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second chance what a blast tremendous
finish OD in the Gallup and United are going through to the FA Cup
quarter-finals United FA Cup campaign in 2020 begins where it ended last season
can they exact a bit of revenge this evening who takes it and win the header
and what a brilliant safer Romero it is matter
so close Greenwood Westford great charts Rushford hits the bar stalemate at
Molyneux we all have to do it all again at old trafford a nil nil draw
wake up [Applause]
and Old Trafford not ideal in a suggestive picture list but worth
it to progress in this brandish'd of all cup competition dividends and we would
say for Romero nacho nacho scores [Applause]
masha'allah break run as well that's a good save my brother
the first save he's had to make here tonight melt rapid mutter played through
the middle he's on the side motto big chance special finish from a special
player fourth rounds here we come our walls pushed United all the way but
a bit of magic from one matter was enough in the end for United to go
through and they will face either Watford or Tranmere in round four again
that defines the spirit of the FA Cup every box is ticked here a warm pitch
low division struggles against Premier League aristocrats and a full house
after long queues for tickets how's it go good hits as well his first
goal for Manchester United and unforgettable strike with his right foot
the low back thought was right below get his birth goal for uniting and what a
finish from his left back to his right fires it across the goalkeeper get
ceiling guard opens up for blinguard three mil Jesse lingard places that into
the far corner George is coming in Jones is there as well at joke scores
Bill Jones scores for Manchester United for the first time in six years I wasn't
up for and the color is magnificent oh what a finish
Greenwood sends the keeper the wrong way and United of hit Tranmere for six well
potentially tricky test passed with flying colors
by a very professional Manchester United the job done benighted
through to round five FA Cup round five for house at fry Park massive contingent
have made the journey from Manchester crackling atmosphere under the lights
Norwich awaiting in the quarter-final a shooting opportunity
what a fantastic hit and that was so so close it drops the shore into the ground
and into the net Luke Shaw just his second goal for
Manchester United finds a Gallo agar low scores on his FA
Cup debut for United oh dear the Gallo with the second second
chance what a blast tremendous finish OD in the Gallup and United are going
through to the FA Cup quarter-finals and his Rooney of what a great senpai Romero
ha goodness a fabulous strike from Wayne Rooney Manchester United through to the
quarterfinals of the FA Cup they will face Norwich at Carrow Road after a very
professional job at Pride Park [Applause]
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