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multiple FA Cup winners have etched through the three completed
quarterfinals Manchester United needed extra time to overcome Norwich are still
only just avoided a similar fate at Sheffield United whilst Chelsea beat
Leicester by a single goal it's the semi-final draw and your host is Gary
Lineker a warm welcome to all those tuning in from outside the UK where it's
at James's Park where Newcastle currently trail FA cup holders
Manchester City by one goal to nil 735 teams entered this year's competition
only four will remain at the final whistle and to make the semi-final draw
it's a Newcastle legend you'll never guess who it is former England captain
Alan Shearer is the premier league's all-time leading scorer and helped
Blackburn win the title in 1995 after joining Newcastle ease goals in FA
Cup semi-finals twice took his boyhood club to Wendy
alas Alan that's as far as it got in terms of half a cup it's never quite got
your hands on that the famous old mob before of you know 65 years since
Newcastle won the FA Cup what your memories of that day that's been a long
long time I wasn't it 1955 that was wasn't it so they've been starved of
success it would mean a hell of a lot to this city if they could perhaps turn
this round and eventually win it even if it's a fire with no fans there well
especially after that first half performance and the and the pressure
they're under they've got it all to do very ok well social distancing means the
draw is a one-man job it shouldn't be too tricky though with
only four balls here are the numbers of the remaining teams number one Arsenal
to Newcastle or Manchester City three months just United in for Chelsea so
Allen if you'd um and I will do slip those balls into the bag one two three
four give them a good old shake will do look in there look away the first one is
number three three and that is Manchester United no home games of
course these will be played at Wembley number four number four is Chelsea
Manchester United at vs Chelsea Oh number one number one and that is
Arsenal and they'll play of course well hopefully Newcastle or Manchester City
number two there you go thank you very much Allen nice short shot that is close
the draw for the FA Cup semi-finals both ties will be played at Wembley Stadium
of course on the weekend of the 18th and 19th of July
so confirmation of those semi-final pairings Manchester United were first
out of the bag and they will take on Chelsea having already beaten the Blues
home and away this season while the winners of the Manchester City and
newcastle quarter-final will play the record Cup winners arsenal the ties will
be played at Wembley on the 18th and 19th of July
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