defensive player
allows ramsey to run off the back of him it's a fairly easy finish but it's a
great run for aaron ramsey well confirming how well he's been
playing in recent weeks after a real disappointment of a season
and maybe chelsea's season is going to end in disappointment they
worked so hard to get that equalizing goal
and within moments they left the back door
well and truly open and ramsey just strode in
to put arsenal back in front [Applause]
contact [Applause]
straight away by costa on the move again after wincing and
stopping for a moment two london teams providing a really
engrossing final here
it's not over yet willian [Applause]
he's booked good bit of skill from william just squared up
jack up as you said before set plays down to 10
minutes probably the easiest way to score a goal
[Applause] costa with one under his belt already
okay he'll have a louise towards the near post and he goes
[Applause] ramsey doesn't go with him
i'm not sure louise is fully fit today just watching him
throughout the game people have run off the back of him his head down quite
[Applause] often want to make another substitution
the last ones worked well for them look for our angle and so sanchez might
have been offside then it's another change
i think's brought about because of the fitness issue one or two of the
our players on the pitch saying what's going on here
chamberlain is cockling going to play in that position
yeah monreal wondering whether he might be asked to do that
the locksmith chamberlain has finally had a cup final
to remember well certainly is in the situation he goes off at
he missed out in 2014 he had a very late appearance in 2015.
see where copyland is going to go and play he's going to play
as you quite rightly said as the left wing back
against william and that's going to push on every opportunity
willian's drag cocking out in field and he's fouled the brazilian he's going
to get a straight away cockroach first touch
kicking the ball away ridiculous from coquelin
chess field stuart this isn't done and dusted yet
seven minutes plus added time to go between arsenal and
getting ready to go up the steps to get the cup but
[Applause] even with uh
[Applause] to cover a lot of ground to get there
first and had to make sure he got the challenge right as well yeah
haven't already been booked have been down to nine
[Applause] i think that probably would have been
game over william
monreal is a very responsible footballer attack might be the best form of defense
in these circumstances for arsenal bayern
cahill comes across and bahrain puts it wide
he could have had two the one that uh thought to our saved and that one that
would have had us in wenger i think finally sitting down thinking goodness
may have won the cup again that's what he's good at doing running
in behind people he's got great pace bearing
cahill doesn't want to make the challenge he doesn't want to slide in
just in case good effort on the wing back
it's one of those you mentioned that three-nil defeat at crystal palace uh
not that long ago and he got a lot of the
criticism from the arsenal fans who pretty much didn't leave any stone
unturned when it came to criticizing their players
really from the awfulness of that evening
[Applause] phoenix rising from the ashes
certainly if they can see it through here
five minutes by stoppage time [Applause]
getting any support from the referees or he just booked him and then it's a
run back by sanchez referee had transferred his attention
very quickly across to that he's not flagging nora chelsea despite the
difficulty of their circumstance to clock against the
scoreline against them little clip by kante
and ospina saves otherwise diego costa would have leveled it for a second time
and that's what it means to arsenal an opportunity
again great first touch on the chest from diego costa anywhere but straight
at the goalkeeper will be back in the game
it's a deep corner towards cahill voted out by monreal saying come on
get out don't let's uh defend in our own penalty area
that's for the quetta chelsea going to make another change
i'll play it right here arsenal they'll be in again to wrap it up
with ozil still ozil oh it's hit the post
it's a corner fine fine margins and he does everything
right create the three versus two all the space in which to run into chops
it back honestly it goes in at the near post
deceive tivo courtois just the wrong side of the post in the
end on comes uh michy batshuayi
has gone maybe for the last time in a chelsea shirt
i have to say that's a fairly strange decision
[Applause] in great form of course four goals in
the last three premier league games and giving the goal that won the the title
and that's his vantage point for what
[Applause] remains
fabregas max alonso started to make a move forward fabregas
comes out to willian chelsea desperate now time against them
they've got it in an ospina comes out positive goalkeeping
from the south american [Applause]
contact [Applause]
william david luiz more time forward willian david luiz
chelsea digging deep here arsenal caught in two minds really
whether to to break try and get the goal that ozil
was so close to getting that's certainly in bayern's mind not everybody
in red and white is feeling the same just needed to be hit into that kind of
space they are rumored about run alonzo
that's exactly where arsenal want the ball
halfway inside chelsea's heart they're throwing
well he's so close he's talked about they
didn't use the word suffering but that's what he meant how difficult the season
has been critics have been coming at him from all
angles [Applause]
and arsenal coming at chelsea from all angles ramsey
[Applause] there's four minutes confirmed by the
fourth official chelsea still fighting for their fa cup
lives here in the double that might run to the new right-sided
player david luiz for the cross too close to ospina who hangs on there's
arsenal look to hang on he's had a good game
hasn't he or speed up maybe he should have done better with the goal
he can't believe he's been taken off well can i really
who was the biggest threat in the second half it was definitely diego costa
that's brilliant from sanchez he knew someone was chasing me probably didn't
know it was batshuayi but if he got his body across
the contact would come a free kick would come
but he didn't factor in was a bit of a tweak of the hamstring to come
and uh here's ozil and the referee started to play and that was another
chance massive chance chelsea went to sleep
ozil took his touch and then allowed the ball to run out of players he was going
to get a corner fabregas
this wonderful competition has delivered again
an amazing season with a non-league team sutton united the lincoln city doing so
well a real all-star semi-final cast contest
team beating spurs they just outstretched in the premier
league arsenal knocking over manchester city
who finished above them in the premier league
[Applause] two minutes that's going to seem like a
lifetime to us and wenger but arsenal if they let it slip from
here they will never forgive themselves but here's fabregas
that's a clever dummy by ozil [Applause]
aware of the clock [Applause]
alexis sanchez with 75 seconds left we gave the game that early twist when
the underdogs struck and a goal that will be debated long
into the night but be celebrated by those in red and white
[Applause] but he was brilliant wasn't he his
movement his work rate
it's just the energy that he gave the side and the understanding excellent
from alexis sanchez he's been arsenal's
talisman this season whenever they've played well the
egyptian mohamed elneny is on faster looking for more here
just need to keep the ball really sort of reinvented himself for this
cameo wembley appearance el nino
cross goes in giving it away to chelsea so this will be one last chelsea charge
led by william to the interception by bayern won back
by david luiz and then hammered forward by rob holding as big a
cheer as the arsenal fans have mustered apart from the goals
courtois the four minutes are up
fabregas and then he's there arsenal are surely there
added time to added time by anthony taylor
well they can play their way through to wrap it up here but el nenny not really
equipped to do that but it doesn't matter because arsenal
win the fa cup for a 13th time for a seventh time under arsene wenger
both of those records and they've beaten the champions to do
it with a depleted team they've defied the
odds to do it spurred by an early goal from alexis
sanchez and not not undeterred by an equalizer
much later on from diego costa murtazaka has stepped out of the shadows
to be a star here stan cronkite probably has an easier board meeting to come
next week there's no double for antonio conte and his team
and amazing stuart robson you have an arsenal background you always keep it
under wraps well what are your feelings after what they've done today
well i thought it was an excellent performance arsene wenger got his
tactics absolutely right he kept with the three at the back he
played with three in midfield just to make sure they could overload that area
and they played brilliantly throughout the game
a triumph for arsene wenger a beleaguered boss and for arsenal who
dropped out of the champions league qualification for the first
time under his management but have finished
with the fa cup arsenal 2 chelsea one
well we'll never know maybe they'll never know stuart chelsea
why they didn't quite come here with their a-game with
all their considerable armory with guns blazing
but even in the few minutes before the goal there was a
bit of a leggy look about them the goal certainly
uh set them on the back foot and they never really even with the equalizer
they were down to 10 men by then so from then on it seems to be arsenal's
the one thing you expect from chelsea whenever you've seen them this season
is they're going to be organized they're going to win the 50 50 challenges
they're going to be really hard to play against they're well
organized in that first 15 20 minutes they were all over the place
they lost all the knockdowns they didn't seem to be they
were to recognize where arsenal were going to run they didn't seem to know
how to stop arsenal playing through midfield
they were all over the place and he couldn't change it until half time
where they played better in the second half but because they were chasing the
game arsenal could always counter it and
that's when they're at their very best when the likes of sanchez when the likes
of herzl when the likes of welbeck and ramsey can make forward runs
he got his tactics right today and he played per mertesacker
it wasn't as though they were bringing in a novice they were bringing in
a member of a world cup winning squad only
or three years ago they're bringing in a player played over 100 times for germany
now sweet for arsene wenger and for arsenal seven
times the most winning fa cup manager of all time
and arsenal the most winning club in this competition
of all time but he played his part didn't he per mertesacker a couple of
really good headers away one sliding challenge in the first half when it
looks so he was going to let diego costa rin and one
brilliant one in the second half as well well it's a competition renowned for
giving the underdogs a platform the pre-game newspapers and the pundits
on the television everybody saying surely chances must be
chelsea's there the team that wins arsenal and the
team that are struggling antonio conte's won all the managerial
awards and now he's a loser in an fa cup fine
and he's learnt a bit about what the competition stands for
how you have to be at your best to win it even if you are a champion it shows
that in english football if you don't play
100 you don't start the game with the right attitude
you're gonna struggle and chelsea found it difficult to get their rhythm back
because they started so poorly
[Applause] just to remind you made it quite clear
he didn't try and hide anything i've never played in a back three but
i'll have a go i haven't played from the start all
season but i'll have a go it's what i do i'm a professional that's what i work
towards and that's what you get from true pros
and there's another true pro pedicek congratulating david ospina all his
discipline he's in a cup winner again as a player who didn't get on but he's a
he's got another winner's medal to collect
uh and again no sulking or smiling that's the man that should be smiling
not too much in antonio conte but alexis sanchez man of the match
could influence the game when he came on what a moment for these arsenal fans who
have been sometimes in despair this season with their club with their
players with their manager and with him the times stan kroenke
and it's all happiness today great performance
and the perfect result for any arsenal supporter
victor moses we haven't really touched on him it was uh
they did equalize after he was sent off but he still felt that
had it gone to extra time arsene wenger's team should have carried the
clout to to prevail and then they of course
straight after the equalizer with giroud playing a part ramsey run it
for them yeah victor moses didn't have a good
game all round sending off was quite right as well
there'd be controversy about the first goal
for arsenal i'm still not sure it should have been allowed but
as you said within the letter though he didn't play the ball
ramsey but i think it summed up chelsea as well the way
david louise stuck his hand up and walked away from the from the danger
area nobody chased back in it's almost as if the game had stopped
yes maybe the footballing gods were on his side today but
he certainly had some endowed some rough times
koscielny by his own hand not playing today
he got sent off it was a stupid tackle to others injured rob holding
another one man's cloud is there another man's sunshine
and john terry bows out of his life at chelsea
not playing in the final and only collecting
a loser's medal it's not quite the way to depart but
he's a premier league winner and he's had a magnificent career
does it put a dampener on chelsea's season it's the last thing they remember
this year going into next season
i wonder when they concocted that whether it's been on show before this
season he had one of his better games as you
quite rightly mentioned throughout the commentary
alan ramsey i think he's been very disappointed this year but
since they've changed to a back three and he's been able to play in that
central midfield area and ozil coming back to make it three versus
two in there yeah we'll didn't get on celebrating as
if he has quite rightly so aaron ramsey
responsible for two of arsene wenger's seven wins with the winner against hull
three years ago and the decisive goal today
and suddenly chelsea melted away from him
had an easier header really anthony taylor had two big moments
really the goal across to gary beswick the
assistant and i think overruling him and saying no
don't reckon on ramsey because
he didn't play the ball and then of course what looked with the benefit we
have to replay as we always say it looked a dive by
victor just for the second year he certainly had to think about it
didn't anthony tell he might have got a bit of advice as well but in the end
he made the right decision victor moses threw himself to the ground
to try and win a penalty it wasn't a penalty so he had to be booked
it's his second yellow card and his first yellow was certainly
an emphatic one so chelsea
just six days after going up on the podium at stanford bridge to
collect winners medals in the premier league and some serious
silverware come up second best today and not just
on the score line no football has a way of
really hitting you when you when you just you think everything's going well
just keeps you in the teeth from being jubilant these players
they're well beaters or certainly top of the tree
in england they then get out play today they look leggy
just had one of those days unfortunately for them it was in the cup final
i think they will have prepared very professionally
but in their ears all their friends and family be saying last night we've got a
team today for this game you're going to win i mean
even the ultra professionals it can just take that edge off the game
they never really had their edge even you know when diego costa did it's a
well uh crafted equals with the help of a
deflection but it was a good play to make the take in the first
place so no double no repetition of
seven years ago when they did get their hands on both trophies
they have had fine seasons and as you say stuart it will just take the
gloss off it the league is what you choose to win isn't it
but the fa cup has the glitz the glamour the showpiece occasion
and they didn't really show up for the showcase i think it's the way they lost
the game that will hurt antonio conte and these players
more than anything and the fans in that first half
they allowed arsenal to totally dominate the game
so the red and white ribbons are they're recognized by those who come
here wearing their red and white today
many of you watching have had this game as uh just a vital part of your football
observation from other countries around the world the fa cup does
stand alone the trophy so recognizable the history unmatchable
and the chapter in today's history has been written by aaron ramsey and his
arsenal team mates
and somehow arsene wenger has done it again
when it looked as though all the chips were stacked against him
a lot of thought before the game that with all the talk of board meetings
and that's come that he could still be he could lose his job
not through resigning but that arsenal might have a switching mood
might maybe feel that the prevailing uh sentiment amongst the supporters is
for a change at the top we're talking about changing the support structure
around him but he's made i think today stewart
he's got the right to decide one way or the other for himself i think the
sacking's out of the question it is now and i think people will be
asking why hasn't this been the arsenal side we've
seen all season how can they lose so poorly in so many games
and then put on a performance like they did today
it's always been a source of mystery to my non-footballing friends how
arsenal could be managed managed for so long by somebody whose christian name is
arsene born for the job well certainly
christened for the job a job but he's coveted cherished
and he doesn't want to give up on i'm sure that's the case lesser man
would have said all right if you want to change i'll fall on my
sword i've done plenty but the appetite for more unassuaged and
he certainly got more today [Applause]
at one point stewart and we looked at the lineups yes at the back
a bit makeshift so they chambered left wing back a bit it
but further forward some really good players some match winning players and
he made the right decision without doubt to play well back up front as soon as i
saw welbeck on the team sheet he just knew he was going to cause one
or two problems yes i think they arsenal were going to play quite as well as they
did but there would be a threat in behind
with geru up front we saw him against man city when he was isolated he
couldn't really get in the game but what a moment it will be for arsene
wenger and his players when they lift this trophy
[Applause] yeah a manager of dedication
but also of great dignity now the players defending their medals
from the president of the faa troll highness the duke of cambridge
and certainly deserving one and as captain
he's coming up last that's the way of the
protocol these days chelsea officials know michael manalo david
barnard disappointed but polite in their respect
[Applause] lauren koscielny missing out
on the match but not missing out on the celebrations
[Applause] well there's nothing unlucky about this
number 13. arsenal now out on their own on the fa
cup roll of honor they've beaten the champions to lift the
trophy genuine glory for the gunners today at
wembley [Music]
so much still to be sorted out within the club but they're doing it now
whether it's the manager's future will ursula stay will sanchez stay
some of the players maybe like ospina they're talking about his
performance today being his last game for the club
but they can do it from the strongest of bases
they have silverware and all right the champions league has gone it's the
europa league but it's about trophy stewart it is arsene
wenger's being criticized many many times for not winning trophies
and calling full position a trophy well he's now
won this trophy three times in the last four years but his
future some of the players future shouldn't be decided just on this match
should be decided over the whole season
it's alexis sanchez and uh ozil have had offers
people have been talking to arsenal about whether they
will get the kind of financial terms that they expect and they won't be
playing in the champions league if they [Applause]
stay but they do have the joy the ticker tape
the trophy the triumphs we haven't seen that smile very often
over the last few [Music]
i don't months he'll stop smiling today even gazeta's just behind those players
there he muted the fact that they wanted to
get a director of football in which i don't think pleased arsene wenger too
much but there's a moment that he will cherish
seven wins as a manager and that's a nice touch because he had to
explain the petty check that ospina was his chosen goalkeeper for this
competition and it was complicated because chelsea
were the opposition in check they've done so much for the team that
he would have faced today but we look forward to hearing alexis
sanchez's verdict on how the goal came about turned into
of course a sports magnet from the usa and other franchises another sport
[Applause] probably they'll be queuing up to shake
ass in wenger's hand and uh not many of you saying that they
were in the wenger out camp tonight anyway
cup football gives you your chance doesn't it over 90 minutes
you will get a break or two and maybe arsenal will reflect that the
the big moments did go their way in this game over the league season
it's a different kind of quality that chelsea
have been able to supply so often we've been critical
parts of wenger and arsenal but not looking as though they've been prepared
for games when they've lost games badly it looks as though they haven't prepared
they weren't expecting what the opposition did they started going slowly
that wasn't the case here they knew exactly how chelsea were going to play
they came up with a game plan themselves erza was key to that dropping that
little bit deeper to make three versus two in midfield
and they took the game to chelsea they got the early goal whether it
was the right seal the wrong decision and from that moment on
in my mind i always felt arsenal were going to win the game because they had
the better attitude today well you can imagine how non-league
sutton united and lincoln city are feeling now because they were
knocked out by the winners which doesn't happen very often to
non-league teams and then of course we shouldn't forget it's not just about
today in april they beat manchester city so to
win the cup they've knocked out two teams that have
finished above them in the premier league
yeah that performance against manchester city although he i think meant city with
a better side it gave them the the confidence to end the season
well i guess they lost to tottenham but every other game they were
fairly comfortable in their victories there's a proven winner
alongside arsene wenger of course are the winning boys today
and all the debates will be put aside to be a celebration this evening
there's been mooted celebrations after that because the context
and the wider issues in england this week has been a trouble week as many of
you will be well aware and football respects
[Music] subduing of the jubilation
but in the moment of victory and the pictures that these players will
have in their homes for years to come
there is no feeling like the winning feeling
and today arsenal have been very worthy winners of the
fa cup 2016-2017 [Music]
[Music] [Music]
[Music] [Music]
[Applause] [Music]
[Music] you
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