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hello and welcome to that football we're
back live and we are live with the FA Cup semi-final draw I hope you're doing
well and we're actually watching Manchester City just go 1 nil up against
Newcastle there so I think that in the context of what's going to actually
happen in this FA Cup draw I think it's a very very fair to say that it's
probably going to be Manchester United Chelsea
Arsenal and Manchester City in this semi final draw of Kevin de Bruyne Aires just
scored we're about seven minutes away from halftime and then we're going to
get the draw so I thought we'd just go live a little bit early so we can have a
little bit of a chat about it obviously we were doing the Leicester game earlier
and they went out Chelsea through man United through on extra time I mean to
be honest with you Chelsea probably the team that looked the best I mean you
know I didn't play that well Arsenal didn't play that well and Leicester
didn't play well but Chelsea just did enough to get through so I think I've
seen this before and I can't remember if anybody actually replied but what about
the what about the you know is this the first time in an FA Cup semi-final we've
had four very good teams in in there I mean take Liverpool out the equation and
wish we could take them out of first place but taking Liverpool out of the
equation you've got second third second fourth and currently sick but I actually
think that you know at Chelsea and City we'll all be in the top fork on the end
of the season so a Liverpool apart I mean Arsenal either probably the
easiest team in the draw that's what a lot of people are saying but I mean if I
mean look this is that football we're doing United standard eight o'clock and
we'll react to the draw there but if I'm is there it as a United fan and I am me
and I have fan out you know I can't I can't change that I wouldn't want to
change that but who would everybody want to get in the semi-final and I think you
know what I said this today and and somebody I mix the idea of someone one
of them applies this morning if I was playing Manchester United's season out
as them as a controller of a FIFA game I would play all the league games and I
would play all the Arab League games but yesterday against Norwich I would have
seemed it I wasn't interested but now it's actually the semi-final and you
know you've gonna play at Wembley you don't
the thing is Arsenal fans understand this Chelsea fans understand this city
up and got any fans but if they did they'd understand this and United fans
understand it as well I don't want to lose the city I don't want to lose to
Chelsea and I don't want to lose to Arsenal so now it's not a case if it's
an FA Cup final semi final I want to sim it now it's a case of an FA Cup
semi-final I want to win it and I don't want it to beat Norwich last night of
course but I mean look especially from United's point of view we've beaten
Chelsea three times this season twice in the league and once in the cup we've
beaten Man City three times this season twice in the league
once in the Karabakh up and maybe as in the semi-finals to go through an arsenal
we haven't be an Arsenal this season they beat us in January we drew with
them in in in the autumn but if we get Chelsea or Man City and we lose that
takes away what we've done in the league really so you don't want to lose that
record and you don't want to lose to Aston with god forbid you don't want to
lose to Arsenal so it's it is interesting who do I want in the in the
semi-final I've sort of changed my mind I did one Arsenal but then I thought you
know what I probably would quite like to play City I don't know it's just
something I would like to play City and beat City again and be able to say we've
beaten you you know again Chelsea I think would be very interesting in the
context of we're both trying to close that gap on everybody else I think
Chelsea would be interesting but yeah I mean I think I don't really care who we
get a lot of people in the live comments on Arsenal who do Arsenal fans one I
don't know who asked no one and who'd Arsenal probably think wrongly you know
either the easiest game but we've beaten Man City we've beaten Chelsea they've
beaten us so they probably think that can be as again I think Arsenal go out
whoever they get you know that's just my opinion I think Man City our favourites
because I think you know the second in the league and on their day they
probably still are one of the best teams or they are one of the two best teams in
England Chelsea I think we can beat Chelsea I do so I don't know I'm very
excited to see who we're gonna get what I still don't know is what day these
games are getting played does anybody know what days these get these days are
getting played because I thought it was the
the last week of July midweek but actually I think it might be two weeks
today which if I check the fixtures that means that we'll get one of our thick
that weekend fixtures moved which are I can't actually remember who it is and
I'll have a look but some of the live comments 16th and 17th of July I thought
it was the 11th and 12th of July 18th and 19th of July we're gonna find out
very soon I thought it was the 11th from 12th of July that they were doing these
games weekend of the 18th of 19th of July so games are gonna get moved that's
what's that all that will happen that's that that's not in question at all that
will definitely happen but we're just waiting for halftime in this game and
then they're gonna do the drawer it's a weird one because they're gonna do the
FA Cup drawer at the halftime stage of Manchester City and Newcastle which is
currently one nail from a penalty which clearly was a penalty but a little bit
soft and pointless well done well done Newcastle they're you know you playing a
team that's decent and then you you go and do something stupid like that
but well done well done so also just while we're waiting for this draw to
come in get your comments in but please subscribe to the channel if you're new
always gonna have a look at that as well we're doing we're on the road to 170 K
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this channel that's football career mode is back tomorrow been browning so if
you're interested in the career mode I'm on my final two episodes of a six season
career mmm episode 94 tomorrow episode 95 on Tuesday the last dance that's
going to be it and we're on course to potentially win a quadruple but I ain't
going to put that sort of pressure on and then Wednesday night our next to
watch along czar Leicester Everton and Chelsea West am really the games that
interests me now I will do Liverpool Man City on Thursday but the games that are
really interesting now are the relegation and the top four in fact does
anybody know what happened in what I can find out what happened in the game
between Southampton Watford Vladdy al Watford lose 3-1
I think Watford could go down you know I don't understand what's going on with
Watford I don't understand what he's going on with Watford at all it's odd
it's very odd I thought Watford would start to win
games and me start to look at it anything nobody at the bottom is winning
nobody at the bottom is winning like Norwich are still six points from safety
and villa Bournemouth and West Ham are separated by a point
crazy goings-on there but fair play to Southampton 3-1 win got nearly four and
a half thousand watch it which is great for this FA Cup semi-final draw we're
just waiting for the Newcastle on Man City halftime and then the draw will
come in Man City winning one nil from a penalty and Chelsea Arsenal and United
already in the draw so I I can't make my mind up who I want I think I think the
world wants Arsenal and Arsenal United and I'd look actually you know what you
want the game that's easiest don't you so Austin I think is the easiest but I'm
not actually that scared for me and I had point of view who we get I mean
Chelsea won't be scared again about getting Man City they've just beat them
in the league we've beat Chelsea and Man City twice in the league this season so
I you know we've took six points from Man City and Chelsea this year United 12
points from the pair of them maximum points you can't argue with that
hello mark I love the video says Fabio's football me personally would love
Arsenal Chelsea and Man City United then Arsenal vs United in the final keep up
the good work that would be quite good wouldn't it actually Manchester derby
and a London derby and a shame we're not gonna get any fans there but that would
be that would be quite good to see it will be London clubs vs Manchester clubs
as Lukas Evans I mean look I've got to be honest even
as a United fan I think if we get Arsenal Aston will think they've got a
chance I think if they get Chelsea Arsenal will think they've got a chance
if they get Man City I'll tell you this is you know I had fun Aston the easiest
game for city is Arsenal definitely and and they will definitely win that game
I think United and Chelsea will be Arsenal but I think the
between the clubs isn't as big as it is for man city I mean man city will
annihilate Austin I think if they get them so Austin will probably want to
avoid Man City Chelsea and you know I'd probably want to avoid man city but not
totally first if we do get them but yeah I think I think Arsenal will want
Chelsea or as you know I think that they will want one of those too
I'm relaxed I probably unlike Chelsea fans I probably would wander it whether
we've got any chance watching I think Chelsea and asked Chelsea and
you know it fans will one Arsenal and I think Man City will were hostile and the
thing is I see are still fans getting you're obsessed with Arsenal it's it's
that's football it's not the United stand and we're talking about an FA Cup
draw that we're in it's not obsessed to be talking about Arsenal and it's not
obsessed to be saying Austin are the easiest club left in it you're in ninth
it's backed I'm you know I'm not sorry about it you are the easiest team on
paper you're the team everybody wants because you're the team everybody thinks
we can beat because you're in ninth you mid-table and that's where you are and
as I said to DT earlier you know your defense deals with our aerial balls like
a drunk kangaroo it's you know Marc Spurs are going to hire United Stroh
fees to have when they do Stadium tours to fill the cabinet then you know I can
use the money to buy Grealish Zayn's it's just on another planet he really is
we've we're just waiting for the draw to come in because it was it should have
been done by now but this first half Man City Newcastle which has just ended and
the draw was meant to be a quarter past seven but these things always run late
because they're doing it a half time between Man City and Newcastle Man City
leading one nil from the penalty so we will go to the FA Cup draw now and I
must just have I must have a tweet open here ready to go so I'm ready to to
tweet out there we go a lot of people seem to think it's going
to be Liverpool sorry not never pull you're out and they won't care they've
won the title in Man City United and Chelsea Arsenal
[Music] like United they should end the city New
Castle game early it's pathetic sis box of oranges I have absolutely got no no
no no no there's no chance that New Castle were going to get anything out of
this game it was always going to be easy win for city Ben Benson says get in the
mud Zane and we need to be a snausage baron and I want Arsenal but I think
we'll get City says Alex Longhorn is a United fan and it's starting at 7:30
says Ricardo teller well it can't start at 7:30 they've got to do it in half
time they haven't got 50 you can't have Newcastle and Man City having a 15
minute or 10 minute halftime and say can you have a half an hour one so we can do
the FA Cup draw D JA die John C says hi mark love this channel I really hope
United will play against Aston in this Cup so that we can show that Arsenal is
a mid-table Club well the draws coming in very quickly lads and ladies so keep
your eye out on it Alan Shearer is looking miserable on the BBC because he
support he supports Newcastle doesn't he it supports Newcastle so that's that's
exactly what he's going to be doing but yeah I'm hoping that we're gonna get the
draw coming in very soon if you are watching please subscribe if you're new
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bottom right-hand corner they're just going through the analysis of Newcastle
Man City here imagine they're gonna do the drawer in the next couple of minutes
or so I hope we don't get United's is killer tomato who's a Chelsea fan I see
I do remember and Sean C says the only way Aston will have a chance to win
anything against is if Zane uses his super chat money to buy the club and
this channel is for opinion and I wouldn't say it's unbiased opinion it is
at times but trying to be unbiased I would I would applaud Arsenal if they
win the FA Cup from this point if asked to win the FA Cup playing how I've seen
them play over the last week and today if they're gonna have to beat
United in 60 or you know I had in Chelsea or Chelsea in City to win the
Cup I just don't see how they can do that I mean it's not an impossibility
but I mean Zayn says when you plays in the final I hope Maguire plays as speedy
players will just respect run past him in school yeah but we'll just whip will
whip crosses into the box and Dan James allow me all defense you know we will
just play a team of hobbits and that out join your defense so you know you might
you might run past Harry Maguire once but where every cross we put in was
school do you think Chelsea could win it all says Potsie the best all of what all
of the FA Cup they can't win the league Liverpool have won that they can't win
the arepa League or the Champions League because they're not in that they could
win the FA Cup but I don't think I mean look I think for me the winner is gonna
be Chelsea man United or City I can't see how Arsenal can win two games
against the quality of the teams there they might win one of them they might
get to the final but as I said they're gonna have to do this in the next four
weeks beat Chelsea in United or Chelsea and City or city in United they're gonna
have to beat two teams to win it and I can't see them doing that so I'd still
say city of the favorites because they are the high ranked team but as Chelsea
showed on Thursday night City can be beaten just fine City very annoying
I would rather Chelsea win it than City to be honest with you but obviously I
wouldn't united to be winning and who was better mark Alan Shearer or Thierry
onry Suqian very different players both both Premier League legends in different
ways Omri was the better footballer but
shira's record was was unbelievable United to win it says card tricker and
Man City lost Ollie twice as as I well you know I had a beat in Chelsea twice
in the league the beaten City twice in the league I have said that once before
but for those tuning joining is a little bit later I mean it is what it is
everybody will want to play Arsenal because they're the low they're the
worst team factually at the moment so everybody will want to play them my are
still can't beat Brighton it's impossible for them to win since Jordan
such never say impossible I was watching a program last night
Denmark off the beach one the eros and the biggest of the law I'll never
understand how this happened and I watched it Greece when the eros in 2004
Greece so you know Greece is the word for Arsenal fans that's what that's what
they'll be saying we can do it we can do it Fonzie that's not something that's
Happy Days what what's Greece Danny and Sandy though that's what I'll be doing
they'll be singing that Greece alert noon anyway look the draw hopefully is
going to happen any second now what channel is the drawer on says BAM
depends where you are a fan I don't know where you are
you know if you're in England you can watch it on the BBC and it's probably on
BT as well it may even be on YouTube for all I know but if you're anywhere else
it will be on something else probably King onry is the best striker ever in
the Premier League so Zane and the drawer is at 7:30 says Mick Oh Dylan and
ok well that's fine by me Portugal won the arrows drawing all
games except whales in the semies says Martin the day and a Community Shield
game against United would be fun says Ted Hutton that's Liverpool fans isn't
it um Harvey Weldon are you here says Liam Taylor please subscribe if you knew
we've got quite a lot of people watching so if you subscribe and you're new to
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we doing watch alongs on here for all Premier League games the next two we're
gonna not all Premier League games but the majority of the good ones
Wednesday night Everton left are very less they will drop more points and West
um against Chelsea hopefully West and we'll get some points I'm only saying
that because it needs Chelsea and Leicester to drop points for me and I at
point of view and we've just done Chelsea against Leicester earlier on and
I couldn't be asked to do Newcastle Man City em it was just very obvious that
Man City would win and latest on Sancho will be on the united stand at 8 o'clock
were live on the united standard 8 o'clock with Ricky and Sayid and Adam
lots to talk about on that and de Bruyne err or Paul sculls says Jay Yates
we are just waiting for the drawer it's not actually happened yet I think it's
about to come in now actually to be honest mark we beat City then Chelsea to
win our last FA Cup when they were both better than is not an impossible feat at
all says Alex Harris I didn't say it was impossible mate I'm just saying everyone
wants to play you because you're the worst team left
as I said Greece when the arrows then mark Leicester won the league it can be
done but I just don't think that Arsenal team is good enough to beat those two
two of the three that are left but it's not impossible because they could end up
you know you could catch Man City on a really bad day
mark we might be the underdogs but underdogs can win Ricci beat mr. Ricky
rocky beat mr. t in rocky three either Tiger maybe it was Ricky can't wait for
gold Bridge vs Ricky debate tonight at eight o'clock so Salah Hamed our Ricky's
getting it at eight o'clock don't you worry about that
you cannot stick up for mater last night and going on Bruno Mars in that I saw
your interview with Anthony on his YouTube's as jibs yet top lad Antony
oki'll get some more good guests later please keep sharing the video by the way
because we're nearly at 10,000 watchin and the draw is about to come in let's
wait and see Gary Zia mark WWE or aew what wrestling promotions do you watch I
don't watch any of them anymore Martin courier unfortunately FA Cup draw oh no
he's just going to show the highlights of the norwich game this won't take very
long get on with it Gary we've got an FA Cup
draw here we want to see just while we're waiting please subscribe if you
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right-hand corner if you knew I hope we get the banter club says killer tomato
who's a Chelsea fan he's not an Arsenal he's not United fan Miriam says ask that
are gonna win what you're gonna win you know if you entered the tombola or
something you're not gonna win the FA Cup I don't think but you know I've just
I was just looking I was looking at an AF TV video earlier in this same
Wembley's like a home ground to us Wembley's like a home ground to you is
it so you're gonna win the FA Cup because when believe like a home ground
I mean what about having some decent players to win in a game that's 11
against 11 and Mark I think the brainer is better than Gerrard
sebastien James controversial controversial but it's all it's all
about opinion mate it's all about opinion
oh we've got a new member on the club as well and welcome to Sam Lambton thank
you very much another super check coming in ask them
getting smashed no matter what team they get says even cough even Coughlin I mean
look I love a little bit of confidence and I'd love to say that we that we if
we get us and we'll smash them but you play sometime you know if that very
rarely happens I mean eight two obviously springs to mind but you know I
think if Arsenal get Chelsea or Arsenal get United I would say United and
Chelsea your favorites but whether they would smash them like I don't know you
know teams play up you know when a mid-table club plays a little bit higher
up they treat it like a cup final don't they so they do tend to play a little
bit better than what they normally are so I would expect an improvement from
Arsenal but the drawer hasn't happened yet it's just about to happen they're
showing the highlights of the goals anyone trying to watch the drawer can
watch it on here bring it up and mute so you can hear marks as Chris Connors
sorry YouTube they've got it as palette as well apparently and United vs.
Chelsea will happen systems too hard and we must be drawn against the bands a
club would be amazing right I think we're about to do the draw now they've
got to get on with it because the second off for Man City Newcastle was gonna be
happening very very soon mark versus DT what happens as Sadie well now I'd
rather say mark versus Robbie you know I'm the face of united stand and
Robbie's the face of a of this a-f-t-v I don't need to mess around with the
reserves I'd rather play the first team I hope we get Arsenal Chelsea fan by the
way it says Declan mirroring and Mark would
you like to see lemon DAF ski in the prem says the united stand junior he's
not a united is he so they might win a dinner lady egg and spoon race is liam
Deegan how do you feel about life as they wouldn't what they know even know
what your arsenal fans are sometimes the the deluded ones are hard to read
because they just come out with absolutely crazy things and mark is this
gonna be a new feature on your channel doing live draws so you would definitely
learn live your Abele drawers as well for
example we've always done live drawers on here
we've always we've done Champions League drawers on here we've always done life
drawers on here so I want us to play Manchester United's is antoine mark
would you want to be a United team members as the LPL get some weird
comments here subscribe if you new bottom right-hand corner and I'm pushing
it because we're close 270,000 and we've got a lot of people watching so if you
are new or you haven't subscribed please subscribe right here comes the draw
Arsenal and number one first time in the bloody lives Newcastle or City number
two so city to United three Chelsea for remember those numbers one Arsenal first
time they've ever won anything to City three United for Chelsea so United a
three Astana one city or two and Chelsea of four here we go with the draw Chelsea
or four here's the draw United are three whose it to be City are two donut poop
number one United her out first then here comes Manchester United Manchester
United will play will it be number one number four we're gonna play Chelsea and
it's Arsenal are out Arsenal are definitely out Arsenal out united vs
Chelsea that's the draw three United but Arsenal you're out lads that's not the
draw they wanted they're gone they're gone
sit cheerio cheerio I mean look Arsenal vs United versus Chelsea that's a big
big game of course Man City with a bye to the final that they're gone bye bye
bye bye Arsenal you're out just just enjoy the occasion with no fans at
Wembley but yeah just enjoy it and Arteta we'll get to meet up with his
with his maid pap maybe maybe be able to take some photocopies of his tactics
again or something like that and be a nice day out better than better than
better than nothing but yeah so Arsenal outs because they've got City united vs
Chelsea that's a big game it's a good isn't it's an interesting game because
we're both going for top four I mean Chelsea are obviously winning that race
comfortably at the moment but there is an opportunity
United to go in you know deal a blow against Chelsea or if Chelsea beat
United they sort of blow does that you know put not you know it's confidence
for top four so yeah I'm happy with that draw I'm happy with United Chelsea and I
think Man City or why do man City always get an easy draw in the FA Cup always
it's always Wigan or ohm or Newcastle or bloody Arsenal that's a bloody NASA piss
pit that's an easy game for City batteries they always get the easy draw
Champions League FA Cup they always get the easy draw and they bloody gone and
done it again play they play the reserves now but can have a right old
rest but you know I Chelsea will be the tie of the round it's gonna be
interesting 18th and 19th of July says Dylan Bell I didn't know when they were
gonna be played so but look you know I'd against Chelsea Lampard has lost three
games to Ollie this season one in the carabao Cup that brilliant free kick
from Rushford opening day of the season got absolutely smashed and then at just
Bruno's first Premier League game was it no because no because he played against
wolves first game back after the the break because of winter in February we
beat them at Stamford Bridge as well so before could be the fourth time I mean
happy that that's something this games really important for Chelsea in that
sense because Lampard can't be losing four games in a row to Walley while he
can I want it to happen but imagine that United beat Chelsea four times in a row
and then play City in the vinyl so look it's not great without the fans of
course it's not it isn't great without the fans but there's a lot of excitement
going on around football especially around that race to the top four and you
know the FA Cup looks like being exciting now with with you know you know
I hadn't Chelsea fighting to play City in the final and then got the Champions
League at the start of August and Europa League as well so city lucky as always
as Alex Zayn says all these United fans are jealous they've never had honoree
Bergkamp Chelsea about history before the Russian bought them and Spurs never
wins they're saying saying just enjoy being in the FA you're technically still
in the FA Cup until City beat you in a couple of weeks so just enjoy that but I
don't know you scammer win over Sheffield United just to get
you know be knocked out two hours later when you've not even played oh come on
ma don't be that guy Arsenal did sign a new contract with David Luiz says the
jet died look I'm gonna be honest thanks for that comment by DJ John T I'm gonna
be honest look of course I'm 90% sure that city are gonna knock Astle out
easily I mean City the horrible thing for
Arsenal is city don't have anything to play for apart from the FA Cup they
couldn't give a toss in the league we saw that against Chelsea they don't even
try but in the FA Cup they want to win so city's hardisk city's the game that
city are going to be most up for in the next month is the FA Cup so it's not
even Aston can think or maybe they'll put their reserves out they will put
their best team out so after that are gonna have to beat city's best team most
motivated team the biggest game of July is gonna be the FA Cup semi-final so
Aston are gonna have to get very very very lucky that they catch City's best
side on a bad day and then play a suit you know it's the defense for us and of
course Lacazette could win a penalty of course a Bamian could score a goal Pepe
might even have a moment but is their defense gonna keep a clean sheet I can't
see it I can't see it I'm afraid so I think that you know banter aside I find
it very difficult to think that City won't beat Arsenal you know I had
Chelsea difficult to call I think Chelsea looked better after the lockdown
and they've got all their they've got the full squad and I think United are
looking good as well so I'm really excited about you know at Chelsea I
think it's much more than you know I'd against Chelsea it's not it's still
united against Chelsea but it it's a lot more because it's it's about whether
either either of us realistically can join the party of Liverpool in Man City
at some point in the next year or two can we be the team that becomes the next
Challenger and will we both do that probably not or is one team gonna become
the Challenger and you know from Lampard's point of view he's lost to
only three times but if he ends the season beating him do you care about the
three from Ali's point of view if he beats him again are we the ones that are
going to become and that's what we're fighting to be at United and it's what
Chelsea are fighting to be as well we want to be the teams that
are the next team to challenge Liverpool in City and that's what that game in the
FA Cup semi-finals gonna be mean Chelsea bringing in Verna's dziak they'll bring
others in you know I had hoping to bring in Sancho maybe Grealish so you know
it's about it's about it's about who's and actually that's that's that's how it
will work out as well it will be the right to play in the semi-final to play
City and then that's another challenge so look whoever wins out a Chelsea in
the united you've then got the massive game against city in the final so much
harder job but gonna be very interesting semi-finals and we'll do a snowman City
on this channel you know maybe maybe come to that game with like your
favorite films your favorite packet of crisps because it'll be over very
quickly and we'll have to sit through 90 minutes but Chelsea you know I'd love us
to be on the united stand unless we across it classic masterclass from David
Luiz incoming congratulations to City for reaching the finals is Rajat thank
you for the super chat there and reach out Austin have lost this tie before a
ball has been kicked at least fans like troops are not deluded and this conceded
defeat already on Twitter yeah I think you've got two there they're not gonna
get anything out of City I can't see it and please subscribe if you're new
bottom right-hand corner we're on the road to 170 K or about 400 away so
bottom right-hand corner everybody's welcome on this channel and that's
football and so yeah Manchester United will play
Chelsea Manchester City will play Arsenal that's the FA Cup semi-finals
and yeah you know what I probably would have prefered you know I've got a city
in the semi-final and I would have allowed Chelsea to have asked them in
that game and I think Austin would have prefered Chelsea but I will say this Man
City do always get very good draws they do they do for it for many years now
they've been getting a lot of good draws and I'm sure it's I'm sure I'm sure it's
just good look but they do seem to get I think if you look at cities draws in the
FA Cup over the last four years and then you compare it to a United or a Chelsea
or a Liverpool it's laughable but you know it is what it is at the end of the
day could be Newcastle marks as Connor yeah well actually you know what I'd
love I'd love I'd love Newcastle to turn this around I'd look to get Newcastle
man well Austin what not makes no difference to me
Newcastle imagine Arsenal now they'll all be online by Newcastle shirts
praying a doubt lingard a matter will start against Chelsea says Jordan search
now they definitely shouldn't be starring in them games not in a million
years should they start in those games I wouldn't I wouldn't go I wouldn't I
wouldn't want them anywhere near it I am live at eight o'clock on the United
stand yes twenty minutes we'll be live on there we've got Ricky and Syed and
Adam coming on looking forward to doing that and Zayn's rooting for Newcastle
sugan mine you and I are gonna get claps as Aaron maté that's Brit you sort of
exposed yourself there because I'm more than happy to be respectful of Chelsea
but we've beaten Chelsea three times why are we gonna get claps I mean I'm all
for bravado but I just think it's gonna be a good game I don't I'm not going to
stay I'm not want to come out with stupid comments like we're gonna beat
Lampard for the fourth time or we gonna beat Chelsea I think I think I think
even the for nil game at Old Trafford was never for nil I mean Chelsea at
times could have been to nil up to halftime they've led to good chummy's
opening day of the season people can't remember it but Chelsea should have been
two mil up at halftime and we just battered them on the break and every
game between Chelsea United has been really Lampard attacking against Ollie
hitting him on the break so be interesting to see if we see an
evolution of United or are they gonna still do that because ultimately longer
term I think it's better you know Chelsea a better a quick long-term if
we're actually trying to win games beef is back tomorrow and room out half
past two I think it is tomorrow we're gonna finish that career over the next
two days and then Wednesday night it's going to be less than Everton and
Chelsea West Ham doubleheader the games are on the 18th and 19th of July
apparently Moyes plays as Chelsea are now a good team so don't underestimate
I've not underestimated them and they've been a good team all year Charles have
been in the top four all season so that they're a good team they've always been
a good team but if Chelsea can't even beat this banter team in sixth I will
laugh I'd love to know you support so we can all have a laugh Newcastle have more
chances of beating city than arsenal says vassal and
Manchester derby finals is Connor well it's on the table it is on the table
could be Greely should buying a new house near Carrington apparently sash
Alondra well we'll talk about that on the United stand in a few minutes time
just did a to push out same mate city always getting easy draws I also hope
more pay doesn't win it at the end against as the memes on Tuesday says
bust a nut yeah look you know I had a plain bored Brighton on Tuesday of
course and we could ask them they'll be praying that they can do that but they
can't do that and ultimately there's only one late winner Mendes no better
tonight Marcus Jordan Sochi shit but yeah we can do this o pays 1x at the end
who do I like better city or Liverpool says slasher and super Chuck coming in
from Fritz he says if everything take points off
Leicester how much does your confidence grow by four top four so yeah Everton of
playing at Goodison Park against Leicester on Wednesday
ideally Everton will win and then if you're not have beaten Brighton will be
three points off Leicester and if Chelsea beat West and they'll be
third so I did say it just before I said during lockdown I
think you know I had in Chelsea will be in the top four I think it'd be united
in Chelsea third and fourth and I think next that I think that will feed rightly
into next season I think United in Chelsea next season could get a lot
closer to Liverpool and City I think that's what we're looking at isn't it
hopefully hopefully but you know hopefully West and we'll take points off
Chelsea as well you know these teams at the bottom need to start winning Watford
losing 3-1 to Southampton today's it's crazy you know out in Chelsea may give
up the FA Cup the league mean more to both sides as Kenny well they can't both
give it up they can't both give it up and that's a very important point from
Kenny and let me just let me just do this so
these games will be played on the 18th and 19th of July how does that fit in
for United in Chelsea and Aston a man city well frost Lemann City that Cup
semi-final be the biggest game Arsenal are gonna finish mid-table City gonna
finish second so they will put their strongest teams out but from United and
Chelsea's points of view these games are going to be played on the 18th and 19th
right so United would do to play West Ham at home so that will get moved to
midweek and Chelsea would do to play Liverpool so that will get moved to
midweek so yeah they'll put that struck you know it'll put their strong team out
with the Chelsea put their strong team out and then with two games to go
there's two games to go the league the league situation by the time UNITA clay
Chelsea could be you know I'd and Chelsea are already in the top four and
Sid and Esther have dropped out you know look at Lester's next few games
Leicester play Everton on Wednesday and then they play Crystal Palace and then
they play Arsenal and then they play Bournemouth and then they play Sheffield
United so by the time the FA Cup semi-finals come around Lester could
have dropped a hell of a lot more points of course so could you know ed and so
could everybody else but no news on angel Gomes at the motion sugar and but
yeah it's gonna be exciting isn't it's gonna be very interesting to see how it
works out and looking forward to it looking forward to the show so Arsenal
Man City and then Chelsea against United in the FA Cup semi-finals that's what it
is we're live on the United stand in 18 minutes time sorry 80 60 minutes time so
the live chats open on the United stand I've got Ricky on I'm going in and Ricky
about matter what we do in life echoes in eternity as Maximus setting
eh oh come on new gunnars says the same me I see so thanks everyone for watching
subscribe to this channel if you new bottom right-hand corner and join us on
the united stand were live in 15 minutes with the lads and the streams already up
there just type united stand in getting to the live chat I'll speak to you later
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