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yeah I was up game blue-chip Ratko solo
dreams was it enhancement dinner
shall see her phone in front Paris
you'll be making the break took every time brother goalkeeper three
the first go [Applause]
to appear in their McAllister takes [Applause]
no chance very special forward
thanks to Michael goes into its color challenge one
[Applause] stretching his legs and getting away
from [Applause]
I will talk right politics it off it's a vintage FA Cup goal for a spell
[Applause] if you don't get a second goal remember
last year Youngberg he's got the better of Terry pretty young Berg our salah
produced two absolute stutters [Applause]
is unlike him all right cut back captain they put it together right here is
pretty young bug his roll back to us it's well-known Oscar
[Applause] Nevel Gary Neville's cross
you couldn't say it wasn't coming [Applause]
[Music] Rams in the penalty
[Applause] forces Manchester United fans on the FA
Cup today sculls Lawrence wasn't sure Ryan Giggs might have a goal for himself
here he has done it again it's two goals
make up game again for the sixth time for road
so again Kevin are on the goal line here is Laura no problem
and now the driving rain and Connie side step
keep its composure here in this bill binding attention he kept
he kept Blackburn it's that
[Applause] Pop's it huh
[Applause] [Music]
for three arsenal and it comes to football
and that is the point crew [Applause]
patrick vieira for arsenal he's done it the odds in terms of the way the match
itself with have won the FA Cup skel Odie's up on the right position in
the middle [Applause]
it's Jamie Carragher the monkey socks on hippier and Richard shove off
[Applause] he said
or insu say was coming in there Jeffrey LC shaken to go back to
Liverpool to play as far post [Applause]
moving that up from ever engine Aston's in the center so to adhere
Jess can put you to leave it lishus cross
[Music] [Applause]
Justin [Applause]
check over with the ball me Kara played that forward to drop off again
with the first final
[Applause] here's your chocolate
Oh [Music]
is it given and cardamom Portsmouth think they've
taken the lead [Applause]
I'll say feeling for offside black vote ended up into the air by
Mikkel Delaney back on for Saba what an incredible start the fastest
goal in FA Cup final history Chelsea been much better since going
behind the ludus cross in Petrova 1 what Didier Drogba continues his remarkable
record in major finals he's now played five in England's he
scored five goals for Lampard Neville for company and pod stumbled but shoots
and scores Chelsea in front for the first time on the afternoon it's Frank
Lampard with the goal didn't he do well
[Applause] Dropper again will be favorite to strike
it now alex packs a powerful punch and his truck bites it wouldn't you just
know it three minutes after Portsmouth miss a penalty Chelsea go up the other
end and score he did wanna say
brave sight in the moment that will go down in mounted to city folk or we
thought Yaya touré hid his effort in the first part part this was hit twice as
hard with certain was incorrect to mention he just changed the formation
about two minutes before that's away from his chances Chelsea's
first go Michelle says Ramirez spirit with some ease chakra
for the Chevy - truck yet together yet together
[Applause] Suarez
[Applause] Tyler stacked up to the bench
[Applause] bologna takes the Dave Whelan
[Applause] it's one that set up the Halsted Chester
got the touch it wasn't quite the route that they
anticipated Directorate for set-piece threatens to
undo a spell again quick glide from head
and it's nearly too it's Curtis Davis this time the
defenders are doing the job defense against them
Mountain classic free-kick
for a classic FA Cup final as goals as long as told
[Applause] grunts French Butler on Coachella
he's the one the hostel class chopped up [Applause]
I got plenty of players forward here [Applause]
will shit here zero he's got one right and our
store finally lead Sanchez triming Wolcott
this election pays off for awesome banger
as you would expect Sanchez can hitman from here he's hit that one
ripped it past Shay Given thought surely curls
[Applause] Mertesacker
our store of completely dominated this game physically they've been better
tactically they've been better and technically they've been better we'll
shit [Applause]
in Peru here it's full [Applause]
[Music] [Applause]
by ward a suggestion of offside here [Applause]
waving runs from the Manchester United captain for stay on their feet he's got
the cross in the lady can get it down [Applause]
that might well be offered a new contract
nice Valencia ten men are striving for a book right
[Applause] Pingo
you who's actually done very well since the
change of system to his best and Sanchez [Applause]
Chelsea complain flag is up no go carry Besser kissed the man who
are discussing the matter here and it is gold given and Sanchez is the man again
now Willie and this content Diego Costa has level
14 man shall see second right finish from Diego Costa
[Applause] his first touch to open up himself was
brilliant oh they're behind again it's amazing
it's Aaron Ramsey that's the responsive arsenal
and Chelsea simply lost their focus in the joy of equalizing it's when you're
at your most vulnerable and Ramsay totally unmarked stayed in the header
[Applause] with a hundred percent record a short
approach almost halfway through the first half
as a rolls it faster her and Chelsea leave Manchester United at Wembley in
the 2018 FA Cup final
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