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twelve years since Manchester United won
the FA Cup a beta team from South London and in the Millwall final was being
played on a Cardiff his rush were to use his place again Delaney struggling
good pace from Marcus rash with Delaney tries to cut across him here grab sole
to be sure as well she asked about gets the ball it should be a goal kick
Reyes said go on the palace phones
think let the game have gone on it hadn't the
pace here I Wiccan they both go down Wiccan gets back up at the referee
letting modes already given the free-kick and booked Chris Smalling it's
a big moment in the game that's what he's booked in for that grabbing of
corner Wickham matter that's their outsider
back to matter I met you again pushed out by Hannah
sayin lovely reverse pull it's a bit lucky
here Matson it comes up a couple of palace players but he passes it
perfectly into that far corner and as he just gets a big enough touch
Valencia collection Russia portal Lanie God's back into play
[Applause] Flik gets away from you Eddie neck
if you're good enough to you're old enough to rush with
carick a tip then Valencia prods it forward soiree
it's partially away [Applause]
Valencia post now good stage from Marcia's header
by Hennessey had to reach her long wire here's the chance again cross comes in
from Valencia na CL with the touch there straight on to the post was not fit he
was moving across his Hennessy good header from our CL to play into the area
that he played it headed away
[Applause] by ward a suggestion of offside here the
Punjab [Applause]
lady they start to squeeze up punch into onside we're on the far side he's
keeping it on and water good finish it was Marcial he
was wandering out that's a cart get back the higher baton
just by the pace of it what a great first up is it bounces up
but he keeps his composure great the place at the near post what a
moment for Alan Pardew Bruni
captain stay on their feet he's got the cross in the lady could get it
[Applause] like nothing a watermelon politely
we talked about his headed ability but he loves to get balls on his chest when
Rudy does really well here just a big lacrosse out
puts the defender underneath it it's going to shoot himself but it comes
with a left foot and one matter dictates deflection of Ward pollute what to try
from the Aetna classic it's a really good effort great technique and it's
going in at the near post I think had to get down and make the save
nearly came to linger [Applause]
the end shortly for Chris Mullins that they got caught up
it's a silly challenge you can't win that boys just gotta be patient they can
switch the play out to it use the extra man always seems straightforward
actually this is uh here is go runners well look at the timing of this
run who gets it absolutely right so good ball played in behind changing from one
foot to the other gets he shut away quite quick his world just twice to toe
poke it faster higher there's a feeling around Old Trafford if the manager
changes that might well be offered a new contract Valencia ten men are striving
for a break [Applause]
jingo history before you
here's the danger man Valencia time and time again he's trying to get down this
right hand side up against function she's a bit unlucky
it just gets across in and get the first walk in but what a good strike as it
comes back to him what get to him
Dhafir as well was there the perfect right
[Applause] United with the FA Cup Manchester United
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