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it's one the set up for Hamas dead
James Chester got the touch it wasn't quite the route that I
anticipated but it's given whole city the underdogs what could turn out to be
a famous first goal wow what a start for water star for
Hiromi again you can see our story
because his redirector because the pace is already on it and he just has to
steer it and it's rather far beyond skis reach there's nothing that goalkeeper
can do about that Arsenal's has got caught cold and didn't
defend the one so set-piece threatens to undo a spell
again Quinn could play from him and it's
nearly 2 it is it's Curtis Davis this time the defenders are doing the job and
got no defense against them this is the FA Cup you better believe it
almost beats Anya but doesn't clean do extremely want to get it back in
Fabian ski does very well too to deal with bruises effort and it just Falls
perfectly the first one reacting he's the skipper coldest Davis it took a
little deflection the header as well and uncle the operator wasn't far beyond ski
but he can do nothing about the follow up again because Davis is just perfectly
positioned and this is just a nightmare starter brings back memories of Stanford
bridge and unfilled this season learn how to
a classic free-kick correct I take FA Cup final
nothing McGregor could do about it I wonder I wonder with the goalkeeper
because he says to guard the right post essentially he's going to look after the
other side he's on that side and he should be dealing with it the program
farmer you see it so often Martin because he takes a step to his right but
even having done that I still think he should have got a little bit more on
this and helped it on its way it's a poor lead from him
and even though it is a good free-kick and well placement Cazorla I think I
McGregor has helped this course as well as torna very close range Butler on
Kochiyama he's the one the austere class jump-off
it's another defender awesome bankers team
back from tournelle down at Wembley the fact that the Ricochet felt really
kindly for comes up another player to fall he's got
to swivel sure the contact was great it doesn't matter he got something on it to
cross that line it's been improving for washing since
they made the change - I it now
I was a mistake we're senior into Davis Ramsay crosses harness off the bar
a trademark header this was zero got in front of McShane batted it off the bar
how so tensional move I think they permit
thought wants to win it back
I've got plenty of platters forward here will
he's got one right and our store finally lead deep into extra-time
and it looks as though in the end it's going us and beggars way
it was typical a schoolgirls but for so much of the game he's had to
by this time he's had to wait when he's not made the adventurers running forward
that we've seen so often from him this season but he's been given much more
freedom as the game has progressed and just looking a little dark he made into
the box and the lovely little flip back as well by jury to find them and that is
just a peach of a striker a star trophy again winners of the 2014
FA Cup even without the lid
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