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understood [Music]
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come fishy room [Applause]
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design that we know so well but abide with me has made the official
that they come final since the 1920s
another tradition properly restored in its standalone position again after
the regular season is completed unlike in the last three or four years and Jim
pac-10 along side me Jim you know what it's like to be down in the dress room
there is a plier you you might be a baker what does it take what are they
thinking now well everybody will be
then have received their final instruction now so it's very much just
trying to concentrate on the discipline involved now and the job they have to do
obviously there are many butterflies about there's a tension but you're just
desperate for the game to get this area needs to be over with as
quickly as possible you just want to get into your first touch right
it is the 133rd FA Cup final the eighth Webley
[Applause] equalling all-time records is a
competitions previously [Applause]
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90 of pyrotechnics [Music]
Roscoe finds young at hold their side are the overwhelming
favorites is not always a blessing in this competition as we saw a year ago
when Manchester City we're supposed to wipe the floor with Wigan Athletic and
hold up the trophy and you all know that what happened was nothing like the
script the Duke of Cambridge is a real football
fan Aston Villa Aston Villa indeed I've fir grown up with the thoughts that
sometimes the royal family hadn't been to key to grace this wonderful occasion
with their presence but they've got somebody now say yes every time he's
asked arsenal royalty in the shape of arson Venga shaking the hands of the
chairmen of the Football Association Greg Dyke who has been very much in the
news recently [Applause]
his name is doing the honors [Applause]
politic [Applause]
while our guaranteed your open league football even if they lose today so
Martin reaching their first major fire not they will play in a European
competition for the very first time as well next season
[Applause] well need formalities very nearly over
the stadium will soon rise for the national anthem
[Applause] [Music]
[Applause] [Applause]
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[Music] so Australia overwhelming favorites they
don't look nearly double over seis
I finish with more the double hulls points
finishing fourth those six things
[Applause] my scouts comes around
newsboys Lukas caveats Keys being the second choice Premier League keeper but
first in line in the domestic cups and asked the bangers fix of that policy on
the big day the Restless of players for their final
league game at Norwich six days ago but back in Mertesacker
the santa kiss all of us is probably the last gunners game for Bacary Sagna who
is set to sign for manchester city we expected for our slogan Celine Rumsey
again could be the key contributor purchases at midfield we know he loves
to get forward and he has real finishing class of this game now those three in
front because all it is or Podolski will see a lot of interchanges of positions
and all geared towards getting something through Giroux they'll be looking to try
stretch our whole defense as much as they can
Steve Bruce has made four changes from the semi-final side that played here at
April alum aggregor is fit to be packing goal the managers son Alex comes into a
three man central defense in which James Jessup has defied the doctors to recover
from hamstring injury and Steve McQueen Amati fry it both scoring substitutes in
that semi final win against Sheppard United they have the chance to start
the team's met last month at the KC Stadium Steve Bruce is kind of reverted
to the three of the back which they're familiar with muhammediye andrew senior
in the wing back positions will be expected to took in its make it about
500 times indeed drive the likes of Cazorla and Podolski
to do what they don't want to do and chase Parkin I think they'll be looking
to get Huddleston and Livermore very much on the ball in midfield and Milan
we expect to be the one to support fry it Alex Bruce well Nigel Clough right
under Brian Clough his father in the final of 1991 of course it was Nigel
Clough the manager that how beat here in the semi final
win over chef Jenai to the thrilling game hostels Sammy wasn't so thrilling
they had to go to penalties against two holdest Wigan Steve Bruce has played in
this competition with distinction he has a couple of winners medals but he's also
got memories of being told at the old Wembley in 1996 that he wasn't just
playing he wasn't going to play in the final against Liverpool he wasn't even
going to be on the bench and that really is Manchester United career was over
that day they did lift up the trophy without it I think Jim it's more about
awesome Vanguard nine years without a trophy than Arsenal because teams that
go a long time often change their managers they've stuck with arson and
well he'll want to put that barren run behind them they're the true I think it
is a case for arson finger it's the final he dare not lose now the pressure
really is salt solely on the gunners I think it's Steve Bruce of horror to find
a way for up FA Cup success now they they can't afford to carry anybody
everybody has got to execute the game plan to protect
while city to kick-off leave probe earth is the referee
great day for Horry officials pinnacle in their professions
the new Wembley twice of one on both occasions a playoff final to get them in
the Premier League for the first time top division for the first time six
years ago and of course that see soaring semi-final against Sheffield United five
weeks ago we're off at Wembley particularly sunny but it's pretty worn
almost muggy Leeroy recipient never seen you rather
Leroy that they're Rossini one of the wing
backs in this formation that Steve Bruce is starting with
[Applause] leave the free-kick for one
typically of just Davis when he fry up alongside of the socket
[Applause] had a meeting nearby Podolski
[Applause] interesting
and the two top than men programmers have Arsenal in the whole midfield Tom
Huddleston is left Spurs now on a proper transfer Jake Livermore's on loan and
we'll go back to White Hart Lane he's got the
opportunity to go back as a real hero if he helps both be the Gunners here you
mentioned the Dakotas seesaw semi-final they happen for staff they weren't too
good on the ball and Steve Bruce always takes pride in that so he would feel a
Huddleston and Livermore are very much key towards helping Hall in that regard
gay guys are so against and he gets to footed his professionalism totally
trusted by acid banker medic players run down his contract
all the torque is move maybe in the next few days the deal done with Manchester
City yeah just to point out it as well we
speculated that my life might be the one that stapler fly yeah
but little Stephen Quinn is the one who who just seems to be given free rein
here mark just play by instinct get a feel for and obviously he'll be asked to
took in I'm sure in our tent when he gets on a deep in the Arsenal midfield
[Applause] you feel that longer it goes on
ask the haven't broken through the wall they will seal
a situation more than the heat of the day
the pressure big favorite says have a date
as [Applause]
yeah yeah you don't speak at a very good job because Mohammed he is quite good at
that and that's a big part to think of the whole game plan today those two went
back to gonna look to to drive forward like
the dog skin deep gazelle and the other flank do what they don't normally like
all the three centre backs are up Meyler in there as well Friday's loitering like
the tops in the box that is inside the goal area closest to fabian ski it's one
that's set up for Halsted Chester got the touch
it wasn't quite the route that I anticipated but it's given whole city
the underdogs today famous Fusco
Wow what a start for Walter star for who I mean
again you can see our store name and it just completely left space when
you go to the parks for the subsequent [Music]
because the place is already on it and he just that's the spirit and a terror
far beyond Sookie's reach there's nothing the goalkeeper can do about that
Arsenal's has got caught cold and didn't defend the one gym he shouldn't be
playing he's the one he was ruled out Steve Bruce saw him running on Monday a
starter this week said well you better do a bit Lauren he might be able to
Train Matt as he trained on Thursday and he's in the team because he has been
their most consistent defender this season and now he's a Wembley goal
scorer this is what the infant it rights chapters like this it's just an
improbable story and it might not be an impossible dream for Hull City well
let's say love develops from here but yet Ben Watson was the hero our season
late may be here later but maybe it will be tested today
[Applause] and Express with the header
[Applause] is going to go with the shop but
as if you fire into the danger area anybody really they went it off a
teammate this time stared in by Chester scooped up by Oliver
[Applause] is it going to be another
day of Wembley whoa for a stall very similar to three years ago in the
League Cup where there were strong favorites just as today to beat
Birmingham City arson pegasi coupled on a daily with losers medals yeah there's
a long long way to go there isn't did the family Martin's did
the main damage that day with the winner for Birmingham of course but if there is
a consolation for Arsenal having conceded to worry we've got a lot of
time to work their way back into the contest
[Applause] you look at all the great upsets of the
last 30 or 40 years that have usually been one nil
that's a long time for hole to make this a 1 mil tracks Wimbledon against
Liverpool course Wigan last season sunland against the star-studded Leeds
United in 1973 South after 50 United in 76
don't think he could quite believe it James Chester but I love to see
imagination like this because it was beautifully worked and you know what the
team does Mark's only play around them just play away from where all the
positioning is and Tom Huddleston was able to get his effort away because of
that Chester immaculate he followed it up it was beautifully guided
is it all going wrong - acid banger again
shake of the head I'm sure we'll be followed by more positive thoughts than
that we were speaking before on Martin and a
lot of the big fixers away from the evidence the season quite a few of
Arsenal players turned up [Applause]
then they got well beat them in quite a few of those now this is a huge test of
character haven't conceded so early arson Bengal what to see how much spirit
there really isn't beside me and how much confidence there is on the
side because as like here at Gibbs have been at the
club a few years now they have felt the pain of the lack of
game but the fact that they've come into this
final on a pretty good run five straight Premier League wins including baiting
hard that confidence will be decent that she
it shouldn't be too problematic but the thing is now home might have come in
with much lesser confidence but that curl has changed that straightaway
[Applause] so set-piece threatens to undo hospital
again with pledge from head
it's nearly too it's Curtis Davis this time the
defenders are doing the job new defense against them
this is the FA Cup you better believe it [Applause]
Niner almost beat Sonia doesn't clean they're extremely well to get it back in
Bobby on ski does very well too to deal with Bruce's effort and it just Falls
perfectly the first one reacting is the skipper
Curtis Davis they took a little deflection the header is wrong and uncle
the up rider wasn't far beyond ski but he can do nothing about the follow up
again because Davis is just perfectly positioned and this is just a nightmare
starter preach memories have stunts for bridge and unfilled this season
[Applause] Curtis Davis scored in the fifth round
win against Brighton he's called in the quarterfinal win against Sunderland and
he's now scored to give Steve Bruce it's more than a dream if there is such
a thing it's an unbelievable beginning for the overwhelming underdogs underdogs
with a real bite in them though [Applause]
[Applause] Teta
I'm scratching my head I go back a long way watching FA Cup sent remember
Sheffield Wednesday B to nil up in 1966 against Everton and ending up losing 3-2
[Applause] that was an interesting year
now what about snow got about them touches got to be better than that from
Podolski they just need to try and find a composer and very quickly Zakia
James Chester Curtis David support themselves on
but scores an anti kept fun and son of Steve you know almost pulled
it off just became interested well now we'll see whether this formation bitch I
have one or two people what the team was announced they are Steve Bruce is just
invited pressure here go with three at the back asshole get a lot of the ball
it'll be held against the home manager if he has a bad day here he's obviously
picked the defenders to come up with as I said at the start Martin you know
they're familiar with the system as hell as if he's got the same thing new and I
think you know having played a month ago at the KC Stadium with four for two and
tried to be aggressive than bully arson a little bit in that game it'll backfire
I didn't ever think he'd go up to out loud strikers today
[Applause] but I guess if the whole fans are having
negative thoughts they'll be thinking well it wasn't abused to term seesaw
rollercoaster ride in the semi-final and they're getting a good start getting a
good first half doesn't guarantee you meant that but the right result well I
think hole knew that the pressure was on arson finger and indeed arson and I
think psychologically the pressure on hold themselves mr. Premier League and
they stayed in the division they achieved what they wanted at the start
of the season this is bonus territory Steve Bruce told him go and seize the
moment and psychologically they're just plain without any fear and they've
certainly seized the early moments arsenal
our city too [Applause]
yes that goes davis again
yeah and again we're going to have a situation where you've got Arsenal
already positioned as only standing still while we've got a lot of whole
players are going to be making rinse from the air to the box now they love
the momentum and the leaping path we're certainly Alex brochure hasn't gotten on
the scoring act of the three central defenders so far
[Applause] we nearly dead
he'd been read and he did well this is almost becoming shambolic
there because arsonist aren't attacking the ball and the game there's more
aggression from home on Kieran Gibbs who's well positioned and he tell
whether that's what he's there for but Arsenal have got to start competing
eerily it's too easy filled city wall pressure again
I still do not win it you'll be that same on the line from
Kieran Gibbs to stop him Alec Bruce Alex Bruce making it through nil in 13
minutes [Applause]
we do have to go back to 1998 the FA Cup final then to find Arsenal's last
conventional win and at Wembley the old Wembley as I say they did get through
the semi-final on penalties [Applause]
they played at the old stadium for once season in the Champions League for their
group games that wasn't a waving of a magic wand
[Applause] 2011
and here's Santi Cazorla [Applause]
freak it Alma have a date
[Applause] that's it
[Applause] around his package witness and they'd
thought sign here
yeah and I think we should never underestimate as well how could that
finishing his become believers goal last week at Norwich just kind of sums that
up now at least he's um he's very very composed when he gets in around
opposition boxes escorts in spectacular goals this season they're going to need
any sort of goals there are snot from anybody in a red white shirt
Teta while in the city expect Martin Arsenal
trying to reply now but in a holler are pumped and full of energy levels and
everybody attacking the ball has good discipline from them but that time it
was deemed to be a foul formality Brewster's the little to rush and trying
to pinch it Santi Cazorla and he does cut him from behind only a couple of the
last 14 FA Cup finals at the old Wembley appear have both teams score
but here's a chance for Arsenal to make both teams scoring in not much more
they cost me now I'm the drinker the goalkeeper might
have missed the semi-final here but he did play for Scotland the guys think
that right at the start the season back in August
[Applause] ah
- a classic free-kick
for a classic FA Cup final nothing McGregor could do about it
I wonder I wonder with the goalkeepers because he said his most he's on that
side and he should be dealing with it the program farmer you see it so often
Martin because he takes a step to his right but even having done that I still
think he should have got a little bit more on this and helped it on its way
it's a poor leap from him and even though it is a good free-kick and while
placing Cazorla I think I McGregor has helped this course
[Applause] he knows it yeah he knows and he's been
out it's quite a nasty injury that he had
[Applause] there's a kidney injury you just wonder
how much of the drop that go keep is due weekend week
out there to get that sort of sharpness how much
is just a little bit down on that whether that was a factor in the way
that because although got the better of it I just think sometimes Martin
goalkeepers nowadays try to do a bit too much if you set your wallet to guy won't
boast I think you'll have to trust it and you have to command the other and he
didn't do that in anecdote he moved to his right and he couldn't react
but take nothing away from Cazorla put it into the right sort of area now
suddenly those all said he smiles being replaced by frowns Alex Bruce
trying to do the organization here a chance for us to level it up inside 20
minutes who says the epic cookers lost its touch not for me not not too many
people I know it's a brilliant competition rightly
revered around the world there's a Mertesacker Sammy had a stretch at it
complaining mohammed al mohammed ii is struggling as he tried to clear that
without free house stop tip which is entitled to do and still no one has ever
quite sorted this out it should be the referees call some players believe
etiquette regulations as its margins at fine margins but as
you say Jim MacGregor's point of here and cut the
monitor oh yeah he knew it is what we could see it for this reaction he was
angry with himself he didn't trust the fact that the world will do that part of
the job and I think even though he readjusted his leapin he didn't get any
power in his job but that was the problem and I think he was irritated
with himself for that but listen Cazorla hit it nice and true and it it did the
trick [Applause]
concern is for mohammadi to be fair Steve Bruce was
telling me about an hour before kickoff as arson bingo wonders whether how
they're going to have to make a change but Steve Bruce would say I've got too
many fit players it's been a tough week had to leave some out yeah and that's
the problem for al mohammed ii he just kicks up into backery sani who's just
trying to keep it alive [Applause]
seems to be that right foot that's the problem
[Applause] pull the chain is defender available on
the bench although he'd be perhaps more used to playing in as one of the back
three and minor Figaro you have to feel for him he was with Wigan last season
got injured between the semi-final and the final this time he's been left out
from the semi-final to the farm but is a bunch of substitutes for Hull today
[Applause] yeah I mean hopefully it's just a kind
of a little impact injury for a Mohammedan who's back on the pitch now
you just kind of need it a couple of minutes to shake the like sense of that
type of knockoff we've already equals the most goals in a
final at the new Wembley [Applause]
a little foot - one Chelsea wins
I think another important thing from whole city now and we saw it the
build-up for the free kick to get Arsenal back into this game they were
just beginning to drop into the to deep and the message seems to have come out
to try and press it a bit higher squeeze a little more so lovely call by zero to
Podolski shells they're a gotta in front of his van - it was a chance
because although the forces with Arsenal at the moment the lead is with whole
city but it's been hard milah
Marcedes yeah Mertesacker got the decision it
just came back off the Irishman the other thing I've got to say Martin I
mean this is all about anticipation I mean it's normally hold up blame the
boiling from Podolski's is excellent it really is but look at the anticipation
reversal so where it was going Alex Bruce was on his heels then too but I
just think it's been a wonderful start temporized is a great urgency and a
purpose for both teams chespin breaks the cred
fantastic [Applause]
Ksenia that's a Sukkah setup
because Allah is in the mood and a big part in the earlier rounds to
scoring in the [Applause]
against Coventry in the fourth round [Applause]
I've never been outside of North London to get to this fire mode North London
this happened before them before back in 1950 when they won the FA Cup
everything's surrounded here [Applause]
place instead acts against Racine Ian he's practically late he took a chance
he gambled on just been able to pinch it ahead of battery Sonia
there we go for the referees in the cup final you seen it down the years they
want to give everybody a chance good very few dismissals
prestigious occasion yeah I mean the leading leg does the damage but what's
the leading leg here it plants itself on the ground and it's his trailing knee
which comes into the back of Sonya so it's not the most severe tackle you've
ever seen the most severe punishment you notice a
true because who was ascending off a year ago
Pablo Zabaleta it's a weekend
overturn the odds in similar fashion to the way whole city are trying to do it
today that what Cisco but there was no time
Manchester City different story here goodbye
Isola hell very wide butt
taking of a chance that my care this Davis
Arsenal are not happy about the fact that the ball was already out of play
before it was moved a lot further and to play by hell Mohammed II then she wrote
time to play on the break play broken up by art enter what
the midfield players tend to have to do when the counter-attacks are on a lot of
cats are packing football these days yeah yeah absolutely and it's it's a
tough job you know do you commit or do you just try and hold your ground and
then track the runner back and our tactical ops slightly wrong I think this
is an intelligent position that also has picked up on the edge of the box it's
not as greatest right because it's into the ground but it was on target and
needed to be done [Applause]
bit by bit back into the FA Cup final
also each got given 25,000 tickets which is
just scratches the surface of the demands really
- the football family is the Football Association called
[Applause] Club is not just the top divisions but
all the way down if you've non-league same
rewarded for their involvement it was by having the chance to buy tickets but
doesn't look to me as though a diffused call into areas that would be neutral
[Applause] davus
davus [Applause]
to step in Eze Podolski there was a tiger
[Applause] it wasn't spotted that brat
here Gibbs will have to sprint back here prefer to nacho Monterey al has been
quite a battle at the left box for a stall this season
yeah a little frustration from Jake evermore then who broke the play open
midfield and made a good burst forward just went a little too far with a foul
on Kieran Gibbs [Applause]
love to get into these areas Chiru this theory in the defenders of screen
that's Podolski [Applause]
the tactic for a corner well I don't know whether you've got a shout or not
but there was always the chance to just play it to his left with Cazorla coming
in he just went for the quick shot but we know Podolski can unleash great power
with that left foot all of a sudden Haller
are just gonna turn again anything behind an Arsenal attack by some other
sort of game we expected at the moment territorialism it could of course do
past lamington prepare serious damage biotics Bruce well
[Applause] krumping date for houses it
Mertesacker staying forward it came off just as head pursued by a zero
they could have sat in a corner there well I think it's a wrong decision he
could actually cook put a penis left foot on it there Martin and down and
then just turn because I don't think he appreciated how much time he actually
had he was completely free when he could have controlled it I want to his
teammates going exactly that but they're the ones who should perhaps be telling
him that the position that he was in today I wonder would you hear it that
those guys at the moment because it's up there
[Applause] right
[Applause] kochak Davis around the thigh it's a
bruise time muscle it dreaded dead leg it might be a problem for later on
yep I just wonder was it the lightning more than the contact that didn't seem
that strong [Applause]
stick first very sexist away from it but you get my
drift absolutely definitive and fake-out
football and thrall [Applause]
perhaps he has played the FA Cup final before he came home for his first club
Cardiff City six years ago now again there are some appeals for
maybe a yellow card to be shown by Lee Probert but a game the referee says no
their husband a real leniency about him I'm just trying to let the game quicken
as much as he can and I'm not hold it up too much
[Applause] Premier League football maybe the early
rounds the cup new Galax assess as a referee when you get the FA Cup final
it's your day really referee how you think threatened and I think the game
has suffered for progress leniency if you want to call it
that good might be saying well it could have
been our next I like to say that mark - I think some
referees could maybe overdo it in the early part of the game and then
they're left in a very awkward position - the second heart
that's a sucker to travel forward to the box Sandhya
rap tape Sonia
stop privacy for those two goes home scored seemed
like a long time ago now all of a sudden because once Cazorla fired the free kick
in it's been all arson and they're just looking to try and price polo and drag
them out of position and then uncapitalized
maybe now Matsusaka it's got a couple of girls in this stadium frost on the
semi-final winner for Germany against England it's all that takes
oof release following skills earlier
Aaron Ramsey [Applause]
that's about three or four times there the whole city had managed to get
parties in the way of partial efforts from around the pops something that also
conspicuously failed to do the first ten minutes of the match and there it
absolutely it was a horror show nobody was taking command at the buck Arteta
so really trying to get away by that spare man Bruce
how difficult is it feared that to pick you for an FA Cup fun not always a
regular as he Alex Bruce and the community
when they go to tree at the back quite often the ears the extra man
as has been the case today yep I think overall I think he's done pretty well
and they certainly been been effective in the opposition's box so far but he
has given the free kick away that's good Arsenal back into this
[Applause] miss Kochiyama has had such a fine
season Mertesacker it's probably more the
player now for us though that everyone thought he would be when he first gave
it to the English game such a big reputation from Germany but to have that
many Cubs that we always felt that he was probably going to come true
[Applause] headed by Huddleston clearance from
violet the front it has not too many touches
but he could get a crucial one in the [Applause]
destructively Probert letting our player turn out to be a very good decision
Stadium to make a really impression now
the y5 match a second that silky touch the top models that's
always out Bruce Livermore
[Applause] this is a little bit more like the first
10 minutes of the game [Applause]
exactly to the front the same there okay put it
quit yeah and this kind of passing down the
ability to retain it folks if he should cut it cut confidence a little more
again James we're gonna go in fact offside
just looking at fryer on the previous attack it was almost as if he was
looking for the set piece looking for the corner as opposed to trying to work
something into the box so I'd imagine Collins spent a considerable amount of
time just working on those set pieces in the build-up to this array by Davis
I was free kick don't get too many goals that Cup finals
like the one we saw over Cazorla the Stuart Pearce mentioned because
guitar player bribe that it went not to play
I remember Gaza in the semi-final yeah [Applause]
plays a big the scoring is gone is my luck
keeps getting ahead of red any plans about who could do that top
husband is certainly one of them agreed please plays the game at his own
pace at times but boy has he got ability and great technical ability at that but
as is always the case with a bouncing ball just as a striker it's always
likely to rise Mertesacker arsal tried to rise from the
ashes of being too early goals down capes
[Applause] so can't get away quit nicely done
prefer this forward to try it so he made something help
Meyler and it was the only one with
[Applause] to trouble Arteta knows a thing or two
about winning challenges in that sort of area
reminiscent of what is called there did once upon a time when he played
no-nonsense Alex Bruce juror waited he didn't
[Applause] Steve Boros looked a lot like Alex gross
that name I never started out as there's a chilling up at Norwich City
hey they have his career at Manchester United winning the FA Cup
1994 yeah that's the one thing that probably
hell's helps the whole defense today against Arsenal in that window Walcott
has been a long-term injury where oxlade-chamberlain not involved today no
but for England fans around the world about this place the scrub
[Applause] gotta be okay yeah it's gonna give him a
couple more weeks but the word I was going to go on to mention whose pace or
our lack of it as it is now in the arson side I mean home would be overly worried
that anybody is going to be able Outworld them in behind
[Applause] Jack bullshit it's God bird is fit
enough to be on the bed she hasn't started again for a long time
- premier league football last weekend at Norwich
was the fifth way that the five we're talking about early gym well since
the semi-final five league games one draw four defeats
Steve Bruce saying we need to switch back on they've certainly done that
like an FA Cup final to fuck typically when it's the first ever at
the club's history yeah the one thing I'd say about Arsenal still is that yes
they've worked their way back into the game but they haven't taken it on and
we're not seeing that that fluid passing a movement that they're capable of and
all the little technicians linking up all of da Walton to stifle up
part of the reason is they know they have to defend this a table sanshiro
[Applause] of all the shape is not big is something
with deafness not to change his tactics too much what n of the opposition do
Bolivian is hey if you like
here comes Kelly [Applause]
depending there is everybody just run away from him and gave him a tougher
bowl to try and pick out Misaka thought he was found by fire
that's very private didn't I think fried still Walmart because he's managed to
hold it open he's he's used his body extremely well at times good strength
that's amazing hasn't started the Premier League gable says areas in the
Africa that's partly down to the kisi elevation chamberlock main strike has
been kept tired I'm a little surprised that jake
livermore there I thought he might have just taken our tanta honor because
Piermont motika behind the Spaniard and he had a good yardage on him and I think
he kind of helped his cause and letting him back in I think he could have driven
out into the box [Applause]
as gifts Plus added time to half time
wonderful first ask 2014 FA Cup five the old competition is in robust health
[Applause] as here
[Applause] - though I see bamboo
[Applause] or livable might a bit ultra ball in
behind that that'll be just gesture [Applause]
sighs at Wembley the tension of an FA Cup final
have to deal with as each half to the clothes possibly made for extra time
yeah and the intensity that began this game is still there it might have slowed
a little and I think it's a very valid point you make Martin a certain time to
the second off people will start sagging [Applause]
salia flecks of puddle slippers plenty of him to get in the way of across fry
it very well again pushy on these very
quick recovery super defense really is quiet looked as
if he had a yard there gachami was extremely faster recovery
[Applause] three minutes to ask for help make sure
they're going after we're the lead
it would be absolutely thrilled if they could wipe out a two-goal deficit before
the break we pick the psychology that they would certainly swing their way
[Applause] just hold city need to take a little bit
of care look after the ball at the moment which is the ease is a little bit
of pressure and they just grow the confidence some more they should believe
in themselves because they can certainly play a bit
[Applause] [Music]
the biggest striker and he's certainly letting see all their murder secondaries
around but you know I'm not sure that that was
delivered in the end I think it might have been a tangle of legs just when he
made the roll on the back of tishell knee and the Frenchman got the benefit
it might be a little bit of barrini when he scored here in the League Cup final
two sample of that and he got to the decision
[Applause] his ransom
[Applause] zero
[Applause] not by the leggy Davis
[Applause] with always taking the risk here Chiru
Steven Quinton breathe again but maybe not properly because
tibs is going to keep the pressure up davus
[Applause] Stephen Quinn will be wooden relieved
young man because he almost put aside in big big trouble and he just died lead on
a way to long indecision I wonder what a jury was gonna wait for him to lunge in
as well in his desperation to retrieve it got away with it there are say with
you about the luck of the Irish back to yourself on the ball as import
especially when you're the up the dogs yeah there are places to play
[Applause] hearing the week 3 added minutes
so let me put them back in the picture with that
very kick gifts
and so they're again [Applause]
so pumping it around there with confidence and in the sort of areas
where I'm gonna be careful making that
challenges patience dip bite pale
but again that's the more of a cat me out of what we expected to see for maybe
the first half right for me off yeah example how to write a different
script yes defending deeply and just giving Arsenal cannon nowhere to go but
how while it started with James Chester how well it was followed up then of
course with Curtis Davis the skipper getting involved and then Cazorla for a
while you were just wondering exactly where in this game was going to go it it
has settled a bit but still very much in holds favor
[Applause] resilient
I'll have been they're reasonably impressive they gym since they went to
one forgot themselves back on the board made a still do some defending haven't
just sat in obviously ask them had the better thing has six a free-kick but
find that means one my traffic well it's it's one of Steve Bruce's mottos take
care of the football he prides himself in that that's why he acquired the likes
of Huddleston and indeed Livermore and they have tried to keep it I just think
and I said it before my I just think they need to have a little more belief
in themselves in open play on the ball I thought
a nice truck Karin dips running from date that's a
tremendous one too and really is I mean he more or less said hit me pass it to
me and watch I'll Mohammed II here though great tracking him and he mopped
it up halfway through that added three minutes
[Applause] by authentic
[Applause] [Applause]
see ya depressing identify zero-force tiara
perhaps eight [Applause]
kicks [Applause]
the whole time school time whistle well would dogs which is
live to speak another now the core was caught back
that was the other side of it to us so we're at the Safeway
ready to break forward beyond escape
too much to do to the poor bigot is next twice
it's header off the stop our experience making it trade out
[Applause] might turn out to be attorney
[Applause] telegraphed his intentions they're gonna
be punished for that in these closing seconds of the first half though there
is the half-time whistle what a fantastic first
at the 2014 FA Cup final the underdogs faded sleepers his side
brought into a 2-0 lead two of his three center backs scored Chester and Davis
and the third Alex Bruce nearly scored the Santi Cazorla but in a peach of a
free-kick from his point of view not so good from McGregor's point of view it's
really set up for the second period at halftime
it is Arsenal one Hull City two you
Romero's chances Chelsea's first go Michelle says
truck - giving that capital of Johnson [Music]
welcome back to Wembley the Arsenal players coming out in the same state of
mind as the whole players were at the semi-final here Jim Begg led to one down
of course they had a very good second half Steve Bruce wants to make sure
his opponents do not have that capacity to come back that the Tigers themselves
shown to be a word with the shore near Lucca
yeah well because as you mentioned event the conditions the intensity of the game
you know people will tire and it's the one thing I think Steve Bruce has on his
bench that arson finger doesn't quite have is some pace so that may well be
utilized to to good effect in in the second forty five minutes now but these
Arsenal players have got 45 minutes to end nine years of drought now it
it isn't huge forty five minutes for the Londoners away they go
[Applause] the short we had of sleepers talking to
Shawnee Aloka suggests that he may well be used sooner rather than
later Ramsey
the first half of differing phases the blistering start from whole city forcing
the set pieces which Steve Bruce who prepared his team so well to capitalize
on racing into that to nil lead gotta go back and got a real lift from it didn't
lead to total domination for the rest of the first half and I'll got the ball
down and played again [Applause]
they're gonna try and do here but it said miscued by the head of quid
[Applause] but generally I think he'll have made
life very very hard for Arsenal to find out that second goal and the crucial
level they've been organized they have to be disciplined we knew that and and
they're not really given those Arsenal players like ezel Cazorla
and Co you know that the room to operate and Ramsey might have a little more joy
with one or two runs front from a deeper position but again I think we're going
to see much of what we're witnessing now to out the second half arsenal honored a
lot I'm whole just in numbers trying to cope
[Applause] hell of a 57th different club to take
part in the final and there would be the 44th different winner following of
course a first-timer a year ago in Wigan Athletic
[Applause] tips
[Applause] from that just shuttling across t
make their past less routine and a bit of pressure there on Olivier Giroud
forces a little bit of a way would work I think he's gone for the more difficult
option with the kind of right foot and leg just just get hold of it keep it and
make sure there's a simple pass on samia's had it
[Applause] I thought they were gonna get a free
kick that we found on Quinn
it's a national throat [Applause]
Manchester City on the Premier League and the league Leicester City on the
championship [Applause]
our owner doesn't like whole city as the name has been trying to change it
unsuccessfully think it's quite a good match if it's
engraved on the FA Cup oh just a little bit on the short side
again it's gonna be a ten-week we now ask for a good footballers gym there's
going to be a real test of their character here
I said that to you in the first half and under spirits and they're together in
his name their teamwork asked us to come to the fore this isn't all about
individuals been able to produce moments now they've really got to step it up as
a unit and find a way through what what is looking now a very stubborn whole
city rearguard and you can see as well as an emphasis
from milchester trying to keep fire line that they started to drop a little too
deeply to help our schools cause in the first half when they're trying to
rectify that Ramsey
[Applause] in the second half to be asked was
passing persistence of the whole city
express as well the way across in the nick of time is
resilient much better that's where they've got to
get that they need to try and work that position to get beyond the whole defense
and so lovely little ball over the top a bit of hesitation as well from Alex
Bruce I thought he could have come and dealt with it also helps it back into a
good area just didn't get another red and white shirt
hips [Applause]
so she al me [Applause]
so it was back here that doesn't
find its target she's such you talk about them for the players such a big
car for us and beggar as well Jim is that besides a couple of times already
that freely his influence
their support for him [Applause]
authentic yeah luster ass in Park
[Applause] as part of the official equipment
I'm sure you played with one or two players and the old guys who didn't like
wearing shit bats [Applause]
yeah I did it it's amazing really back in the days
when you would get wallet people did leave a foot in here and you did get
wallet well yeah I was on the end of one myself I was wearing shin pads that
night but they doing over our tattoo team to be just a little high
on their machine mohamad a Egyptian emphasizing the
mobile nature for Premier League clubs in
say England Wales of course Swansea
to Cardiff City control to the chakra that
Aaron Ramsey hometown truck areas the Welshman
Ruggiero the way through to keep those
this half and if they do do that [Music]
[Applause] yeah well the boy was fisted by Ramsey
to zero and he couldn't get it under control Alex Bruce saw his chance just
pinched him but the problem is can follow true I think I'm Siddhant Lee
he's too stood on his his knee area couldn't die but that's why
he's remained on on the surface
I don't think there was any intent in that in the friendship
and in fact he made a move a short time ago take to actually pick Alex Cruz up
before he was ready to disturb me we're so on
[Applause] to be any changing of removing one of
the center backs of going to a four in these circumstances work very well
defensively I think I mean Janu has had trouble living is a lot of wrestling
matches with the three center box and he's not having any real joy in it the
mistake that Quinn made almost led him into set up a goal you look back on the
first half particularly one Austin haven't really created anything
of great significance and when we return to the 1/2 chance moments but that's
been in but I think the last things Steve peaceful one is to have to make
changes defensively I think hold to dry fried pissed
concealment it's good place for the main strike
[Applause] grandma's caught
friends back on his feet which suggests that was too sinister yeah well he felt
that our ten teachers left one on him it didn't look too bad from from that angle
I think again the problem with this for others that is just as a little on the
underside of the ball and again it's only gonna live
[Applause] to stretch for
- his father was Sunland who you tell us
[Applause] I also had three
say often traitor winter latinum of course and
later on both Liverpool and Everton in it's fantastic Caesar's
got the right to be here the Gunners [Applause]
is harvested [Applause]
fry it lastly work between the two of them when
he just made it the whole city fans are screaming for a
corner but I think you could see it from the reaction from fryer that he knew it
was off it last that's a lovely one too in Huddleston he just needed to be more
decisive that touch was too heavy and it did go out of him
that's Batson from zero that's what he's going to do is go to hold and he's got
to find somebody else to take a lesson from Friday in Geneva I think over the
to number 12 s on the pitch even though fry maybe hasn't seen as
much of it I think he's been more efficient
[Applause] stay first that will probably be the one
reach the point where there's a good chance about but he likes
the ethnic [Applause]
has got to there's a free-kick
to Arsenal just coming towards the which is past ten minutes ago at the
second house a troublesome start to the second half
for it's just too far out
a free-kick just a wee mod wall in this occasion so
you should see it early enough torn it
it's goose they can choose manage to Johnson away from the notion had
that was all about set boys at this hand that was they arrived at the start of
the match [Applause]
offenders who are either school or threatened goals of two
they're really paid to do still swinging their set-pieces
kids [Applause]
that who swung round
Tom harvestin he's played on as you but easy certainly pudding here just watch
this he comes around the bucket there's the hot pulls it back I think
it's a good penalty shot just when
or FA Cup goals coming his way he stopped
I think custom knew ratio was not a little field for him but just watch this
part of it yeah look it's it's gentle enough and you really know is played on
it but it could have been one of those where a referee is convinced if you fail
a touch you're excited to go down that wasn't a touch that sent him down
we just overdid again [Applause]
occasion to cook Chiru for they're putting in so to speak
referee has been very good lately Probert has been very sensible today
good to happy recently a fan of Bristol Rovers football
[Applause] insulation is he's got a place in
getting a free kick here easier to give it
of course he's produced a yellow card for harvest
to be honest arsenal as soon as that was given away including Stern is late on
that would Santi Cazorla Arsenal were encouraging the referee to issue
[Applause] Meza Arthur is the manager to the free
kick a few seconds shorter be our market
[Applause] my current gives a shove it clear it
gets so quick they tell me that's where there is a better place it
but times well in the first half that left-hand side
[Applause] oopss forward side of it
that direction that's it
[Applause] readying themselves for substitution
[Applause] therefore by the second
[Applause] was the game too much she was
Podolski is going off well you talk about expectations by as
it played a lot of internationals score to go for us yeah that is a big
goal for me I thought maybe you could see that substitution been made maybe
slightly later but I thought even the vet they approve of girls going on the
pitch but exam is decided to go with that so Noga and it looks very much no
Martin as if it's going to be four four two so there is a pathway there is a
part of a [Applause]
I think as well with Sunoco he's got a little more energy available
even more pace than Shirou so there is that chance of of a woman behind the
whole defense was a substitute to subtle glasses that
they kept farmer Ben Watson [Applause]
he's right try the school in a day position and he's giving it
away lovely couple to master so go playing
his part and made and he stayed on his feet to his credit
to when he could have gone down his gears trying to show that acceleration
has gone by much but the Astana sleep we expected
to see that lovely little fellas first emerged in Tadasana all is little it's
we touch stuff and the pendulum Arceneaux go just actually not that
little behind where he intended that was the problem in the end gives his just
tried to take his mountain more frustration
police they have to be very very careful than as well because he dined on the leg
and simogo chose to to ignore them select bright credit to have peers some
might not have some might say he's not seasoned enough for professionals to
maximized it but I would be very cynical [Applause]
this is the romance of the FA Cup [Applause]
decided by controversy here here as as it
[Applause] waited pass much-needed
most insurance system the more conviction that Arsenal in trying to get
back in this game arson Venga since the substitution they've stepped
it up short corner some good any got that as samia's in there nearly got it
back across for them here 0 another arsenal corner it is their best ballad
the match well it is but should they are Sunoco have got something something more
on that had a new post I think so the favourites are on the front foot
head but they still trial by two girls - what
and goes Toshi on a Sunday they've got players to the back new camp school as
hollow sure and they have as well yeah I mean let's say tonight's in a
little dark mocha show me and he's away from our experience he doesn't get to
him and unfortunately for him he just can't stretch and get enough on it
[Applause] that business come up on it does for
little more internal but in slow motion curse isn't it looks like deliberate
more deliberate than we're looking at Sanaa go
absolutely I think he had every right to think so
no go is probably going to get more on it he's not expecting that and it's not
deliberate it's always an issue there one arm is raised
times and a football match we have to put them somewhere
[Applause] we know
Kelly tallied over that maybe that poor Machain is going to be a
direct replacement for Alex Bruce who's certainly done his job for 65 minutes
absolutely no thought of nepotism in this election
[Applause] a worthy selection by his dad
as Bruce jr. leaves the bitch through seniors side
Natha by two girls to work and he was very close Alex Bruce himself to scoring
the second goal I think he's played with them with
wonderful commitment great determination in his game today and he's attacked
everything by these a decent player at this level of the game and he's a very
decent lad Norbertine who's one of those who has
suddenly become fit again after Alex Bruce
James Chester just you know it's roots
[Applause] while he played against Everton you know
he's been out injured for quite a while so at least he's not a feel for it and I
would imagine yeah it will be now it's going to be James chest who's talking in
centrally and my chain is going to operate where he did against Everton the
right side of the three [Applause]
let's go stay awesome thank you have complaining about the time has been used
up here if a snow worth two
[Applause] something similar it's just
as with the significance of victory Ramsey Hill
whereas but again [Applause]
spotted and he turned the other way of the first
place he might have been able [Applause]
doesn't open here from house point of view Ramsey
sorry Oh Bertram how aspire to be the bonus taken there his part cause all us
the seating of the officials and surely was a touch in law
what did you make of it it must have been leaped over it is
superb liepa's ition to see so courteous Davis must've got something on the ball
before Cazorla [Applause]
I'm sure say Oh thrill hot but he bravely taking on
the speed of caring gifts possession
this latest little more shocked it it didn't even hit
the referee right but yeah when he just goes to bring it back inside yeah he
gets the ball he gets a little bit on the ball Davis I don't think he's
deliberately trying to play cause oil it there's no real movement to take him and
yes there is a slight follow-through and he does make contact with the Spaniards
right foot but not for me until they probit Ramsey
and to know that old came from Martin as well the fact that whole city had made
an attack and it's almost arson his best opportunity when the game is stretched a
little bit and they can't picked their process easier it was a wonderful ball
for Romsey to get Cazorla in play you wonder whether it's a gazelle over that
the game so far I don't think we have [Applause]
that's a partnership for you lucky ricochet between the two Center
back to my Allah it might be in trouble here with his
I think sometimes he's got a reputation Milo he's been involved in a little
controversy here and there over the course of the season and I think some of
the referees filled up and when he is a little rash at times abrasive then I
think it's a very harsh poking I think it is very little
[Applause] three girls came early
you just sense we gonna get some leg trauma here
I think at this stage but but so good really at defending
their lead I think Arsenal would be just delighted to be able to get to extra
time I think just even leveling it to - I think when we saw Cazorla not got one
in you just felt there was a lot more coming from Arsenal and it hasn't been
the case Gibbs she lures time to shape
talk to me a trouble here that's the side that takes its name
maybe he didn't get the last time and the referee changes my
because he's ahead of they are the near post so they'll go in significantly and
he goes for the thick it is beautiful work for man from sure real nice turn
but I think it was deemed to have come off the whole city skipper lost
[Applause] because all this corner
very close friends by they're on Coachella
he's the one the austere class chopped up
it's another defender awesome bankers team
to nail down at Wembley stay Bruce is to take it on the chair
[Applause] when Kinsella is fortunately the fact
that the Ricochet felt really kindly for he's got to swim I'm not sure the
contact was great it doesn't matter he got something on it to get it to cross
that line it's been improving for Washington's
that made the change fuck it
a huge bonus for shits descending he was caught by out of aggregor trying to keep
it up I'll city government have that from here
the forces with an arsenal [Applause]
let's go she wrote and she wrote
enthusiasm just looking at the moon well he just
looks as if he's loopy the fact that he's got someone up alongside him where
he can look to link up with him when he attempted to get the hunter down person
over there and this was him earlier as well with
another fit for Sonova melasma it's shooting the pinnacle
look like cleaning of simogo our arsenal of got Nepean and getting the decision
we're done all you could say after that is you
still got to defend the corner assholes
a good suit that kept showing a Luka
[Applause] sigh some of the brake
[Applause] I could see why Conti fryer remains on
the pitch because of his ability to to score goal
surely Luca will be expensive to join hoodstarz for the fencin get the office
[Applause] lots of girls
certainly in recent years there was one of course gentlemen Hill
Allegiance the local three Westham tree 2006 in Cardiff
the regulations today [Applause]
I forget the conscious t90 is at 79 Ross
it was an Apollo a 2-nil lead being cut back to two two
and the team that had been to nila Arsenal went to school v : again
Allen sample which I
stretch of Huddleston [Applause]
and you can understand our Texas frustration because are so desperate to
keep the pressure on [Applause]
he's feeling a fair bit better about life
a child for much of the game I'm just trying to remember the last time I've
seen horses play with a full 14 for medicine
it's something you had to do Nate's must needs no Stan it's helped
it's not the law - down by fried again is still
some energy Oh Sheldon
[Applause] before goals
if except players on second balls from set
players the free kick talk about passing the ball around
as elements of the game of Survivor well I know some managers take great
pride and what they do from dead bullying
situations and spend an awful lot of time on it
is it something like 40% of old girls maybe more now yeah possibly
so anyway that was like your day Jim but the choirs hate through the rehearsals
in the week there's a lot of stamping around while we did hardly any of it my
Liverpool days but when I went to Leeds and her work is a month ago did rather a
lot back so I know it's subtle Sebago
used together as a mistake here and then she wrote boss arriving in droves
[Applause] I cannot believe that it is or hasn't
hit that he steadies look for another past when he could just swivel on it and
try and fire it go [Applause]
eris surely leuco doing what he's been brought on to do get that Arsenal but he
needs a bit of help from either side actually better on the
left substitutes done very well Christina I'm
looking to find the second wind and a third goal at Wembley
[Applause] same covers
[Applause] Santa's hello
Marissa think he scored in the semi-final to get
us out of a jam what is it about defenders
and we'll make a defensive change Arsenal maker an attacking change
[Applause] the Titus is completely shifted
[Applause] that's it
to route around the corner fussing oh go okay I can hear
when it's Kerrigan's what a chance
put your hands on the FA cup sir spot-on
I cannot believe he's missed it simogo think this wonderfully are maybe a
little four to the fact that it finds its way to the far post
but Kieran Gibbs knew as soon as he set this up on a strong left foot as well
this could be his moment and I cannot believe he's gone under it to that
extent what what others another defender another defense because the best of it
at Grayson time had best in recent times T Bruce himself I think nearly got
twenty go at 19 goals one season for Manchester United
[Applause] listen I've been in that position myself
and when I wasn't used to it you're going to speak back sometimes you can
get a little rush of water here's our grantee with a lot of robe wants to get
into it right foot for a pass challenge here again
I kept fighting the party get off still a penalty
and here's a Luco it's worth again Mike Oceana
[Applause] see there can be very very tricky
decisions for a referee as well and to his credit Li Provo if he's had any
doubt at all today he's just dismissed and the game he felt
was all I want to grow way too easily and he just wasn't the only unimportant
and such terrific conclusion to this season's Africa
to tell you all the elements the competition
highlighted for it's the first file in 1872
then again there's just a little touch on the ball to come as long as whale is
he's felt a brush from miler that's all it was and and again I think leap robux
got it got it correct you know for me it's it's not a real attempt to to ball
him over maybe third time lucky for the Spaniard he gets into those positions
again that's twice he's paid you liked watered by the decision but
when the dust settles and particularly fast I'll do win this final he might
look back on it and think well worth the shout but I'll play the referee
[Applause] is better person
so no go almost finding Ramsey sushiro beaten away by McGregor excellent
football from our school again we're getting closer and closer they get
me in front at the right time well they're only looks to be one minute
winner at the moment and technically the Frenchman gets this absolutely spot-on
and true legs as well it can make it difficult for a goalkeeper it's very
well dealt with violin the Berger very well doctor well you gotta say Jim it's
Mertesacker turn now there is
any in towards it too [Applause]
that's you Ramzi not pressed
some consideration tips
[Applause] Lucca how at least get a bit further up
the bridge and I was just about to say to you that if Arsenal do slip up and
similarly to that then Luca is exactly the type of player they they won't want
running at the food chain [Applause]
as it Ramsey
Vegas of course they can't lose the match and
all the disappointment that goes with it but they've gained so much whatever
happens zebras and Hull City from the performance
here taking us along head-to-head and the favorites all sorts of problems
and they're still in with a big shout and really the last kind of 10-15
minutes have been Arsenal if you look very dominant but prior to that it
wasn't the case it was very evenly matched and and hope gave pretty much as
good as they've got [Applause]
sit down Luca [Applause]
Seiler again and it's taken a long time for Arsenal
to get their game going to find the belief
even Casillas go pretty soon after it went to nil to Hull
didn't do the trick I've got stronger in the second half
[Applause] the right slippery work from the leuco
again [Applause]
Shirley's going to be a booking sorry
recognize that a Luco with a chance of playing a very probing
ball down that side to rossini Ezra yeah he was worried he knew but you know
had the right bulb in play there narshall were going to be stretched and
in a little bit of trouble so I think he was happy to take him for his team
a forwards channel a challenge and an excuse which they sometimes
shut out fairy-type Saturday
it's so sad to go the possibility of extra time but here's
McShane Mohammed a
[Applause] when kertus davis would already won to
his name to get what would be a decisive goal you
feel at this stage 345 this cost a lot of money to be here
at the stadium and say everybody's a hit account for Davis this time
taking a while for the probit to have to referee in this way
yeah well I think this is euro he had to do Davis surely was one of his easier
decisions he had two little pulls on him Curtis Davis yeah you had to brandish
yellow for that too [Applause]
as those stands and in disappointment canal they couldn't
sprinkle the magic this time but he sprinkle the magic earlier in the half
without very kind break got caught on the follow-through as well from Anna
McGregor but doesn't matter he just got what was needed on it
- to level things have been answered
made to stay in the match [Applause]
what we could call the Ben Watson end of these plenty minutes of the 90 the
decisive goal came a year ago for Wigan that's just another little example of
tiredness and Steve Bruce knows that both managers have meant a factor in
potential changes the extra time situation
is it [Applause]
Ramsey cost yelling
[Applause] I still haven't led at all here at
Webley this afternoon now would be the time
Sonia [Applause]
Coachella [Applause]
during that job defensively for Hull City and Oslo
for [Applause]
we Probert this told the fourth official we understand they're going to be five
added minutes so regulation time it's certainly not
over yet while Karen Gibbs could have one
we're just going to another Arsenal have them
pop I have a hero in the making now because that they have showed the
character they have shown the spirit so now go Shiro well I would say a
defensive Kieran Gibbs he got that one off the line in the first half there's
not beside going through nail down that's very true
[Applause] expresses had a I still think you'll be
thinking more about the clearance of the hi mark
[Applause] I also go to it be to bother than hasten
no go [Applause]
the chance to get your very first goal for a Club to win the FA yeah and the
problem forum wars who as soon as he picks this up so no glue is that he
doesn't get clean contact what's the we plays it into the ground and that's why
the ball jumped and bounced and it didn't help it to its direction either
just always a little off and and only a little but it wasn't this an was
cleanest continue to watch rather than hide
behind the hands because you never know city of
so they're not been overwhelmed at any stage of the game
[Applause] their early grip on it of course it's
been loosened of course the longer it goes on you tend to feel
as I seize the football watcher that class will out of there's a bit more
class sprinkled in there the Arsenal team within the whole ranks but it's not
going to you know not by anybody 60 bro suicide they do play football as
well but they have got bags of spirit now is the time to show it it on the end
of this kertus davis and he does that's a second
sad yet Kenobi headed up in the air exchange was in there with that mop of
blond hair while I can't keep it we're into the five minutes
as your friend mr. miler again yeah just trying to kind of hold onto the qahal
and run the clock down a little feather ruffle
[Applause] all started so splendidly
that they got to finish in there why are they going to concede and have
heartbreak at Wembley might be the former at the moment
[Applause] it's at the right end of the ground for
the whole fans well I think that they've got to find some way now of getting this
into the book so no it's a twirl whether it's a long one I see yeah that's
exactly what they shouldn't have done that if they've wasted a very good
opportunity to to cause Arsenal a problem they shouldn't do is there a
still get out of the throw in that situation we can get and then squeezed
in [Applause]
is as it [Applause]
for sure oh it's very well we're the ticking talkin think that poor
his best effort of the game very much so and you know for such a big man as well
to turn so sharp and here it's it's very impressive and he got good power behind
it to wasn't an easy skill [Applause]
little Mo's header [Applause]
it's not all going to be about skill if it goes to extra time
the police the whole ranks and must have thought
when it went to two two fates were against them yeah together innocent
focus this concentration for communication become even more important
that people have got to talk to each other to keep everybody alert is when
the body tires the mind seems goes with it and that can become a little problem
the concentration is there is to ask Allah at the back here we've started so
slovenly in defending set-pieces goes Davis
damage that time inside the finished fourth of the
Premier League is ercel blood Ramzi Santi Cazorla
[Applause] to his credit he scampered after Italy
the moment isn't yet lost for a smoke alarm touted this particular wood
service' no go we've tried to give the players an
excuse about the weather and then the pressures and whatever actually the
tempos hardly dropped at all they've been great I think that the the
commitment we've seen from both sides has been been super if that's just a
fraction Shawn and I think he's all it gets his right foot on it and who knows
how this game could have ended up in in 90 plus five minutes
[Applause] also
going around world blade trying to out shout their arsenal counterparts the
pitch Arsenal players and get the better counterparts and Jiro rushed it for
stood a little and again you know he he knows that the
whistle is going to go pretty soon and just just hoping that the squeeze
another chance out of it before that happens
[Applause] authentic
we'll be the last attack [Applause]
extra time is not the pastor and Oprah Jack
Sam yep mostly to get the free kick but olivier
zero wanted one because he felt davis caught him just a little late a moment
sooner you take another half mayor of this gym yeah honestly I think it's been
hugely entertaining it's been hard to watch at times for some but I'm but
that's the nature of these games when they swing to and fro like that it puts
everybody through a whole array of emotions and we've had the lot here a
whole city roared into a turn early Welbeck quickly
Laurent Koscielny scored the only goal of the second half to take us to two
periods of 15 minutes extra time at Wembley after 90 minutes Arsenal to Hull
City - and it's been brilliant we head for extra time
[Music] [Music]
[Music] oh here we are still at Wembley with the
prospect of more excitement to come has been difficult for the FA Cup as a
competition because of the growth of European football which of course it
never had to deal with even going back to when I started watching football
there was no league cup so you played your league games and you paid your FA
Cup ties and now there is competition elsewhere but the
nature of this competition and the Wembley finale used to be beneath the
twin towers now it's beneath the arch it epitomizes so much that's good about
football because it's a spectacular setting most iconic venues on the planet
and it's a pleasure and a privilege to watch two teams go out and hammer in
tongs as we've seen this evening [Music]
so a little bit of liquid has been taken he put is the message for all the hull
fans to take on board the managers have had their say Bruce Lee has had his say
sure what mr. bengis nickname is mr. banger I think
away we go 15 minutes each way remember at 2-2 in the FA Cup final
[Applause] Sonia
[Applause] and I think Arsenal know as well with
them pose serious you know go partnering one another now front that it could be a
little more direct it can go a little longer at times and try and use the the
height they've got now maybe they're just a little bit more open in midfield
I haven't really had the chance to exploit that yeah well I guess that mean
that's what Steve Bruce is hoping for that Alou ko will get one of those
opportunities to to break maskull's throat so we really have to
feeling it's now German that for probably around the world everybody had
at the start of the game you know Arsenal should be the favorites there
the side with the greater pedigree the greater FA Cup history the better recent
run Santi Cazorla kids goes for a little
clip this time and Cletus Davis got across in the nick of
time they need to win it again yeah and the nature of the contest Arsenal have
the momentum man and that's that's vitally important but you know you can't
underestimate that the pride and the passion we've seen from the whole city
players they've they've given it everything and still are and then who
knows they may come again well defeat with honor is something that
we talk about in the media the fans can talk about professional players it's
still defeat yeah but no one's losing at the moment
[Applause] I don't have to stop your date
who's got the legs who's going to impress us with their running power
extra period [Applause]
[Applause] as its history but it's got to go out to
be a throat mat it [Applause]
yeah by Ramsey
so now go looking for some help we might not need any help when he does now
counselor zero when he's trying to muddle his way
through some ogres there as well and there was a man
Arsenal easel yeah there was but Jake Livermore pretty much saved the day
there by a great burst to get back and and that's fantastic desire to see that
at this stage of the game not easy [Applause]
and you know I think I said to you right at the start Martin better thought ronzi
could be key cause a mistake we're seeing here into Davis
Ramsay crosses harness off the bar a trades mark
from Olivier zero I just think Ramsey's becoming more and
more influential with with his passing I thought we might see much more from in
terms of his running forward and very little of that but his passing us has
really come on now and it's it's got arson away and after the first ball two
sets the no go away he got a bonus to get the second one in through last long
making the better chances since it's gone to to to to conspicuously sour
Kieran Gibbs the regulation time olivia is a rope
climbing that when you see moments like that of course
you think yeah it looks like Oscar will probably win the day
but then you start thinking hang on is the look of my side
[Applause] Ramsey
that like to be really with the ball at his
feet probably on their right foot rather than the left this was zero got in front
of McShane acted it off the bar yeah I'm not sure what her mic Shane did enough
just to cause that but if he did with a little bit of contact then he's helped
his team enormously but I think from Jerusalem he felt he should have had it
underneath that crossbar that's what he does he scores headers like that as
Harry's herbed his elevation through French football and to the squad of a
French manager here that was a brucey bonus
[Applause] how truck
can I pet it try to Patrol
defensive way I'll have to change the system now
has even more responsibilities that Ramsey pushing home
[Applause] he mentioned it might be his last game
for Arsenal to study for chef Nate and Premier
League and Champions League [Applause]
to pull off the silver sighs McGregor has
[Applause] but he said he's picked the ball out of
the net this is much same to adjust
[Applause] Gazzola
[Applause] that's what you don't want to be doing
[Applause] especially without husbands stick out
from - certainly kept that one down with his
right and much more power behind it from from
aaron ramsey capitalized on on a poor square ball from from Livermore and I
think Alan McGregor was relieved to see that coming right out of all the way
milah for
Lucca picked up by Huddleston [Applause]
we're seeing it sort of running left in the
as much as he had with the staff Matt certainly understandable inko he was
fouled yeah
kind of prodded the ball and then he kind of caught kids his foot there but
by then I think he already knew he wasn't going to get on the end of it
because he was too much pace and again I think the Probert has got it right I
just think he could have been helped been I mean I don't know whether he got
a share from Steve Bruce but Paul my chain could have made a little dart and
support without mohammadi but he decided to just hold his position
understandable [Applause]
Ram Singh as heel
our data usually get this far forward to
around say much mean if you work in ranting they can't
to mention the wisdom is to go across girl in those circumstances it was just
caught in the act of shooting but I mean you know I think this is the difference
between the teams I shall have that in their locker that gun lovely quick
passing and movement that that better understanding an instinct and like you
I'm a little surprised that he didn't go right across island MacGregor or Anansi
would it be fair to say Jim but at this stage Hollywood sentence appearances in
an arsenal and look we might decide that what to do it by the proper means well
simply because I mean we're sitting here and the velocity to comment on it well
then Steve Bruce is hoping but you can't really see whole creating a great chance
something remarkable happens bitches don't look as if they're gonna threaten
or a set pace whether maybe a set piece yes but I'm otherwise there's no kind of
more Menace ponder than in open play we're here
[Applause] when passing just admiring James Chester
who was ruled out with a hamstring injury and it's still going strong after
almost a hundred minutes at least or ago those types of injuries when you think
they're okay again and then didn't in the pace of of a March and all
of a sudden that pings again it goes again so he's done extremely well maybe
it was a man something like a sciatic nerve
[Applause] let's feel like a hamstring injury
because although McShane is there Luca the substitutes
Luco is here [Applause]
impressive footwork perhaps along enough drinking
[Applause] possibility for Bruce
George Boyd then bring up who is a also they were
the match-winning moment and is in his locker
[Applause] [Applause]
it's round two again and maybe one or two of his teammates
felt he was a tad greedy then because he had plenty of options to pass it around
them it's almost become the own Ramsey show yeah he's hot lifting oh they would
have been the player a better player of the first half of the season Dan he got
injured boxing day his lair from Christine yet he was going off
the character [Applause]
George Boyd and it's not what you would call like the lights because George boys
essentialism as an attacking player and he is going to take up that left
wing back position now you just wonder whether Arsenal might be able to get
something in behind him now and I think that is just a clear case of her senior
was spent you know he's just he's given and everything he had him unemployed boy
there's good energy I mean he will do a lot of running and tucking his down his
side of the pitch to Allen to get in it's not gonna be saying as a back pass
just what do you think if your minor figure our when George Boyd comes up as
the last change in your position really it's
it's difficult to kind of read Steve Bruce's mind on that you never know
what's gone on in training of course in depending up to this because that can
play a part but I guess debriefs is still hoping that maybe boy can just
have a little far a forward and get get on the end of something you know more
than Figaro would do so I want to surmise that that's his thinking
sounds of care for myself so now go
[Applause] by Mertesacker maybe we've done once
they proceeded disservice by suggesting powell would go for penalties or that
and it comes there but I'm sure Boyd would take one
well they certainly once we get to as the at the end of the second period of
extra time they'll be thinking about that
and God said I got if anything about the energy that Boyd
has because that was really good tracking to get all the way across
that's not good though McShea get said
for chance it came quickly to start to get all that
you'll have to make your mind up in a split second then again I just wonder if
cuz all it regrets not going for power here it's not a good attempt to clear it
by my chain it's very poor and had set the Spaniard up and I think his face
says everything now he felt he should have produced more well sometimes these
first periods of extra time came there because players are frightened making
mistakes again it hasn't been the case they're obviously more
from arsenal shape of the the period you would expect as you're
hitting the bar it's been free kick to help until nudge
can't lose it so watch us be caught by that short
free-kick Michelle is there though he has been a
very dependable player for them always good position to pick up as well
you know tell nose cast that because coal excuse me that the John Terry
position isn't that these days because he's done it so often
so now I got by Chester
[Applause] I thought boy could have given him
something to aim for boy just seen the city you're on your own here so long I'm
not gonna help you out but the dragon didn't fancy turning the other way it
didn't know his speed as halftime in extra time incidentally I set the scary
moments for the Scott no goals in the first 15 minutes of the
extra period but shiru did hit the bar at Wembley it is still a still - I'll
set you to the 2014 FA Cup final [Music]
well these days they do allow a little bit of a break in the middle of extra
time the regulations used to state you turn straight round
we fed have given us so much entertainment now
wants to be grudging so just take a little bit of liquid s
because they experience that are still KITT man
was a professional player and often talks to us in Bangla during matches
this gives a bit of homespun advice it's very good at it
I think his job here is to organize a double substitution Lisa no
go on to this point now it's Thomas rosettes key on the left as we look and
Jack Wilshere is very short of football when his fit which is good news for
England of course and he's been asked to made 15 minutes maybe take a penalty
we'll have to wait and see on that one but I certainly thought he would make
one change now Albert he's decided to go for two and I think this could be
significant as well there's energy coming on now
it also [Applause]
so how city [Applause]
start the second period of extra time [Applause]
I still got through the shootout here against Wigan compensates from Fabian
ski they converted all their penalties I've had some troubles from the spot you
think Lika defeated Brad to City the season
before the one this just finished
top them knocked Hull out of the League Cup this season a penalty shootout
but North London they'd be waiting for them if it gets
ahead of ourselves yes yelling
it's just a little overzealous from help whiskey will sit back again
and again so now they're going to the near post
[Applause] there is
[Applause] once more so for a Ramsey shooting
opportunity yeah but listen this was the hole between the two substitutes resist
iam on moocher and in the end I think
Wilshire was a little upset with gaius a no-go that he couldn't work the ball to
man and Ramsay even more so because he didn't keep the shot down but there's
the spark that an that arson finger was hoping for
[Applause] my little bonus for Roy Hodgson the
England manager as well to see Jack Wilshere get some game time in
game [Applause]
Sonia his last foray as forward as an Arsenal
player Chester [Applause]
nearly put his side in trouble - no boy has done very well again did so in the
first half of extra time and then that's another very good challenge
[Applause] mohammadi
the same way again with an impressive acceleration noting importantly as well
far beyond ski decided to stay and let the defender deal with it otherwise he
could have made it much more complicated good decision
it's gonna be moving towards the possibility of a shootout again
[Applause] no foul so
tensional move I think they broke up thought
as to win it back [Applause]
I got plenty of players forward here we'll shit
here zero brilliantly taken Ramzi he's got one right and I'll still
finally lead deep into extra-time and it looks as though in the end it's
going on said bankers way and it was typical a schoolgirls
[Applause] but for so much of the game he's had to
buy this time he's had to wait when he's not made the adventure is running
forward that we've seen so often fall in this season but he's been given much
more freedom as the game is progressed and just looking a little dark email
into the box and the lovely little flip puck as well by Julie to find them and
that is just a peach of a strike just inside that near post with too much pace
on it for McGregor to even think about getting there and finally finally
Arsenal are in front but I think it's fair to say Jim that if Ramsey hadn't
got injured in December late in December Val still led the league for long
periods more than any other club I think in the whole course of the Premier
League season they might be celebrating on a different front as well as in the
FA Cup he's been that good and they've got him back
and when they needed him for this big day and the player who lost here
Cardiff City in 2008 put himself closer to a winner's medal
now and his teammates but it's George boy he's got good feet too he's almost
got the ball back again just got stuck under his feet in the end
the George boy that was the problem because this is very well done by
Shawnee Luke oh and yes that's where he got it wrong you know he just when he
needed to kind of T up an effort the gunner the chance to take it on again
and he's got the ability to do it and he does he does have good feet as you say
he's quite quite clever technically but I just think what when you look back
him on the contest as a whole rockin ha four line of awesome who or very
impressed hugely talented Calexico Zola is of Podolski and didn't really do and
it's been kind of left the game with the changes that are some vendor is made
which have been very positive under fort
I think rongzi has been their best again the pressure here defensively for the
flag is up in that as disappointing from house point of
view whereas their skillet set pieces and
household vulnerability to put them in trouble
the damage seems to been repaired that comeback looks to be complete I can't
tell you how good that touches as well from Ramsey
McGregor obviously feels now it's probably just been prised away from
whole city but I came onto it so well and it wasn't the easiest one either
because well it was backheel by Sheree were just kind of bounced a little bit
but it was an absolute beautiful okay [Applause]
when you mentioned just earlier the how his teammates who are getting at him a
bit for shooting too much it's wrong they're not now
but what a Steve Bruce got up those sleeves of his
and it's left yeah you know I think it's time for home attitude to forget about
trying to work their way forward I think he's just got to be long it's going to
be rude wood it's going to be direct and they've just got to compete hard and
hope they get a break that's what Steve Bruce will be looking
for Nana McGregor sure enough goes long [Applause]
well they were quiet for a long time and they were
and full voice there were and obviously the big change now is the
fact that Curtis Davis his claim as a centre-forward
and I think it slightly damaged center-forward as well he got that bang
on the headboard the thigh Tullio
and here comes Rosinski there's a big cat but he's gone for the pass
and she wrote picked the right ball out for so Noga
got a bit congested in there resist key could have got up it opened that torrid
agreed it's a mistake by about half a date
and so no-go Oh
isn't far away crossing the tape yeah al mohammed ii
would be very relieved because this is clumsy from when we just put it straight
into sono goes path and again speaking of terms ii it's a little
clumsy technically but once it goes through legs like that a goalkeeper is
never quite sure and then might have been the barest
touch to from our mcgregor families hitting some big opportunities italy go
ahead in the semi-final the first call today from arson banger and he bought
him a course so he's got a share his faith in him
Kafka sees the first half the seas now or that
a problem rise up again here Senate he he gave he
gave the attack a little bit more and I think he helps her room
I think jury was having a very tough time of it on his own and I think the
fact that he had a little support as well I think it is lifted the whole
Arthur performance the temperature of living
still over five minutes and maybe another little bit on at home
[Applause] hooked up filled by hunters that
beyond scheme I don't get that it's a real chance
neither Davis in the middle or the ball directly from
[Applause] Papillon ski was left tire dry and a
Lucca place from a difficult angle but still
typically by a parameter sucker got himself in a right model and made a
complete mess of it and that was the wound chance that Steve Bruce was open
and Luca would get I think he was maybe a little selfish and going for goal
because he could have pulled it back in the other couple of teammates in support
and I think maybe he's just as well that Gibbs missed it entirely because he
could easily have got the wrong contact maybe that's as good as it's gonna get
for Howe we'll have to wait to see I would have stopped the engraver in his
tracks the chain has failed
[Applause] now I talked about the three three
Liverpool and West Ham you mentioned quite right there three to Jim I was at
the game the Alan Sunderland winner just United
to come back to nail down but they could
I'm like I'll still get v go Brady cross something go free to ask
and by el mohammed a peon skate has got it
yeah I don't know if the shout involved where maybe a little fortunate if it
fell that kindly for him [Applause]
if is enough to bring tears to your eyes first major final to nil lead so proud
of the team there still be so proud of the team color was the biggest
conurbation but this owners got to pull up
[Applause] as a challenge for them
his resist it and they could easily be in again here it's going to be a moment
or two like that I'm sure another chance for us we'll have to find a bit of
energy fine numbers up the pitch somehow find a way to get the ball up the pitch
yeah I mean they've got a defenders obviously but then I think they've got
to completely take risks I mean it's just that situation now if they could
force a corner we might even see McGregor up
it's all supposed to lose now [Applause]
protracted for but sono goes don't going again tonight
[Applause] the Gregor's kept olling it for a couple
of minutes that remain [Applause]
Huddleston iloko very nimble
jameelah his George boy [Applause]
still for us to fight for
that's where Davis is an auxilary forward house loca
well it looked as fancy she had to dive back a little bit so much was he caught
by surprise well I'm thinking when I saw him hit it
from such a distance that you know that's very ambitious but probably an
skiing sword until a little later than he would have liked him that's why for a
moment everybody thought I was going to creep beyond them
Mertesacker as of poet's head [Applause]
Davis trying to get there for support clearance in fact he's
giving away a free yeah
that might not have helped their cause but the referee again has viewed it very
likely when Humiston barged guru to the ground and getting the ball back
I said before tea I think for arson Vanga today I think Rumsey is come up
drums from yet again and you know correct Martin and I think if the
referee sorts out the city I think you know hotties in a race for
longer this in contention for material
[Applause] our grantees been announced as the
spokes as man-of-the-match as well [Applause]
and over the two hours you can't deny ourselves right to be in front
I think yes out there a toilet start Austin up in the better side on how bomb
pops showing that they have the more talented individuals and the greater
depth of squadron and better caliber all around
and they're full of running here as you would be if your wedding here comes
Rosinski he's in is he gonna finish well no it's
not the Arsenal was hit he's going to pass it
watch it Bank is looking at me who sang the same thing some bangers 98 wait is
over waist is over
in the Premier League over they were two new boys
but I turned it around and Aaron Ramsey as the Wales flag
wrapped around it backery sannyasis goodbye I think to a
store but what a way to do it I use this phrase about the lake up find
about subtle in the match the city the pride to how the prize to Arsenal
without a shadow of a doubt I think we have to keep great praise on those Hill
City players for the way they stayed out at yes they knew they had an exceptional
start to this game and that Arsenal were likely to respond but they made Arsenal
work every every second of this game to to get what they finally achieved and
yes arson Vanga and his players do deserve to to lift this trophy now but I
really do feel for the likes of those Hill City players and Tom Robinson
Curtis Davis because they could not have given it any more
well awesome banker is the manager that asked or kept true to the board backed
him from 2005 here to 2014 the FA Cup was the last trophy
and then play very well that day against Manchester United they certainly weren't
the better side it went to penalties and they want it and that is what Cup ties
are all about but they were very very slow out of the blocks here at Wembley
today the goals from Genesis Chester and Rico these Davis but Santa Gasol that
came along to make it to once Lauren kachelle they just somehow
got a bit on it for the equalizer you did feel that the momentum is often used
word what they football was with us a big release players but it took till
late in the game in this period of extra time and what a worthy
goal to win a cup father [Applause]
to efforts ago prior to that but when that moment came yes he struck it with
technical perfection I'm Aaron Ramsey and yes it's done the trick part for our
Sheila Gannon it was a long wait and we did say that the start is well marked
about it probably was one of these filers that arson finger dare not lose
because immense criticism wouldn't follow but I was all I've always loved
watching his team's the style of football and I'm pleased to see them get
another trophy I think overall as hard it is it as it is for home to take also
do merit the victory [Applause]
well winning and losing doesn't matter to those involved in the
profession their careers their lifestyles hang on it but when you
support a club you have to take both those 20 Impostors don't you side by
side and you have to have the pain together game
it's been a wonderful season I saw that first game Jim and Chelsea they start
the premiere later got overrun first twenty minutes they were to nil down I
brought on Livermore and Huddleston for the second half just arrived in the
Captain Steve Bristol I've got to give the lads you've got as promotion a
chance from then on almost they bedded into the
Premier League deservedly stayed and had this Cup run as well obviously the
coupling is a lovely it's a shame they fade a little at the
end of the Premier League but listen their starters speak secured which is
the most important thing and it's fine yeah
I like watching whole city because Steve Bruce is trying to get them to play that
the Arsenal Brandon cooks on if he likes with less quality but I just think he
came talking about arson leading to maybe buy a little more or front I think
Steve Bruce could probably do with with something like that but let's see how
along and yella bitch of course who were ineligible today being come tied how
they developed max easement and hopefully they give more or empower to
that to that whole city attack but certainly whole city are are going in
the right direction even though they lose her today mark it
was to give them good confidence to I could go out with their heads held I
runners-up medals and a lot earlier and to stayin of course to see this moment
and I hope those are how fans stay for Arsenal as well I wouldn't be surprised
if they do break passing the medal from the Duke of Cambridge sets dibs at the
Arsenal court there as well [Applause]
well their previous best in the FA cup 1930s semi-final beaten by Arsenal now
they reach the final under who do they come up against again today not just an
astral burn and a school for whom plainly was unthinkable really but when
they were wheeling around the celebration to the goals from
James Chester and Curtis Davis we had a huge upset on the guards listen
to the roar as Steve Bruce appears he's been up there for witness pebbles and
that losers medal is a very lost in 95 and Everton beat Manchester United
[Applause] but he's been part of the final as
manager and he said it's it's even more gratifying than doing it as a as a
player it feels more satisfying to him to be able to negotiate that and he had
to do some hard work at halftime at the semi-final - when they were behind -
Sheffield United Martin who sorted that out to win it 5-3 and and get here today
and Luke losing semifinals and I have lost an FA Cup semi-final is a horrible
horrible experience I think such a fine player but he had to work hard at his
reputation as a manager and a lot of different clubs but he certainly got
that career back on track and only enhanced it with there now he said that
alter their how close he came to pulling off the very difficult
but it is Arsenal's day [Applause]
[Music] [Applause]
[Music] it's a lovely way to win it too I mean I
know arson wouldn't have liked a good to know down there this is interesting
tomislav ow that the club captain is going up
the players must have had that in mind beforehand
- nice touch because he hasn't a huge involvement the season either they
captain on the day is following him but this is a day when defeat was not
only unpalatable it really was for Arsenal Football Club
[Music] rediscovered
winning ways mr. imager get a record equalling 11th
triumph in the FA Cup matching Manchester United with 18th appearance
in the files thank you
[Applause] traveling at the moment city compliments
[Applause] just wonder what the plan is here for
the presentation medalists
there are Teta Abba Marlon are waiting maybe they're gonna involve the manager
as well who knows but for the cheeks there's a moment the subs up now it's
been 4 the professorial
[Music] manage' today
the way for him [Applause]
their last success in any competition was in this very tournament in 2005
their paint full weight of nine years without silverware is over
it's a lot of puffing of cheeks there if to say well we have done it but we have
done it the hard way [Music]
separate laugh they heard of hell his compliments
is edging into shot tensor is edging into show
the trophy winners of the 2014 FA Cup even without
the lid he got to it very quickly the suburb
elegant but hugely admire asset bacon
Jim back in your thoughts something asked all day
to come back from a shocking starter their composure under police
they probably had the quality to to cook through at the end I'm very pleased for
our arson banker because I think the teams have has produced over the years
of English football and some of the ribbon a real joy to watch and he's had
to wait quite a bit for this wood to enjoy some success but it is fully
merited on Jeff laminating getting in on the act we
haven't seen that smile very often have we a lot of the camera shots particular
of the second half of the season the bane of the grimace the face of
disappointment the Greig the hollowing of the cheeks
the wondering whether his time and a glorious time but when you look at
the silverware he managed to achieve right from the off really and came to a
shuddering halt in 2005 and when of course they left Highbury a
year later so much of the money that can get you a trophy winning team went into
the new ground I still think again maybe when you look
back at that side with the Vieira's of the parties of
[Music] which might just do the trick for us
really did too [Music]
certainly with the likes of bronzy next season
[Music] great scenes now seeing the players some
of well I've had to live with it all the
new ground even emphasizes it all because they put up all the winning
years of the trophies in the past since the efforts was opened better they
will have where we go the first Premier League game or earlier
in the new season in August there will be a new date up there alongside ER
a drawing an etching of the FA Cup it will say in 2014
yes I just wonder as well it's not a day for talking about
but I just wonder if he might read tractus specialist in failure joy
cuz that was a phone call for in arson many trusted the majority
trusted Trust has been justified
he's gonna go back down the way cabe not the way that the players
now center stage in the party mood
I was just gonna say trophy once upon a time bar
there's a Liverpool player we went behind to Everton is awash that day
we went to that give you something extra to come back
for a position like that to achieve victory employ as it is today it makes
it a little bit more special it's a wonderful width in its own right
but in the context is just something on an extra is there
their hallways at one stage
[Music] as if it just could be a horror
afternoon polities was to school with his header
image [Music]
[Applause] [Music]
summer one size effect this shirt is a souvenir it's not got a slum anywhere
except the sweat of the man who has had a bit to sweat about today
[Applause] criticism in worship
a verb also it both their football [Music]
players don't get change very easily detectives never vote for themselves
being James so it's the manager who bears the brunt it's all credit to a
slew of stuck against occipital outride asleep from some of the shareholders the
section for supporters right back there bad it's a winner again
[Applause] [Music]
[Applause] [Music]
[Music] [Music]
[Music] [Music]
[Music] [Music]
[Music] [Music]
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