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37 days ago Cristiano Ronaldo scored
that remarkable free-kick against Portsmouth here four days ago he notched
his 30th goal of the season no one has reached 40 in a season for five years
it's in his sights and so is Wembley United play their 11th consecutive FA
Cup tie against Premier League opposition making three changes Tevez
skulls and Hargreaves come in for Fletcher Carrick and Anderson Portsmouth
who haven't won here in 50 years of force into one change jermain defoe his
cup tired John new taka comes into a midfield five containing the
considerable presence of Mont re and Diarra
[Applause] really fan right now they're
magnificently Cristiano Ronaldo here recovering by distant it's a very good
decision for me by the referee Martin Atkins who is a wonderful United break
right now there was magnificently found by Rooney and simply tore away from the
Ryder sin' job
for in the middle Portsmouth whipped over the head of Rio Ferdinand and they
needed village behind to clear [Applause]
and it goes and then it just cleared the head of distant
[Applause] when the spin has put it into the path
of tethers his Wayne Rooney David James in real problems now Rooney Campbell
covers timbers is there off the line Oh added Portsmouth get away with that
clench Anson off the line the bounce favored Tevez Rooney looked absolutely
odds on and then Glen Johnson on the line to block after Campbell and
magnificently got back to deny Rooney Owen Hargreaves Cristiano Ronaldo
ghosting in from the wide position to find Rooney good tackle tiara
Bruni then stuck his foot out and got a little bit of Niko tranch are and wayne
rooney's couldn't get a yellow card for that and therefore his decision which
brings an angry response from the United dugout ruin he didn't actually make any
contact but he lunged with intent and that is why he got the card Chavez and
still good try well safe by James excellent play by Carlos Tevez he had
two three white shirts snapping in his heels all the while but he still got
himself into the danger area seen late by James as a smart safe Manchester
United forced into a substitution at halftime
Edwin van der Sar has a groin injury so he's replaced by Thomas koushik his
first game in the first team since New Year's Day
now that where's Brown with a cross which is
brought to Manchester native have a corner kick
two shy of the hour mark 90s corner finish tip has dropped it on the line
and they can't scramble it in can they they can't thoughts but they've got it
away to another just off target when you do wonder if
Manchester United are going to make a breakthrough when a chance like this
goes begging finish with the header which hit Chavez and the white shirt
scrambled it away and even Ronaldo couldn't hit the target
Scholz Hargreaves Ronaldo beautifully done beautifully and wide from Cristiano
Ronaldo how many times have Ronaldo and Rooney linked up to carve open defenses
this season and just when you expect to see the ball leave Renaldo's boot and
ripple the net who is for once off target Thomas seemed to have gambled
astounding King Canute at the back today such as their skill at stopping the
waves of Manchester United attacks cristiano ronaldo wayne rooney might
open up here Patrice Evra no goal behind Trevor's
still Nanak Grinnell Oh over the bar manchester United have missed another
one and this time every is most guilty because that pass should have found
Carlos Tevez those header is over
show new target must have to carry Cristiano Ronaldo carry on sir
[Applause] believable escape for Portsmouth
to Carrick at that point he surely has to score
it's an extraordinary letter Distan somehow preventing Michael Carrick from
scoring [Applause]
[Music] [Applause]
then out to went frit come to Andrea of the post
my goodness me they've missed another one even the post conspires against them
sweetly struck by Avril did James get a touch he did it's a magnificent safe
Smith put themselves on the line here to hold on to their cup lives
fiddich carrot [Applause]
and it's away by candle just as Cristiano Ronaldo was ready to put it in
the net we're now there was poised to tap in his 31st of the season quite
brilliant from Campbell the corner kick in front of a gaping
yawning Stratford in James comes and gets a fist
No Tiare fouled and it'll be a free kick
nannies delivery James takes and looks downfield from Elim bearish and
Portsmouth have to up here and it's Nico tranche are and burrow she's square of
French I can find him it's bearish for Portsmouth it's brought
down it's a penalty kick and it may well be a red card it is true shock is sent
off Manchester United because couchette was the sub keeper
[Applause] - not maybe Manchester United out of the
FA Cup Oh
[Applause] left themselves - on - and they paid the
price down let me that bearish the referee has
given it and he's given a red card to the goalkeeper
[Applause] put on the gloves and face Sulley
Muntari [Music]
Charlie scores when the right way that Manchester United
[Applause] was closed
two Shack watch
been harshly dealt with and chest United teetering on the very edge of defeat
and it's Ronaldo and it skulls and distant away referee has another look at
his watch village Michael Carrick Carrick in Reynaldo
beaten by Campbell and it's Portsmouth into the FA Cup semi-final and the
treble has gone for Manchester United and Portsmouth have won one of the most
extraordinary FA Cup ties you will ever see Manchester United nil tots with one
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